Apples- There are so many apples to choose from in baking, but I have said it before, “I tend to be of the Granny Smith variety”. Call me old fashioned, but I do prefer the good ol’ Granny in baking. They are firm and tart and hold up well in a baking situation. There are of course other varieties that are great for baking such as Macoun (my second favorite- especially for eating yummm), Golden Delicious, McIntosh, Mutsu, Nothern Spy, Rome Beauty and the Stayman Winesap. This list is not final, it simply includes the most readily available and the best for baking.

Apples in baking normally require peeling and discarding the skin, and then slicing or dicing the apple meat. Diced Apples- 1cup= 112g Sliced Apples- 1cup= 112g

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  1. Hi der,
    Hehe so many varieties. What to choose if I dun get ne of d above. I hope just normal eating apple is fine.I had no idea dat der r apples for baking specially n den for eating separately.
    I did eat granny Smith apples directly. Never knew those r not for eating but for baking.

      1. Can I use anykind of apple for apple cinnamon cake and apple pie? Would there be any effect on these recipes then? In my locality baking apples are not available..

        1. Baking apples are just apples that are more firm that will hold up in baking thats all…its not like it is a specific kind of apple- you can bake with any apple really, its just that so,me will break down really fast and turn to mush in your recipe so we tend to say certain apples are better for baking

  2. Hi Gretchen, Love all of your recipes and Great tips. I started making my own pie dough and apple pies, I have now ventured onto Lemon meringue pies . I am loving it so much, each time I make my dough..the more familiar I become to the texture of the dough. I can almost tell which is going to be an awesome pastry…and which will be so so.
    My question to you please, a few times I have baked apple pies I find there is too much liquid at the bottom, is this due to the apples or is there something I should be doing? I have not tried granny smith as of yet.
    Any help is appreciated
    Thanks ,
    Ann Marie

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