Best Baker Tip ~ #8 Rewhipping Buttercream


Not only is this tip useful for those who have trouble with getting their buttercream back to a smooth spreadable (non-broken!) Buttercream after it’s been in the refrigerator; but this is also helpful for those who get a broken buttercream upon mixing the First Time!!

Several reasons can cause a buttercream to break, but the most common one is due to temperature.

If you are trying to remix your buttercream straight out of the refrigerator chances are you are going to have a broken, curdled mess in your bowl.

So whether you are making the Swiss Buttercream, the American Style Buttercream or the Italian Meringue Buttercream:

Here is a way to combat the curdle, or avoid it altogether!

Oh yeah and a blowtorch helps!

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  1. Thank You!!!
    I have some in the freezer. FYI love this swiss buttercream!!
    My mom always used a corn starch/milk butter cream icing..loved that. Your swiss buttercream is even better!
    I also want to thank 61, I never had the confidence to make a cake from scratch. I thought it was complicated and difficult. You make it look easy. and I have tried a few.
    Keep it up sweety…and thank you!
    P.S. I have been trying to go “organic” . Is there any way you can come up with something using natural colors and or honey in place of regular food color and refined sugar? I know its a challenge. But from what I can see….You will come up with something..You are amazing!
    lov Pam

    1. Organic granulated sugar is widely available, along with organic powdered sugar. However, I’ve only found the powdered variety in small quantities.

  2. That’s Gretchen.
    I hate waste, and this is a help.
    I would love to know the difference between the butter creams,
    and what is the best things to use them for.

  3. When I pipe roses they do not hold their shape. They kind of melt. Is it that my hands are too warm? Or is it my buttercream? How stiff should it be and is there some kind of gusge to determine that it is stiff enought for roses. You are the best. My dreams is to meet you some day.

  4. Thank you so much for this video. I have had some trouble keeping my buttercream smooth. I think this will help a bunch. Thanks again.

  5. Hi Gretchen,

    My question is about the color of my butter cream when I brought it out of the fridge. It wasn’t as white as the new batch I had just made. I was frosting a wedding cake and made a batch in advance, and they were’t the same color? Didn’t do anything different fromm one batch to the next other than put one in the fridge over night. I did let it go for a bit in the mixer, with the paddle attachment, hoping that would whiten it back up, but it didn’t. No one else commented on the color difference in the cake, but I could sure see it. Any thoughts?

  6. Hi Gretchen!

    Can you tell me what’s the difference between a Swiss Butter Cream, American Butter Cream and the Italian Butter Cream?


      1. hi Gretchen. i can hardly wait for your book shipment next week!
        the links you have (click here for different buttercream recipes for example are all broken – DNS Update Required
        The site you were looking for is no longer available at this IP address.

  7. So If I’ve made an American (all butter) buttercream & it’s broken – because I’ve over whipped it. I can save it (instead of tossing it & starting over) by putting it in the fridge to set up & chill then bring back to room temp and remix as shown?
    -I used to have this broken BC problem all the time…not as much now since I’ve progressed & improved in my years…but sometimes still if I get too many things going at once (opps!) it happens.

  8. Hi Gretchen! Love all you teach us, your recipes, and tips. Also wanted to say I use American buttercream if I am in a hurry. I use Swiss buttercream on many cakes also. But if I want something luscious and special I do your Italian buttercream. It really isn’t hard at all just a few more things to remember than the other two but worth it! The mouth feel and delicate not too sweet taste are just beyond words. Last week I made your orange chiffon cake with blood oranges and Italian buttercream also with blood oranges. Pure heaven and a beautiful pale pink. I split it in half to frost so there was lots of buttercream for all. Thanks again!

  9. Also, I use the Italian meringue recipe up to the point where you would began to add the butter and use it for my meringue on pies like lemon meringue. I beat it until very glossy and stiff and then put on hot filling and spread to edges. Use my blow torch to brown and toast it no baking required. No weeping or beads of sugar on the finished meringue. Cut it with a serrated long cake knife warmed in hot water. Works great.

  10. Your Swiss buttercream and buttercream are the best recipes that is my favorite I get so many compliments on all my cakes thank you Gretchen

  11. Great Tip. I always thought I did something wrong. I’ve never owned a blow torch. Yours look pretty easy to operate. Where do you buy a blow torch like yours? Craft store, bakers store, hardware or somewhere else?

    Also are there guidelines to how much butter cream to use for each size of cake. I’m still a rookie and am not sure how much to make. The usual size cakes I like to do are 6, 8, 10, & 12 inch round cakes. How much Swiss buttercream would you make for each size?




  13. How do you know which cake recipes should use cake flour ? Most recipes call for flour but never specify cake flour. I use softasilk, and making a carrot cake for Easter . Guess I could use 1/2& 1/2, but would be nice to know what cakes are better with it.

  14. Hi Gretchen , how long can we leave the buttercream in the fridge before it goes bad? Also how long is good to leave a cake in the freezer before it taste bad?

  15. I’m making cupcakes for daughters graduation. I am wanting to bake and frost 2 weeks before the event. Can I do that with your cream cheese Swiss buttercream frosting? Sorry I meant to add that I am wanting to freeze them 2 weeks before the event

  16. Hey Gretchen,
    What is the best way to bring the buttercream “back to life” if I don’t have a stand up mixer? Thanks!

  17. Hi Gretchen

    I tried your pumpkin cheesecake maple bunt cake, however I switched the maple to chocolate drizzle and it was a huge hit. When I tried the maple they liked it but it was too sweet. I used dark bittersweet chocolate chips and loved it better.

    Thank you so much

  18. Or like they teach u in chef school, mix 3/4 in the kitchen aid and heat up a quarter in the microwave then add it to the mixer. Result smooth buttercream

  19. Got my buttercream out of the fridge 3 hours before I wanted to bring it back to life..all proud of myself for listening to Gretchen. Then ,when I wanted to use it and peeled of the plastic wrap.. it turned out I got the mashed potatoes out 3 hours ago…LOL
    Going to try again in three hours…

  20. I can’t find vegetable shortening where I live, can I substitute it for clarified butter or ghee in your most excellent Swiss buttercream recipe!!

    1. You can try to use the paddle attachment on your stand mixer and blend it on low speed for 5-10 minutes, the air will help make it whiter
      SOme people also add a tiny drop of violet color

  21. I made this today and the cake turned out great. BUT the butter cream broke all over. Later I realized that because i used all the butter at once. I saw your tip how to save the situation and beat it with a hand blender at the slowest speed. It took about 20 mins but it was saved.


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