Black Cherry Compote Recipe

Cherry Compote

This black cherry compote recipe is  specifically for making my Black Forest Cake.

However you can use this for many other applications like toppings for cheesecakes or ice cream or even as a filling for any cake you can dream up!

Probably one of my most requested cakes here at Gretchen’s Bakery is the Black Forest Cake.

Black Forest Cake has been a long time favorite of mine in the cakes department!

So whatever brings you to this recipe whether it is for Cherry Shortcakes, Ice Cream toppings  or just because, you will be happy you got here because this is a real winner!

I couldn’t stop eating it with a spoon! I hope I have enough for my cake! LOL

Black Cherry Compote Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
The Kirshwasser is completely optional, you can leave it out with no substitution
Serves: 3 cups
  • Fresh Cherries pitted 1½ lbs (600g)
  • Granulated Sugar ¼ cup (50g)
  • Kirshwasser or brandy 2 teaspoons *optional
  1. Place the pitted cherries and sugar into a heavy bottomed sauce pot, cover and cook over low heat stirring occasionally to prevent scorching
  2. Cook for about 15 - 20 minutes or until the fruit has started to break down slightly.
  3. You will notice a sauce begins to form and it is getting thickened as the cherries cook down
  4. Remove from heat and add the kirsh or other liquor.
Compote will thicken as it cools due to the natural pectin in cherry skins

Store in an airtight container for up to 1 week in the refigerator or freeze for 6 months

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  1. Hi Gretchen,
    Nice way to store d cherries for black forest.well one week in air tight container in refrigerator or r.t?

      1. Hi Gretchen,

        Thank you so much for responding back so fast. I want you to know that I have learned so much from you, and all of your recipes that I have tried thus far are absolutely wonderful. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and techniques. I’m really looking forward to watching your black forest cake recipe video later this week. Can this cake be frozen after it’s been completely frosted and filled with the cherry filling for later use? How long can it be frozen and how long should it defrost in the refrigerator before serving it to guests?

        1. Great and thank YOU for the support!
          This cake will be iced with whipped cream and I do not recommend to freeze whipped cream.
          I prefer to only freeze my layers (and base recipes) but not fully iced decorated cakes.

  2. Hi,
    Can i do dis Wid red cherries? N use those in black forest? Since I dun get black cherries here
    I have one more question. Dunno where to putting it here.
    What is d difference between the Swiss cake, Germany choc cake,Belgian choc cake.
    N here I c so many truffle cakes as in Dutch truffle cake,Ferrero rosher truffle,devils truffle!!! I mean dis is all so confusing. .Truffle I can guess dat d choc used mite b different in each case but can u please give some insight about the cakes?
    Thanks a lot.

  3. Look forward to all your recipes. Can the cherry compote be frozen -would like to make and freeze when cherries are in season

  4. Ms. Gretchen,
    Thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge with us. Your skills and recipes are fantastic and your video’s are even better. My question is with this recipe can I switch Strawberries for the black cherries and still use the same brandy or do I need to change that also?
    If you ever decide to open a school up or just take on a few students I would love to be on that list. You have become my idol in this business.

  5. Hi Gretchen,I love to see you work you are so talented God bless. I have been looking through Youtube for so long but since I found you I don’t look any further your recipes are all great and hit me the way you work. Thanks for sharing all that you know with us. Thankyou

  6. Hi Gretchen! We have no fresh cherries in our place. The only one i have is in can which is for pie filling. Can i use this?

  7. Hi Gretchen! I just made your black cherry compote. I had to use frozen cherries because I can’t get fresh right now. The compote looks beautiful, but has almost no flavor! Any chance you have any suggestions? Do you know a good brand of frozen cherries to try next time? Thanks!

  8. Hi Gretchen,

    On your old Gretchen’s Bakery videos for the Black Forest Cake recipe, you said something like you ordered black cherry filling by the gallon. Those cans were enormous.

    I’m curious what brand you used? Perhaps I can buy smaller quantities on Amazon… I’d like to give it a shot anyway.

    Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

    1. I have never seen Black Cherry filling available for anyone outside of a commercial bakery (it is not being sold in supermarkets or anywhere on the internet for home use- Ive looked)
      I used Starr Brand or Henry & Henry in the bakery

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