Black Chocolate Cake for Halloween

Black Chocolate Cake for Halloween~ vegan


Attention Everyone:  Black Chocolate Cake for Halloween is going to change your life.

Believe me I will be making this cake as my go to chocolate cake recipe from now until the end of time.

I am sincerely IN LOVE.

Black Chocolate Cake for Halloween~ vegan

I have actually had this cake recipe in my “recipes to test file” for well over 15 years by now.

I am not sure exactly where I acquired it along my pastry cheffin’ journey and strangely never tried it~ until now!

I am so glad I did though (but sad I waited so long! I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this for so long!) But better late than never is what I always say!

This cake is seriously moist, I have never had another cake that is better than this!

And what better way to pop those vibrant buttercream colors than up against a deep dark black chocolate cake?

Add some candy monster eye balls dripping down the sides with chocolate fondant and you are all set for a spooky delicious Halloween party!

Needless to say it isn’t just for Halloween, but since Trick or Treat day is right around the corner;

Let’s wait not another minute longer! As I know this will become your all time favorite chocolate cake!

And oh yeah, two more things to add to the excitement~ it’s VEGAN! and your don’t need a mixer!

So whether you are vegan or not~ I promise you will love it!

5.0 from 8 reviews
Black Chocolate Cake for Halloween
To make the glaze for the cake I warmed up 6 ounces of my Cube Fondant and added 3 Tablespoons of cocoa with 5 Tablespoons of water to make a paste
I use Gel Paste Food Colors to make vibrant colors for my buttercream
Serves: 1- 7" / 3layer cake
  • For the Cake
  • All Purpose Flour 1½ cups + 3 Tablespoons (212g)
  • Granulated Sugar ¾ cup (150g)
  • Salt ½ teaspoon (3g)
  • Baking Powder 1½ teaspoon (6g)
  • Baking Soda 1½ teaspoons (6g)
  • Coconut Oil 7 Tablespoons (98g)
  • Boiling Water 1½ cup (360ml)
  • Dutch Process or Natural Cocoa Powder ¾ cup (70g)
  • Ground Flax Seeds 6 Tablespoons (48g)
  • Hot Water 9 Tablespoons (135ml)
  • Vanilla Extract 2 teaspoons (10ml)
  • .
  • 1 Recipe Vegan Vanilla Buttercream of your choice Aquafaba or Regular
  1. Combine ground flax seed with the 9Tbs of hot water and whisk smooth
  2. Let stand for at least 5 minutes or up to 30 minutes to thicken to a paste
  3. Combine the flour, sugar, salt, baking powder & soda together in a large mixing bowl
  4. Combine the coconut oil, 1½ cup boiling water and cocoa powder together and whisk smooth
  5. Add the cocoa mixture and the flax eggs mixture along with the vanilla extract to the flour mixture and whisk smooth
  6. Pour batter into 3 greased and parchment lined cake pans and bake immediately in a preheated 350°F oven for approximately 22 - 25 minutes or until the layers are springy to the touch when you gently press the centers
  7. Cool cakes in the pan then flip them out onto a cooling rack to cool completely while you prepare the buttercream recipe of your choice
This cake will stay fresh at room temperature for up to 4 days in an airtight container.

Refrigerate for longer storage covered so it wont dry out (about1 week to 9days~ but I promise it wont last that long!)

You can freeze the cake layers for longer storage (up to 1 month wrapped well)


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        1. Gretchen has regular versions of the recent vegan recipes she posted. You can find those recipes right her on the blog just scroll over to all recipes. I’m not vegan but I’m trying this recipe because I mostly have everything in my pantry for this recipe, just need to buy flaxseed.

    1. Because I have been vegan for a while now and I have been super conflicted with my channel not being in alignment with my life and my beliefs but I will not eliminate my old recipes and will still help you all with baking of any kind just like always! thanks for the support! 🙂
      Yes to eggs 3

      1. Ah that makes sense then! Thanks definitely trying this recipe. Love your site! Following from the UK so really helpful you put everything in grams as well as cups

  1. Now that we know why vegan recipes are popping up, why not make the recipe card with egg substitutions? Just for those who want to make with eggs. I definitely will make this for my co-workers on Halloween.

  2. Hi gretchen
    Thank u for another awesome recipe. Just curious as to what gives the cake the black colour? As cocoa normally makes a dark brown cake. Is it the flax seeds? And if so, if i substitute for eggs will the colour of my cake not be so dark?
    Thank you!
    Ps i’m not vegan but totally respect you for going with your beliefs and giving us vegan recipes now!

    1. HI Thanks for the support and respect! I appreciate that! It is the ratio of ingredients here that make the cake black. I also used dutched process cocoa and the flax will indeed make the cake more moist than if you were to use eggs.
      Not to mention Flax is SO HEALTHY FOR YOU!

  3. THANK YOU Gretchen for the VEGAN recipes. It’s a shame people have to complain when all you’re doing is following your heart and doing what you can to make the world a little less cruel and spare some suffering. I cannot wait to make this cake, and am even more excited to eat it! If it tastes even half as good as it looks, we will be in for a real treat!!!!

    1. Thanks Melissa! I agree with you and I feel a bit sad too, but I do understand the pushback against veganism, many people get defensive when they are faced with the reality of the torture industry that is supported by using animal products. But I do know that you will love this cake, I hope others will try even if they do not follow a vegan lifestyle since they WILL BE IN FOR A TREAT! it is the best cake I have ever made! I am being serious!

  4. If you add the 3 eggs do not add the hot water correct. Just the eggs. Thank you Gretchen love your recipes. Looking at the video that cake looks so moist and mouth watering yummy

    1. right, the flax egg is created by adding hot water to the flax seed, the flax seed has an outer coating that creates a sort of gel, binder when added to water this gives it a very moist end result, I do hope you will try not to mention flax is SO GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH! 🙂

  5. Hi this cake looks amazing! I’ve been vegan for just over a month and this popped up in one of my vegan facebook groups. I’m sad to see all the negative comments though as if ‘vegan’ is somehow an affliction and not in fact the number 1 way to save the planet, save animals as well as improve our health.

    By making these incredible things you are planting seeds, showing the non-vegans that it isn’t necessary to include animal products in gorgeous food while encouraging actual vegans to cook more and stay strong on days when they are also having negative comments about their lifestyle choices. Excellent work, keep at it xx

    1. HI Emma, thankyou for this comment I agree with you 100%. I am also sad that many people have said they will not be watching my videos anymore since I made my choice to live my business life in alignment with my personal life (which has been for animal rights and advocacy for many many years) I am thrilled to finally “get off the fence” and stop exploiting the horrific torture industry that is dairy, meat and eggs through my baking blog. I feel so much better already that I have stopped being a hypocrite and I too hope that by sharing these amazing recipes with people they will also see that we do not NEED to harm animals just because we are addicted to “taste” I too am addicted to taste, but I never have to harm another being to satisfy that! Vegan food is so satisfying! Both on the palette AND the soul! 🙂 peace and love to you! Keep fighting the good fight! we are their voice and the world IS changing!

  6. Hi Gretchen,
    I wanted to let you know that I tried this vegan cake for the 1st time and it was GREAT!!!!! This was the 1st time I had a vegan cake and made it my self. Please keep the vegan recipes coming. Thank You Jeanette

  7. Hello!! I LOVE this cake and LOVE the vegan cake recipes!
    How would you make this Gluten Free? Do you recommend a specific flour?
    Thank you!

  8. I am a little confused by your recipe and I watched the video. You have 1 1/2 cups of boiling water and 9 Tablespoons of hot water. How much water are you adding to the ground flax? How much water are you adding to the cocoa powder…thanks!

    1. Sorry for the confusion here is the updated version:
      Combine ground flax seed with the 9Tbs of hot water and whisk smooth

      Combine the coconut oil, 1½ cup boiling water and cocoa powder together and whisk smooth

  9. I’m thrilled to read this new (and vegan!) recipe. I’ve been looking for something like this for Halloween so your timing is perfect. How do I grind flax seeds? It doesn’t work on n my Vitamix. One idea to keep people happy maybe is to prove egg/flax equivalencies? Thank you for your great site

  10. Gretchen, I don’t think it is so much that people are not being supportive as it means wrapping your head/brain around a different way of cooking/baking and looking for ingredients that are unfamiliar and my not be readily available. When you are as old as me that can be a hard thing! That having been said, while not vegan myself, I will give this a whirl. Healthy does not always mean tasteless. Now if I could just find a good sugar free yellow cake for my diabetic customers I would be in 7th Heaven … lol.

    1. Hi Eileen thanks I appreciate that, but by no means does vegan = healthy! LOL At least not in terms of sugar, calories, fat etc… it still takes darned great! Just no animal products or harm involved.
      Im sorry that I will upset alot of people by my personal choice to follow my heart and soul passion, but its something I had to do for me to feel better about myself.

  11. Gretchen, Don’t ever let others define who you are, they don’t have the right to do so. Only you can define yourself. The essence of life is not being perfect, impressing people ,or succeeding at everything. The essence of life is simply making mistakes and learning from them, surrounding yourself with people that love you when you’re being yourself, and getting through the failures so that you can continue improving.
    I am 70 years old and was brought up as a meat eater. Those habits are hard to change at my age. That being said, does not mean I have to accept how animals are being treated cruelly by the industries. Each individual can improve these condition by loudly protesting and taking matters in to there own hands. They don’t need to sit on their butts and bad mouth others beliefs. I for one decided to raise my own chickens and I love my girls. They are fed organic feed and aren’t pumped full of antibiotic and hormones. The are semi free range not stacked on top of each others. I am able to eat healthy eggs and sell a few to friends so they can eat healthy. I believe my chickens are very happy. Eggs themselves are not unhealthy when the chickens are treated with respect and love. Now I will get down off my soap box. LOL. Only one more thing. KUDOS to you girl for sticking to your beliefs. You go girl. Love Ya, Patricia

  12. Hi Gretchen
    Thanks for giving vegan recipe along with standard baking ( I am not vegan) Many children have
    allergies to dairy and finding a great tasting trea they can enjoy is wonderful.

  13. Hey Gretchen,
    I have been following you since your bakery days. I am so excited to see all these vegan recipes! I can’t wait to start substituting my non-vegan recipes for these vegan recipes. I was a cake decorator/baker for almost 20 years, and your recipes have always been easy to follow and AMAZING! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

  14. I would love to try this recipe. I am not Vegan but as long as taste great, that is all matter to me. Thank you for all your wonderful recipes and videos.

  15. Hi Gretchen, I am finally ready to make this fabulous looking cake!! I do buy flax seeds and flax meal, I may try using it at a later date though. I would like to say I appreciate your vegan beliefs. I have spiritual beliefs that God said the sky and earth are open to man…to eat animals & birds at our use. I feel it is important to not waste though. Since we shop at a health store I will pick a few items you list repeatedly in recipes and try your new style cakes. Lastly, I see you are copyrighted… does that mean I can not post or sell your recipes as is. I always make my own twist anyway, but would like to know what I am getting into. As always your presentations are awesome!!! Keep them coming

    1. awesome thankyou! You will love this recipe! You can buy flax seeds and grind them (which I do) or buy the meal its your preference. You can use my recipes as you wish, you just cannot repost them as your own creation, just give credit back to my blog if you do choose to share the links or the written recipes

  16. Hi Gretchen

    How long can I keep this cake after baked. I know you normally tell us but I am sorry and can’t find it anywhere in blog


    1. woops! You are right! I did not add that info! Thanks! : This cake will stay fresh at room temperature for up to 4 days in an airtight container.

      Refrigerate for longer storage covered so it wont dry out (about1 week to 9days~ but I promise it wont last that long!)

      You can freeze the cake layers for longer storage (up to 1 month wrapped well)

  17. Hi Gretchen,

    OK, I’ll give this vegan recipe a try. But I don’t want coconut oil. What can I sub? I bought it, saw the saturated fat, and returned it.

    You may not realize it, but your vegan recipes are perfect for theJewish religious community. They are parve–neither milk products or meat products. People who have Sabbath dinners have meat or chicken, and would enjoy your vegan recipes. Maybe not all the time, since there’s a enormous Thanksgiving meal to prepare every week.

    I had some religous kids over for a get together; they couldn’t eat the dairy cookies till 6 hours had passed since they had their dinner with meat. But I can see these recipes going over well.

    I’d be glad to steer you in the right sources of info if you want

    Judy Mayer,
    Simi Valley, cA

      1. oil is fine.

        Can I use the flaxseed sub in your caramel apple cake? I have that already mixed up in a bowl. I just have to finish making my ciabatta (I’m a ‘bread head”).

        it’s 2 TBSP of ground meal per egg, right? how much water?

        Real problem with your website hanging. Hard to leave this message. Lots of pauses. Are there scripts running? I have this problem with several sites. I get an error message Asking if I want to debug the script on some sites.

        1. Yes you can use the flax egg there! i PLAN TO DO THE SAME SOON!
          1 egg =
          Ground Flax Seeds 1 Tablespoon (8g)
          Hot Water 3 Tablespoons (45ml)

          Combine ground flax seed with hot water and whisk smooth

          Let stand for at least 5 minutes or up to 30 minutes to thicken to a paste


          1. Do you know how many cups of batter in this recipe? For those of us who make cakes, it helps us to switch pan sizes. I am going to try 1/2 batch; the flax divides easier than eggs. The remaining batter will be cupcakes. Tryingt o cut down eating baked goodies. I can give away cupcakes.

            Can’t do the apple cake vegan yet. Wouldnt know how to sub browned butter. I have 3 sticks of butter in a Rubbermaid bowl waiting for the apple cake.

            Hope you figure out the hanging. I stopped going to some sites because of it. Probably why things died for you. I must be preety loyal to keep trying. Judy

          2. Got it. I dont ever do my recipes i cups, I think since Im so “bakery and commercial” taught and experience, I am used to just making giant batches of cake and baking all the sizes we need in a day, and then with the home versions the recipes typically yield 8″ layers since that is the most popular. Rule of thumb, no matter what cake batter it is, fill pans half full and you will be great!
            Only butter will brown, so for the vegan carrot cake I used oil.
            Yes the website is going to be fixed soon, it will be a process since it was a major diagnostic to find out what the last people did to bugger it up so much, they literally put me out of business 🙁
            I am so upset. They get to walk away with a “sorry about that” meanwhile Ive spent so much money to try to get it right.
            Grrrrr. thank you for the support and for sticking around through the BS. Yes you are VERY LOYAL! thankyou

          3. Hi Gretchen, I made 1/2 batch of the cakes yesterday. Have frosting in the freezer I need to use up. Will frost soon.
            1/2 batch makes 2 nice 6″ cakes, 3/4″tall each.

            Tasted the batter. If I make it again, I woulds addinstant epresso coffee to the cocoa/hot water to intensify the chocolate flavor. It wasn’t chocolately enouth for me. Maybe I’ll fell differenly with thechocolate icing.

            Your website drives me nuts. It hangs. Could be your videos. Try doing a link to you tube. Maybe it’s the ads. Judy Mayer. Simi Valley, CA

          4. HI Thanks for the feedback! Im glad you liked the cake and yes to coffee I LOVE THAT IN Chocolate cake!! Thanks for telling me about the website, I am in the process of getting it fixed once and for all!

  18. To everyone asking if the can replace the flaxseeds with eggs, I ask you why? Why not try the recipe as written ? I’f the cake is moist chocolatey and delicious what does it matter if it has eggs or not? One of the first lessons I learned from Gretchen is try the recipe as written first. What if she never brought up the word vegan and just told you the recipe was for the moistest chocolate cake ever. No one would question her. I support you and am so looking forward to more recipes that do not harm any beings to make and enjoy!

    1. yes!! Thank you so much for this comment I appreciate that so much and I agree with you 100%! how true if I never said “vegan” everyone would just love this recipe to pieces and say ” Oh great thankyou ~ the price of eggs is so expensive, thanks for the alternative!” LOL
      This recipe is perfect the way it is and the flax makes it THAT MUCH BETTER! Im not sure why everyone feels like we have to put animals in everything, it’s just not necessary

  19. Hi gretchen, I’ve been using your recipes for a while now and love them. I was just wanting to be able to use your new recipes too, and I don’t want to make them vegan. Do you have some sort of baking conversion sheet I could use lol just need to know how much butter for coconut oil, what the flax seeds are replacing and also how many eggs to use ect…any help would be great thanks… 🙂

    1. Hi Patricia it’s pretty much a straight conversion, I use melted oil, you use melted butter.
      I use vegan cream cheese? You use cow cream cheese.
      There are 300+ non vegan recipe here though, most of what I have been doing vegan lately is just a convert from this non vegan site.
      I hope you will try some of the vegan recipes, they don’t taste bad! LOL In fact they taste awesome! Baking with flax is a new wonderful world as an egg replacer!
      1 egg =
      Ground Flax Seeds 1 Tablespoon (8g)
      Hot Water 3 Tablespoons (45ml)

  20. Hi Gretchen, I am not vegan but will try this recipe as written with flax seeds, I know it will be delicious ! I do have a question if we chose to use eggs instead. In a previous comment you stated we can sub and use 3 eggs. If 1 egg=1T flax + 3T water, should we use 6 eggs instead to replace the 6T of flax ? Thank you !

  21. Hi Gretchen
    I need to bake cupcakes for my 3 yr boys school party. Which receipe do you recommend? Orange crunch cake/double chocolate fudge cake/this?
    Read somewhere in comments double chocolate cupcakes are too dense
    Please guide.

    1. Its really all preference. If you have an idea of what those boys like it is a good place to start. I dont know many kids who DO NOT Like chocolate. Orange crunch has been a popular search lately (im wondering if my recipe is trending someplace because all of the sudden there is resparked interest??) Anyway- it is really just your preference

  22. Hi Gretchen …. I made this cake once before and it is delicious! My dilemma is that I feel like the cake didn’t rise as much as I hoped in comparison to yours and was denser than expected. I realize this is a “brownie style cake” but still feel like the height of the cake was off. Could it be the flax egg measurements? I’ve read the comments where people wanted to use regular eggs so you suggest 3 eggs which the equivalent flax eggs would be 3 tbs flaxseeds to 9 tbs of hot water but In your written recipe, it calls for 6tbs ground flax with 9 tbs hot water. Please confirm that you meant to use the said amount in your recipe or if it was an error. I’d like to make this again but this part of the recipe is nagging at me.

    1. 2 eggs should be fine, its hard to say since my original recipe called for 8 eggs in which I shaved this recipe down to suit a home use, so its more like 2 eggs

      1. Sorry if I wasn’t clear with my last comment. I’m not asking for the equivalent to use regular eggs.. I was referring to the flax eggs and the measurements of it.3 flax eggs should equal 3tbs flax meal with 9tbs hot water. Your recipe states 6tbs flax to 9tbs water. Just asking if you intended to write it like that or if it was an error?
        I’m all for your vegan recipes! I’ve fallen in love with each and everyone I’ve tried so far.

  23. I was excited to try this cake so I went out this morning to buy flaxseeds($5), coconut oil ($24!) and cocoa powder just to make this cake which you make sound so amazing. Turned out like shit; put batter in 2×8 inch rounds. Baked til springy to the touch; What an awful cake. It just tastes wierd, probably because of the flax. Texture was horrible. (suggestion: remove this recipe from here, so people don’t waste their time and MONEY on ingredients that normally are not pantry items). What a pissoff! I’ve made other vegan cakes which make this one laughable!

    1. Hi Rose Im so sorry your cake didn’t turn out correctly. I can assure you it is not the cake recipe as I make this cake all the time, yesterday for my Easter cupcakes as a matter of fact and everyone said they were the best cupcakes they ever had.
      So perhaps the error is with with your measurements or your mix method, I cannot say where YOU went wrong, but the recipe is in fact fabulous! Sorry again, and I will excuse your irate language too, since I know when we make mistakes we feel embarrassed and like to blame others.

  24. I have been looking for a great chocolate cake recipe for a long time that holds up well under fondant. You have no idea how excited I am that this recipe is also VEGAN!!! Yay. Thank you.

  25. Hi Gretchen.. i want to make a 10 inch round cake with this recipe. Should I use same measurements or should i double it?

  26. Hi gretchen! Could you suggest me please…which cake would be better, chocolate buttermilk cake or this black halloween cake and can I make cupcakes out of this halloween cake recipe??? Will they dome up well??? And how long they’ll take to bake??

  27. Thank you sooooooooo much gretchen. I have tried so many of your recipes and each one turns out just amazing. You are A PASTRY MASTER ….. THE BEST !!!

  28. Gretchen, I followed your suggestion and made this cake for my mum. She really loved it and it made me really happy. It is really only and only because of you that my cakes are a success each time I make them. I am not a vegan but just as u promised I honestly loved this cake. SOOOOO DELICIOUS. I really can’t thank you enough because your recipes are the “actual” recipes unlike those recipes on the internet that just claim to be the best and are actually ridiculous. Once again THANK YOU for sharing the besssstttt recipes in the whole wide world. The smile on my mum’s face gave me the greatest pleasure and all the credit goes to you.

    1. awesome! thankyou so much for this comment I appreciate it so much, this way others can see the testimony from folks who really agree that these recipe are THE BEST! thank you thank yoU!

    1. Hi! I dont! Im sorry! But I think there are conversions if you google, you would have to plug in all the ingredients though and do that math to work it out per cake and per slice, if you figure it out DONT TELL ME! LOL

  29. You’re amazing.. I love that you are posting vegan recipes along with your regular recipes. I am not vegan, but have friends who are, and to have good recipes at my fingertips from you is a blessing. Good for you for following your passion and heart. I support it 110%!! Love you!

  30. Plez if ineed this receip foe a size 30×30 cake then ihave to make a double frm this receipe or 3 times then 600 flour to get high cake

  31. Hi Gretchen, Thanks for the vegan recipes. I am vegetarian and trying to be vegan and the pastry recipes are awesome. For all who don’t understand what you are trying to do, I say.”try the recipe, there’s hardly any difference in ingredients and they’re delicious!!” Not all people in every country in the world have meat, egg, or dairy in all their foods. I applaud you Gretchen…you’re the greatest and anyone who doesn’t try the recipes doesn’t know what they’re missing!!!

  32. Hi, going to make this cake for a party. How much do you think I should multiply it for a 2 layer quarter sheet cake or just make a single batch?

    1. I recipe – all the batter into a 12″ X 18″ cake pan (half sheet pan) then cut that in half after baking to make 2- 1/4 sheet layers

        1. The cake came out great! But instead of water I used coffee and I also added in 4 tbsp of charcoal powder (food grade) and an additional tablespoon of oil and coffee to make a “black velvet” cake. I also used ganache and raspberry jam and fresh raspberries as filling/frosting, was going for a raspberry-mocha typa thing. Will definitely make again, but next time I make a sheet cake I think I’ll double the recipe; the cake layers were too thin to my liking (about 1/2 inch).

  33. i love baking for my office colleagues every now and then and it has made me conscious of dietary requirements. When you cook for a group you want each one of them to enjoy it. I have been looking for a non egg chocolate cake recipe and all the ones I found used condensed milk and I didn’t want to use it… just find it too sweet. Cant wait to try this.

    Can you guide me on how to turn this into a 3kg rectangle sheet cake please?

    Thank you for sharing knowledge you have worked hard over years to learn and I’m sure spent money also on training yourself.

    1. HI Great thank you for that recognition! You can pour all the batter into 1 sheet pan 12″ X 18″ x 1″ for 1 layer of cake

  34. Hi Gretchen! Firstly, I am sooo happy with the recipes you have graciously shared and use them on a regular basis. Particularly the SMB and IMB and chiffon cake. Because I have experience with your recipes, I can trust your pallet. Vegan or not, if you post it, it will taste good. I for one am happy to have vegan options to offer when friends ask me to bake something even though I’m not vegan myself.

    Secondly, I want to clear something up for you that you may find encouraging. I think when some people say they’re sad the new recipes are vegan, they aren’t slamming veganism, but rather are expressing a PERCEIVED disappointment that the quality they’ve come to expect will be compromised. It’s an incorrect assumption. But it’s baking ignorance, and not necessarily an anti-vegan statement. They’re questioning the product and not your life choices.

    I highly respect principled people and look forward to more delicious recipes from a VERY talented baker!

    Now, my question: Can you taste the coconut from the coconut oil in this chocolate cake?

    1. Hi Cindy Brownie! (Love the last name! I’m jealous!) Thankyou for this message, and I agree with you and understand exactly that these folks making the comments are simply sad by my life choices to want to do as little harm as possible by choosing a vegan lifestyle, because my choice has now affected them and their ability to obtain the great recipes they have come to know from me. They feel I have taken something away from THEM, and I totally get it! Believe me. If I was following someone for whatever reason, and then they changed their service or offering that did not line up with something that I was on board with, or could even understand, I would be upset too.

      But my hope here (and the a huge reason why I still keep my old non vegan blog open) is to show people that I am no different from anyone, I came from the same place, we are not brought up to understand this “way of living life” after all most people believe that the planet, everything on it and the animals that live on it are here for us to do as we please, since we are “the super human species” LOL. Once I realized that is not true, and the detriment that belief has on our health, the animals and the health of this planet I could not longer live out of alignment with that truth.

      So I often do answer with this type of reply. Something along the lines of, “I’m sorry you think you can no longer get great recipes from me, but I do wish you would give the new vegan recipes a try. I would never give an inferior recipe in my days before the Vegan Bakery, so why would you think I would do so now? Vegan recipes are amazing and folks don’t even know they are vegan unless I tell them, so I do hope you will give at least one recipe a try; but if that is not something you can or are willing to do, you can un-veganize a recipe just as easily as I veganized it. I will not offer that NON vegan conversion, but at the very least if you don’t want to try MY recipe here, I do hope you will stay for the ideas I am sharing for flavor combinations, decor, etc, after all we are sharing baking passion; my baking just happens to be 100% cruelty free now.”

      Cindy, I thank you so much for this enlightened conversion, it was the first message I read this morning and it has set the tone for my day 🙂
      So much hope I have and will continue to have for people to just stay open minded and more importantly open hearted (as you are!). I have taken a much more patient stance in my “old” age and realize not everyone is on the same page as me, and that’s Ok. But I will not give up spreading awareness and the message of love and compassion for all beings because I believe that world peace starts on our dinner plates. Once you show compassion for the worlds tiniest most helpless creatures~ it will only inevitably follow through to all living beings. (Yikes, I gave myself chills!) LOL
      Thank you Thank you Thank you for this message!

      Now to your question! Yes, I do get a slight hint of that coconut coming through, BUT if you use refined coconut oil, you will not. OR just use any vegetable oil you normally bake with.

  35. Hey Gretchen, I love you so much and I admire you for all that efforts you put in your vegan recipes, you are an inspiration!!! I was just wondering that is there any way to prepare a simple vanilla cake without any egg replacer although I do love your vanilla cupcakes with fudge icing, but just a random question. Have a great day!!

  36. Hi Gretchen!
    I’ve been following your blog for years and absolutely love your recipes!
    I’ve had several orders for a vegan cake recently so I’m interested in exploring this unknown to me teritory.
    I’ve made this cake once and shared it with my family. Sadly, nobody liked it :/ Including myself. I think it’s the flax seeds – they give it kinda cardboard aftertaste, in my opinion, and is increadibly sticky and mucous (cleaning and washing was a nightmare). Can I use any other easily available egg replacement in this recipe? Like bananas or aquafaba?
    Thank you! And love from Poland!

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