Crepe Cake

Crepe Cake small

Ok so apparently I love saying Crepes. Ay ay ay by the end of that video I swear I’ll never say it again! But make this Crepe Cake again?  You better believe it!  I will over and over! It was so good! If you are looking for an elegant, light, delicate, low sugar cake recipe […]

Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe

Vanilla Cupcakes 3

I never thought a cupcake could ever stand alone, not to mention a vanilla cupcake,  until this recipe. The quintessential Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe. Who would have thought that I would flip my lid for VANILLA!?? Have I been converted?? I  did not put any icing on them and I ate 3!! And then I put […]

Banana Butterfingers Coffeecake

Banana Butterfingers Coffeecake 1

The idea for this cake came to me when I was about to make my fabulous Banana Streusel Coffeecake for the 5th time this month. I spotted the unfinished bag of Butterfingers across the room, and BLAMMO! It hit me! Banana Butterfingers Coffeecake was born! It was a blissful conception all the way through to […]