Basketweave Cake for Beginners

How to make a basketweave cake for beginners


I like to think that I am the beginners teacher.

My expertise comes mainly in the form of creating really great recipes, so decorating is not my strong point in comparison to the unbelievable art work cakes I see being made everyday!

But this basketweave cake is a good starting place for those who are just starting out in the cake decorating world.

I always say: “You can’t build a house on a shaky foundation” so once you have mastered the very basics of cake building; from crumb coating to piping borders and making buttercream flowers.

You can then move on to the techniques like like basketweave and then combine all of those skills into one really beautiful cake like this one!

First you will have to get all of your base recipes prepared ahead of time and the choice is yours for whatever cake recipe you like and the same will go for the filling.

The icing I used here was my award winning Swiss Buttercream and I divided it to make some Strawberry Buttercream for the filling and the rest was for the icing to make the basketweave.

Now of course you will have to master the technique of Buttercream Rose making, and that will definitely take some practice, but I have a pretty in-depth video tutorial for helping you along!

The really great thing about the building on recipes theory is that you can prepare all of your recipes ahead of time (unless of course it is a whipped cream perishable filling) but for the most part you can get all of this stuff ready early in the week for a weekend event (yes the freezer is my best friend) and as you see in the video below you can build this basketweave cake for beginners in less than 15 minutes!



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  1. My question is about coloring buttercream. I always have trouble when coloring because the final product seems to be over saturated, even though I don’t really add a lot of color in comparison to the amount of icing. Initially, I thought it the kind of icing I was using. Then I started using your recipes but the outcome was still the same. Then I thought maybe it was the way I was mixing it. So I started folding it in instead of stirring. Still no progress. Now, I usually make the icing a week ahead of time, put it in the fridge then color 2 days prior to decorating. Should I color the same day I prepare the icing? Would that make a difference?

    1. Hmm, odd. Since I am using the same recipes here that I show you guys of course. I sometimes color my icing a day or two ahead (and do not refridge) so it can deeper as it sits,but for these roses here (as you see, I did it all ala minute- so to speak, I colored, and then made the flowers – no wait time)

      1. Well my next theory is the type of color I’ve been using. Which is the wilton brand. I’m going to start buying americolor to see if that makes a difference.

        1. Try Americolor for sure. I’m in Australia, and I’ve been using it as I had trouble with the curdled look from more liquid colours, like Wilton. 🙂 best of luck

  2. The first time I tried a basket weave, I used a whipped cream frosting but hadn’t stabilized it enough. The first half of the cake was gorgeous. The second half was a hot mess! I placed the cake on the table very strategically. 😀

  3. HOHOHO! Christmas in september! for me.

    Perfect timing to learn that, i am taking Wilton course 2 and next week is the last class. The teacher will show us how to do basket wave…
    Thanks Gretchen for all of the hard work to benefit a beginner like me..

    And BTW the buttercream icing was a hit on s’smore cake.

    Thanks you!!!

  4. Hi Gretchen,
    Thank You for showing the basket weave with a bigger tip, I love the look. I don’t use it much because I only have the little tip and that would take forever. My question is how did you make the yellow rose buds on the side? You make everything look so easy.
    Thank You, Karen

  5. Just wanted to say thank you for all the help and recipes. I look forward to every week to check out what all you do. I think. You are wonderful…

  6. Gretchen, I don’t know if I missed it or what. But, what exactly is the “orange chocolate” you used to decorate the pumpkin cake with?

    Thank you! And I love seeing how you make bake good items and what exactly they look like in completion.

    Maryann Baxa

  7. Gretchen, I’m not sure of the right place to post this comment, so I’m just going to put it here since I’m on this page :). I had family company this week and all the kids and company in the house today on this rainy Wednesday. I said, for a treat, I’m going to bake everyone fresh muffins! The vote was for chocolate chip. I whipped out my phone where I have your e-book saved on muffins and quick breads. Normally I wouldn’t be willing to test out a new recipe on company, but your recipes are so reliable! I made the base muffin recipe with chocolate chips and they were a MASSIVE HIT!! My 11-year-old son ate 3 himself and has been begging all day for more. Huge win :). Thank you!!

    And – as I always like to report to you — I used trans fat-free margarine instead of butter, Toffuti brand non-dairy sour cream, and coconut dream with vinegar for the buttercream. And the muffins were great :). Thanks as usual :).

  8. Hi Gretchen,
    I teach Wilton Cake Decorating classes and I wanted to let you know that I share your website info as my favorite place to get recipes and baking information. I LOVE the tip on 1 bowl/1 bag coloring icing for your roses. I hope you don’t mind if I share this with my classes, giving you credit of course.

    Thanks for all of the delicious recipes. I always look forward to your e-mails.

  9. Hi Gretchen thanks a lot for your recipes I love every thing you did and I start my new bussines in cake decorating And I creat an face book page
    House of sweets by Roula pls try to visit it I’m from Toronto and I’m financial planner but I love baking

  10. Hi Gretchen thanks for sharing this video… I need to know though whats that yellow cream u put on the top of the cake before putting the roses and which u also used to make petals

    1. Hey there, that is just buttercream, I like to make a small mound to place the flowers for a more dimensional look and the leaves are green buttercream

  11. gretchen do you have a recipe for that beautiful basketweave bouquet cake i would like to make that cake would you be able to give a recipe for this basketweave cake .Gretchen i would appreciate it so much.

  12. Gretchen I wish I would have known you earlier , I wanted to make a rembrance cake for my mother whom passed away 1 year on the 25th december also her birthday on that date gretchen. I tried to make a cake from someone’s elses recipe but turned out a flope the basket weave bouguet cake that you shown would have been just beautiful as a renbrance cake for my mother .i will still make this cake gretchen in rembrance of my mother.

  13. Gretchen I used a extra creamy unsalted butter last time I tried another persons recipe for making a vanilla buttercream recipe it turned out very hard gretchen, if I make the italian merigue buttercream that you offer gretch should I just use regular old fashioned unsalted butter in the recipe not the extra creamy butter gretchen can you give me some insights on this I was upset when this other recipe flopped on me gretchen. should I use cake flour instead of all purpose flour to make the cake Gretchen? all purpose flour also didn’t work for me,thank you so much for the advice.

    1. I’m not really familiar with “extra creamy butter” maybe that’s something new they are advertising?? At any rate, what you have to remember about REAL Buttercream (not the powdered sugar shortening recipes that many people are familiar with) is that butter when cold is HARD. So when you refrigerate a cake with real buttercream, it will be hard. I always recommend to let the cake sit out at room temperature for at least an hour and up to 3 hours before serving for best taste.

      Im not sure which cake recipe you used or are wanting to use? But always follow the recipes as they are written for best results. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

  14. Gretchen I have one more question for you is Italian merigue buttercream frosting stiff enough to be able to pipe out roses etc will italian merique buttercream work for this purpose Gretchen thank you so much again.

  15. Gretchen with the italian merigue buttercream frosting is it possible to double the recipe I have found just making the single recipe does not gretchen give you enough frosting . gretchen on the italian merigue buttercream recipe would you have to double up on everything in the recipe or just certail items gretchen thank you gretchen for the information i appreciate it very much.

    1. yes, if you are doubling a recipe that means you are doubling EVERY ingredient in that recipe. Yes you CAN do it as long as you mixer bowl can handle that volume of whipped egg whites without spilling over as you add the liquids

  16. gretchen i have a question for you is italian merigue buttercream stiff enough to be able to pipe roses or do you have to have a stiff buttercream frosting i now wiltons puts out a stiff buttercream frosting do i have to buy this to make roses or is the italian merigue good for piping roses.

  17. gretchen I used your Italian marigue buttercream recipe today it turned out just delious thank you so much dear i appreciated your recipe so much everything worked out beautifully gretchen that it all of have to do is just decorate this fancy cake now. thank you so much gretchen have a nice day.

  18. gretchen the cake is done ,the cake just turned out beautiful with your italian buttercrean frosting it looks like a wedding cake i am so happy i will keep that recipe for ever thank you gretchen and have a nice day.

  19. grechen I have a question for you , can i use spectrum organic vegetable shortening in your swiss merique buttercream frosting. will that work or does it have to be specically sweeten high ratio shortening. thank you gretchen for the information.

    1. You CAN use Spectrum, however I find it is SOOO SOFT it’s not even worth it, the reason we use shortening is for stability, adding a shortening that is the complete opposite of that- to me is a waste of time and money. Just use all vegan butter or if you are not vegan, all butter

  20. Gretchen i am making another cake this weekend ,gretchen i made 26 beautiful buttercream roses and the cake i will be decorating in the lambeth cake fashion of overpiping this cake will be just beautiful when done gretchen.

  21. Gretchen I have a question for you, what make a cake taste flat like when i made a cake with orange zest in it and orange juice in it and also orange zest gretchen the cake tasted blend could not taste the orange flavors to much ,Gretchen could you possibly tell me what causes this i appreciate your answer very much thank you gretchen.

    1. Yes, adding orange juice to a cake is mostly adding water, not much flavor. You would have to add so much juice to a cake recipe to get any kind of flavor to come through that it would alter the recipe in a negative way since adding too much liquid (especially juices) will change the recipe/batter for the worst. It is always best to add concentrates of flavors (CLICK HERE) since a little goes a long way and will not alter the recipes in any way.
      Zests will help, for sure, but as you saw not enough to come through in a bright explosive way.

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