Stabilized Whipped Cream for Icing Cakes

Whipped Cream

I am always surprised to see which recipes / videos really take off (like this Stabilized Whipped cream for icing cakes!) and the ones that I think are going to be EPIC Viral videos never do much of anything!

I guess I often overlook the more basic things like making a Whipped Cream that can hold up just a tiny bit better at an event than straight up whipped heavy cream for icing

Whipped cream for icing cakes sometimes needs a little help to maintain its integrity if you are expecting your desserts to hold up for more than a few hours or at maximum 2 days.

With the help of a little gelatin, you can achieve this.

Now of course whipped cream is the most non-cooperative ingredient to ever work with in the pastry kitchen since it really needs to stay in the refrigerator at all times and starts to melt and weep the minute after you ice your cake with it!

But this stabilizer will surely give your whipped cream creations a slightly longer window to help increase the beauty and integrity of your whipped cream creations.

For those of you who do not use gelatin, you may substitute agar agar in the same quantities or simply leave it out of the recipe and you will still have Whipped Cream, just not as stable

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Stabilizer Recipe
  • Plain Powdered Gelatin 1 teaspoon
  • Cold Water 1-1/2 tablespoons
  • Boiling Water 1-1/2 tablespoons
  1. Bloom the gelatin in the cold water.
  2. Let stand about 5 minutes.
  3. Add the boiled water to the gelatin mixture and stir to dissolve.
  4. Use immediately in the recipe below

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Stabilized Whipped Cream Recipe
If your stabilizer starts to get gelatinized while you prepare the whipped cream, you simply rewarm in a microwave or on the stove top gently to melt.
Yield: 3¾ Cups
  • 2 cups Heavy Cream
  • ¼ cup Granulated or Confectioners Sugar (adjust to taste if you like sweeter or less sugar)
  • The entire stabilizer recipe from above
  1. First prepare the gelatin stabilizer from above. reserve.
  2. Using a cold bowl, whip and heavy cream whip the cream and gradually add the sugar.
  3. Whip to soft - medium peaks and then add the melted stabilizer all at once (see video demo)
  4. Continue to whip for a few seconds longer until desired consistency.
  5. Use immediately on your cakes and desserts
Always refrigerate any cake or dessert that is made with whipped cream as it is highly perishable.


  1. Tamika says

    Hi Gretchen,

    I was wondering. My husband loves Red Velvet cake but he likes his filling to be Bavarian filling. Could I use this recipie and then add the gelatin or do you have a Bavarian recipie. Thanks much. Would love to make it for Fathers Day!

  2. Kelly says

    Hi Gretchen I am looking for your chocolate whipped cream receipe and I can’t find it. I need to make it on Thursday can you please help me?

    Thanks so much!

      • Asterita says

        Thanks Gretchen! I just want your advise…i’m doing the cake for my daughter-in-law’s baby shower this weekend and it’s your chocolate cake. But, I’m torn between doing your stabilized whipped cream with fresh strawberries or your raspberry mousse. Will you advise me on which filling wil bel best as I have to assemble the night before and there will be a 1 1/2 hr travel time to the place the next day? And what flavor of icing will go well with it? Oh… and the size of cake too. There are about20 guests. Thank you. I hope you don’t get tired answering our questions.
        More power!!!

        • Gretchen says

          hello! for the filling, either one would be fine to assemble the day before, if you are doing whipped cream icing though- be sure to do it as late as possible the day before, or Ganache icing would be amazing here!

  3. Sherel says

    Hi Gretchen, I was wondering if I could I’d use the tub piping gel which I believe is just gelatin, & melt a little to add to this recipe? And I think u mentioned adding the warm gelatin to some of the cream first in an updated video, so it wouldn’t be lumpy. Is that correct? Thx for all ur help

    • Gretchen says

      Hi There I have not tried this with the piping gel so let me know if you do and how it comes out.
      You can warm ¼ cup cream and add the gelatin sure, many have gotten really confused by that method (which I though was going to be a help? go figure) anyway- this way I do it on this video is really easy as long as you do it exactly as I do !

  4. Alicia says

    I want to use this recipe on my son’s 1st birthday smash cake. Will it be okay in the heat of the day? His birthday is next week and the weather should be 88 degrees or so.

  5. Geetha says

    Hi gretchen,

    I did the Swiss maringue buttercream & when started to pipe roses it starts melting. Even though managed to decorate by keeping the cake in fridge. After taking out within ten minutes it starts melting. Why does it happens ? How to get a firm buttercream ? How to take this cake to a travel place where we reach in 1/2an hour time ?how do I maintain the cake if it sits on serving table for two hours ? I am living in Singapore. Planning for my daughter’s first birthday on 30th May. Please help me. It’s really urgent

    • Gretchen says

      Did you use the shortening? this will keep it more stable, you can also add all shortening in place of hte butter with some butter extract to make sure it is super stable

    • Gretchen says

      its on the facebook page for now, I am in the process of rebuilding everything but it is going to take me some time :(

  6. Judith says

    I’m so happy you are getting back to all of us. I started to bake again because of you. I enjoyed making cup cakes with your Swiss buttercream for our seniors event ,no senior shall go hungry . Which is a very good cause because of you just think of how you are helping with our little events.

  7. Jess says

    Girl, I thought you disappeared!!! Not only are you the cutest little baker on any web videos, but you are so awesome and generous in sharing your knowledge with the rest of us! Your cute smile, sparkling personality, and encouraging words brighten my day! So glad to find you again!!!!!

  8. margaret hickey says

    So glad your back! Really missed you, well done and congratulations. Bring it on.. Love all your recipes, hints and tips. Thank you Gretchen. All the best for the future you sure well deserve it xx. Margaret, England.

  9. Josie bitoon says

    I am glad you are back. Thanks for sharing this new recipe. Trying to find the recipe of yellow cake but it is not yet available.

    • Gretchen says

      Hello, yes I know much of the content that you are used to seeing is gone :(
      But I have been forced to start over again from zero and I am working as hard as possible to get the most popular and most requested videos and recipes done first.
      Please be patient but in the meantime if you go to my Gretchens Bakery facebook page there are so many people who have saved the recipes and can share with you right away! Just as on the main page! Thanks!

      • Virginia says

        I have most all the recipes saved if anyone needs one right away I’ll be glad to post it just let me know. Glad your back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Gretchen says

            Hello, yes I know much of the content that you are used to seeing is gone :(
            But I have been forced to start over again from zero and I am working as hard as possible to get the most popular and most requested videos and recipes done first.
            Please be patient but in the meantime if you go to my Gretchens Bakery facebook page there are so many people who have saved the recipes and can share with you right away! Just ask on the main page! Thanks!

  10. Aguirre Martha says

    I love this recipe, I have used the Jello pudding method many times before and LOVE it. Thank you for coming back my sweet Gretchen!!

  11. Linda Acosta says

    Thank you so much for all your tips. Love all your recipes.
    GLAD you are back. You are awesome!!!

  12. Maria @ Dolcelicious Bake Shoppe says

    Have you ever made whipped cream in a food processor? It makes your whipped cream so thick…because there is not that much air getting incorporated…its really amazing!

  13. Christine says

    Yay!! Welcome back Gretchen. Love this recipe have used it many times. Like the new tips and trick of the pudding. Will definitely have to give that a try. Looking forward to many more videos and recipes.

  14. adriloops says

    This is absolutely fantastic!

    By far my favorite icing and filling recipe: it just holds and spreads nicely, and tastes so yummy I have a hard time not eating it before using it.

    The only thing is I have to convert cups into ml/gr, since cups is not my measurement 😀 But if that’s the biggest of my issues, I think we can say this is a complete success, right? And if I can do it, really, anyone can do it … and should!

  15. shasha says

    Hi gretchen.. Im soooo glad that ur back.. Ive been using ur recipe for stabilized whipped cream ever since I learned about it..
    My problem is not realy bout whip cream bt with d swiss buttercream.. Everytime I make it, its always comes out like runny liquidy.. I dnt know f its the butter or the weather here..I live in the philippines and the humid and temperature here is like crazy… ive been doing it exactly how u do i,. I realy want to use s.buttercream for my cakes and I feel bad everytime I fail doing it..
    P.S. The long wait is over… WELCOME BACK!!!

    • Sunita Gonesh says

      Try using Crisco only. I live in the tropics and butter on its own becomes a soup left on the counter. I make it using only shortening. The best recipe ever! Thanks Gretchen

    • Fid Md says

      Besides Crisco as mentioned by Sunita, also try using better butter like Lurpak or any other French butter. They really don’t get drippy and leak oil when left out of fridge. How do I know? Because I accidentally left a pack of butter under my baby stroller (the basket underneath) for 2 days! And it’s still one piece in the foil! When I grab it to throw, it didn’t drip. Heheh. Btw I’m from Singapore, another super humid country!

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