Best Baker Tip #2~ How to Make a Parchment Paper Cone

best baker tip

One of the most used items in the bakery!

A parchment paper cone!!

Here is a step by step close up performance of pastry origami by yours truly!

I hope this helps!

I know once you master these, you will be so happy!

You will need parchment paper of course, and if you get sheets like I do, just cut them.

But they actually do sell them already cut into perfect triangles here.

It works out to about $.13 per each triangle if you decide to buy them pre-cut.

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  1. Thanks Gretchen! This was a great refresher for me. I always forget how to do these and now I have a video I can just replay when I need to be reminded.

  2. Ms. Grethen I just want to thank you so very much forSharing with us your tips and showing us how to do build on recipes ………..Thank you so very much

    I just love your videos

  3. I love the fact that is an easy clean up. You are the best. I found online and I have been telling everyone I know that you are the BEST! Baking has never been so much fun.

      1. I have also been telling everyone I meet about your site. I absolutely love getting your emails. You make everything look so simple and I can tell you love what you are doing. You are a great teacher. Who do you have filming and editing your videos now that you live in Florida? Also on this video, it ended with you saying “One thing I love” then the video shuts off. What were you intending to say?

        1. Hi Debbie thanks! I am doing everything alone now. At the end of the video that was actually a little blooper I included- I guess I should have warned everyone! In the beginning of the video I started off by saying ‘One thing I cannot live without is the parchment paper cone” so my little blooper made it to the end of the vid thats all- just for a laugh!

  4. One thing I am interested to learn is what the different spices add to a recipe. Is that an area that would be easy to teach? There are so many spices and I have no idea what they are for or what they taste like, of course this would only be related to pastry or cake type items.

    1. yes your emails to me and watching your videos are all helpull and i learned many things. your emails and videos to me are all filed in my emails. thnks very much and may our dear lord god bless you more and give you abundant and properous years.

  5. First off, you are as cute as a button !! I so enjoyed this intro. presentation for making the parchment cones. I did have a hard time getting the computer to work for me, not sure what it’s problem is but after 15 min. i was able to log in.
    I am pretty basic with baking and don’t do much decorating since my two are all grown and grandchildren live too far away. Where in NJ was your bakery ?
    My husband is from Pitman, Glassboro area but we have been living in the south for almost 40 years now. Misplaced Yankee’s ha ha. Thank you and God bless.

  6. Thank you Gretchen. I’ll stick to piping with them, I reckon the aeroplane was not terribly aerodynamic? you think? But I think I’m going to get those going and practise a wee bit. Today! Cheers

  7. Perfect video. Great visual..Love Love Love ur recipes…videos…and appreciate the simplicity of your complex looking desserts. Thanks for sharing your talent and knowledge to so many of us.

  8. Hi Gretchen
    I did your pink champagne cupcakes,but didnt write the recipe down,so i went to your site
    and couldnt find it anymore, can you please???????redo them again or even place your recipe
    I watch alll you videos and wojld like to thank you for everything you share,your swiss meringue butter cream has changed my baking life for ever ❤❤

    1. Hello Teresa! unfortunately the Woodland Bakery Blog business has been shut down due to some major business dysfunction since February,
      I know much of the content that you are used to seeing is gone 🙁
      But I have been forced to start over again from zero and I am working as hard as possible to get the most popular and most requested videos and recipes done first.
      I most likely wont be getting to the champagne cupcakes to refilm and reblog until closer to New Year- Im trying to get through fall and now onto Christmas stuff as we speak!
      I did however include that recipe in written form in one of my eBooks that I just rewrote- if you are interested!

  9. Thanks so much for being here, Gretchen. You’re a life saver! Perhaps you can save me some money with some good advice. Do you think it would be a total disaster if I used coconut cream concentrate (or coconut butter) instead of regular butter for my Swiss meringue buttercream? If I have to I’ll try it myself, but I just hate having to throw out all those good ingredients, and I hoped maybe you had made it already.

    1. I have not made it that way but coconut oil (if this is what you meant) is VERY soft almost liquid- it turns to liquid in temperatures in the 80’s so imagine that in your icing! Fine for a filling since it will be in a cake and wont go anywhere, but the icing? No- I wouldnt it will be too unstable

  10. After about 10 tries I think I have mastered the parchment cone! Yay! Now to make a bazillion cut out cookies to ice with my cones. Question. While 9 times out of 10 I use your cookie recipe sometimes I stray and find a cookie I want to make on Pinterest or utube. If it calls for butter and AND, shortening does that mean I should use margarine or crisco for the shortening portion? What is this thing called shortening? Lol

      1. Thanks Gretchen. I just ordered from Amazon like you instructed. I will get the shortening Wednesday just in time to make cookies for the church craft fair, my daughter’s Penn State cast party, and a retreat the following weekend. Busy yummy smelling kitchen for next few weeks. You’re the best!!!

  11. Hi Gretchen,

    Thank you for teaching us all that you know. One thing is sure, I am way better than I was in baking than I was before I stumble on one of your videos when I was searching for a recipe of buttercream. I fell in love with your videos since then and I keep watching your channel and your Facebook page so I do not miss anything. Your rock girl and you are the Best. I send you hugs from Quebec City.

  12. Hi Gretchen
    Big hello from Gloucester, United Kingdom :))
    At last!! I had given up making small cones until now – thank you so much Gretchen. I’ve made several and am so pleased.

  13. Hi Gretchen!!!
    I cannot thank you enough for your website!!!
    Thank you so very much for sharing your recipes and most of all, your advise.
    I have tried several of your recipes and are now my favorites.

    I love seeing you in your videos and I hope Florida is treating you well!

    A big hug from Guadalajara Mexico 🙂

  14. Fabulous tip as always! Thank you so much for all you do and share with all of us. I have made parchment cones before…a long time ago….glad for the refresher and you explain it so well you make it easy!!! Perfect timing with the holiday baking just around the corner. I love love LOVE your recipes also. Have a blessed and happy day Gretchen!

  15. I absolutely love the precut half sheet size parchment paper. Not only does it not curl up like when you buy it in a roll, you can use it more than once and it seems coated somehow. At least the kind I get. I get mine from King Arthur Flour’s store on their website. They come in packs of 50 or 100. Where do you get yours?

  16. Love these tips Gretchen. Thanks. You are the GREATEST. Have you made a Jaffa Cake/ Cookie,would love to learn how to make that. Thanks .

  17. You’re Awesome…My Baking Adventure began in a Wilton Class at Hobby Lobby a few Years ago….. They said, the Points had to make a “W” for Wilton…I like Your way better….I stopped going to those Classes when I discovered {You} on YouTube as the Crumb Boss….You have Taught me so much…Thank You for Everything You do for All of Us ♡♡♡♡

  18. Thanks so much for dis tip Gretchen I personally really appreciate it. Pls I will like to ask u a question. Pks I I want to bake Winnie the Pooh full cake and I can’t get a Winnie pan, what do I do.



    1. Hi! You could do a butter cream transfer, or you could cut and shape a cake into a 2-d or 3-d Winnie th Pooh form 🙂 hope this helps

  19. For your followers in the north that cannot get sweetex, I went to a cake supply to get it. I made your American buttercream and it was a big hit! I’m making a batch today for my neighbor to decorate her granddaughters birthday cake. People, do not order sweetex from Amazon, it cost an arm and a leg!!! I paid $2.99 lb at local cake shop. Again, Gretchen, love you and your videos, I think I’ve watched them all at least once, and you always give me a good laugh, I like to talk a lot too.

  20. Hi gretchen ..thank you so much, you inspire me …you obviously have a big heart ….most people don’t share their talents with the world..but you did
    You are totally awesome.

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