Best Baker Tip #5 ~ How to Fill a Pastry Bag with Ease!


The most important thing when working with pastry bags is to keep them clean!

There is nothing worse than a gunked up pastry bag while trying to decorate cakes and pastries!

This method will free up both hands so you can really get a grip on that bag and show it who’s boss!!

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  1. I have difficulty when refilling my bag. I always get air in and the bags explode. Not sure how to eliminate this.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

  2. I remember struggeling with filling my bags and had to figure out this on my own But this is a great tip for others Thanks for sharing .

  3. I’m still in training with my bag I got years ago from you! I’m lucky to fill it never mind squeezing ! Okay the ninth was the second time I used it ! Yeah I know..this tip really will help next time I use it !

  4. I want to thank you for the delicious recipes you share with us bakers out here. I made your Butter Spritz cookies for my family over the Christmas holiday, they we’re a huge hit. I took about 3 dozen over my mothers, they we’re all gone when I left that night. Many of the other desserts on our dessert table we’re still sitting there, of course I had to give the praise to you first for the tasty base. You we’re a hit. Take care, and again Thank you for sharing. May god bless you this New Year.

  5. Such a simple trick, and I never thought of it! Thank you so much for the demonstration.
    I just made the vanilla Yule Log for a party… How would you decorate this, for a Christmas party, Using no chocolate ?

  6. Can you teach us how to make Danish dough, croissant dough and puff pastry? I know I can use the puff pastry in the freezer case, but they are so expensive. My attempts at these doughs has left me pretty frustrated. The first two doughs come out like bread dough and the last one just never puffs up in the oven. Besides the things I listed I now have some problems with my arms and hands so large weights are difficult handle.

    Thank you,
    Peggy Williams

  7. Hi Gretchen,

    Thank you for another great Best Baker Tip! I recently received your Essentials Kit as a Christmas gift. I have never used a pastry bag so I am very excited to use it. Could you please make a video on how to cut a new pastry bag to size and how to clean it? Keep up the amazing work!

  8. Thank you for Tip #5….filling the pastry bag. Sometimes I do have a mess. This will help!!! Enjoying your video’s!!!! Very helpful.

  9. Thanks for this Gretchen. It was really helpful. I make a terrible mess when filling pastry bags. Is there an easy way to eliminate the air when filling pastry bags? I always get the icing in, then squeeze it in a few places to disperse the air but then the icing makes its way up the pastry bag while I’m doing this.

  10. Hi Gretchen, I had learned about this tip quite some time ago I do appreciate hearing it again. Thanks for all your tips and your generous way you share your recipes with us. God bless you girl!

  11. I love your recipes and have used some of them to rave reviews. Whenever someone asks me about baking something I refer them to your website. thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

  12. I use a tall flower vase for the canvas ones and it is great. However, there is one question I have regarding the inner part that attaches to the coupler. It is so messy to get the inner part out when finished. Is there any cleaner, easier way than just getting yourself covered as you turn it inside out? Thanks for the tip on the paper one too, never thought about doing that. Again, great tips.

  13. I love your tips and I thought I’d share one I use.

    Place a double piece of cling wrap o the size you require on the counter then place your butter cream on this , fold over and take both ends , twist like a sausage & draw this right through your piping bag which is fitted with your coupler, then snip off the end of the cling wrap, fit your nozzle and pipe. I find this really useful if I have several colours as I do not have to have so many piping bags.

    I also use it for royal icing (actually more than butter cream)and as your icing is usually fairly stiff it works for that; you can use it for thinner royal icing but it can become messy so a small parchment bags is perhaps best.

  14. Hello Gretchen, I know making a bag out of the parchment paper is really easy for some people. I don’t know why but I have a hard time with it. If you have already done a how to I must have missed it. Please help.

    Ms. B

  15. Thanks gretchen this is a great tip l have tryed this before and it’s good you are so kind for giving us you time have a great day xx

    1. Hi Gretchen:

      For larger bags, I use a vase or even a cut to length piece of pvc pipe. Enjoy your videos Gretchen. Thanks 🙂

  16. You are just amazing
    But can you please tell what batter needs to be close to the bottom of the pan and which cake batter can we fill up to the top .

  17. Gretchen I show my students how to use the glass to fill their bags, but I also tell them to squeeze out any remaining buttercream/whatever back into the bowl, lay the bag flat (no wrinkles) on the counter, hold the end of the bag with the flat edge of your hand and “squeegee” it from the top down with a fondant smoother. Fill the bag using a heavy glass and then squeegee it again to clean the top before closing. Then “burp” the bag and you are all clean and ready to go!

  18. Hi…
    I just love your web page and all the recipes and tips you share. I’ve made a few of your cakes & cupcakes and let me just say that they are EXCELLENT. I’ve been baking for 2 yrs and I just happen to start doing so when I lost my job. I needed to find a way to supplement my income so that’s how I got into baking. I’ve never had a formal education on baking BUT watching your videos has really helped me a lot. I do all my baking from my home and even though I have limited space and baking knowledge , I have established a clientele which have been very faithful and they love what I do. Of course thanks to you, I’ve been able to establish a healthy & profitable business. Can’t thank you enough….. My God bless you and your family….. Ciao …

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