Chocolate Mousse Cake

Chocolate Mousse Cake sliced

When I made this Chocolate Mousse Cake originally it was ALL CHOCOLATE of course!

But something is happening to me in my old age (well…lots of things are happening to me, but let’s not even go there!)

My tastes are changing (among other things LOL) and I am branching out to include vanilla in some of my dessert choices!

Let me just say I am so happy I did!

The combination of this yellow cake with the chocolate mousse and ganache is out of this world!

It didn’t take long to gobble up this entire cake (yes I shared!) and then made it again with my new recipe for Butter Cake and let me tell you- WINNER WINNER One More Time!

Check out What is Cake to get a better idea of how to pair your cake choices with your filling choices and icings as well.

The Butter Cake is best served at room temperature it was no problem to let this cake set out on the counter for about an hour to hour & half before serving and it was absolutely perfect!

So although in the video I mentioned to use the Yellow Cake…I’m now thinking VANILLA BUTTER CAKE all the way!

Of course Chocolate Cake is a no-brainer, like DUH! how amazing will that combination be! Death by chocolate here we come!

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Chocolate Mousse Cake
This is a Building on Recipes recipe so be sure to prepare all of your base recipes ahead of time before beginning
Yield: 1- 8" Cake
  1. Proceed to build the cake as per the video instructions
Store cake covered in the refrigerator at all times for up to 1 week.

Bring to room temperature for best serving results


  1. Methos says

    Hi Gretchen,

    My name is Methos and I’m from Denmark. This is the first time I write a message though I followed you regularly from your previous blogs. I was kind Of sad when I realized you stop sending me updates because I learned a lot from your way of instructing. You are very clear and so easy to understand your explanations. It is so obvious that you really put your heart into baking and have the desire to Teach others. Just want to thank you so much for not tiring out of sharing with us your fantastic skills. You are very much appreciated.

    • Gretchen says

      Thank you Methos! I am so happy you like the new channel! I am trying my best to bring you guys the BEST recipes and teach it in a way that is helpful for all! Thanks for the support it means the WORLD to me! :)

  2. Scott Machnik says

    Hi Gretchen,

    I’m from the UK, England. I’ve been following you since the crumb boss days and just wanted to say well done for all the new recipes and videos you have reshot in such a short period of time, and its so good to see you back behind the camera teaching us again. I think the new videos are the best you have done and cannot wait to start trying some of your new recipes, keep up the amazing work you are doing :)

    • Gretchen says

      thankyou Scott! that means so much! ( i have had alot of “dislikers” lately with the new videos- *sigh* I Know most people HATE change) But I too LOVE the new channel! Im more relaxed, the quality of my work and videos and better and I feel I am teaching more clearly too! thanks again!

  3. akshatha says

    hi Gretchen… I m from India and a BIG fan of all your recipes… this is the first time i m commenting …I m so sorry that you seem to have to redo all your videos again… but i really commend you that the changes you ve made in ur recipes are even more delicious… loved the new carrot cake … will try this butter cake and mousse combo soon…!

    looking forward to so much more… thank u for making me a better baker…

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