Blueberries– We mostly think of Blueberry Muffins when we say Blueberries. But there are plenty of other applications for blueberries in baking. I will say this though, blueberry flavor is probably the hardest flavor to achieve when using it to enhance a cake batter or a buttercream; as it has such a neutral flavor that is hard to identify when it is not in its whole, natural form. Sure we can add colorings to give the consumer the mental affirmation that what they are eating is indeed Blueberry! But I find it is more mental suggestion than a true flavor of blueberry.

So when I use blueberries in baking I will always keep them in their natural state, which is whole. (And of course dried)

Add them to cobblers, fresh fruit tarts, scones, muffins, decorate the top of a summer cake or even blue velvet to really make a statement, but I find that fresh whole blueberries just can’t be beat.
Now you have heard me say to use FROZEN Blueberries when making muffins, scones etc. I do feel that this is the best way to keep your berry from bursting in the batter as we work the recipe, because blueberries are considerably delicate. It is not necessary to freeze them, it will not make a taste difference in your final product it is simply for aesthetics. But if you like “Smurf”Berry muffins, then go ahead and use fresh berries. You will have lovely BLUE colored muffins and scones by the time you are done working it!

Another note on Frozen Blueberries vs Fresh- You can stock up on blueberries during the height of the season. Freeze them in a single layer on a baking pan and once frozen store them for months in a ziploc bag. Great way to save money! Blueberries in the winter can get expensive!
Fresh or Frozen Blueberries- 1 cup = 112g
1 U.S. Dry Pint= approximatley 2cups of berries

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  1. Can you email your recipe for blueberry muffins. I can’t find it. I usually take the basic muffin recipe and had different flavors like bananas or chocolate chips. Please and thank you

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