Building on Recipes


If you are new here, well then let me explain.

I have this way of baking, based on my experience in the industry that allows for me to make hundreds of different items a day with minimal effort and staffing.

It is my system called “Building On Recipes”.

It is this system that allows me to build, ice and assemble a cake from start to finish in less than 10 minutes.

It is this system that allows me to take a day old pound cake, cut it into cubes, add some custard and a splash of liquor, whipped cream and fresh strawberries and create a new dessert special of the day while eliminating as much waste as possible.

Basically what it all means is that we have various “Base Recipes” which we prepare ahead of time.

Such as our cake mixes, custards, mousses and buttercreams.

Not to mention brownies, cake layers and cookie doughs.

All of which are ready (properly stored in the refrigerator or freezer) and waiting to be made into something amazing at a moments notice.

This is the epitome of organization.

This is the key to success in fulfilling 100 orders at once on a busy weekend!

This is the end all be all of Mise en Place!

This, for me is what makes it exciting!

We work all week long to prepare the base recipes and by the weekend it is usually all gone; made into hundreds of different specialty cake orders, or desserts to sell in the store.

Then we start all over again!

A good pastry chef will have ideas that utilize these same base recipes in a new way; or put a flare on the standard base recipe to create something new altogether.

Got custard? Got Ganache? Got Sponge Cake?

How about  a Boston Creme Pie in less than 10 minutes?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Anything is possible with the Building on Recipes theory!”

Let me know what YOU can come up with based on what you have in your pantry!

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  1. Hey your fudge icing recipe which was mistakenly created by adding water to chocolate is not there I wanted that recipe plz plz can u give . Hope you progress day by day

    1. Hello, yes I know much of the content that you are used to seeing is gone 🙁
      But I have been forced to start over again from zero and I am working as hard as possible to get the most popular and most requested videos and recipes done first.
      Please be patient but in the meantime if you go to my Gretchens Bakery facebook page there are so many people who have saved the recipes and can share with you right away! Just ask on the main page! Thanks!

  2. SO you’re moving to Florida!! I need to meet you soon

    Just like everyone else. I’m so glad you’re on your own!!

    I love your awesome “Self” personality and YES it’s sad you need to do Vids over, but so happy your gracefully re-cooperating what is lost, And with a Happy family!

    Keep up the great work!!

  3. I’ve been an avid “cake builder” ever since I found you. I’m glad I printed out most of my favorite recipes and will be glad to see those new videos when they’re available. I went on a frantic hunt over the weekend for your German chocolate cake filling video because I couldn’t find mine and it dawned on me that the videos had all been scrubbed. All’s well, I found the recipe. Congrats on the next chapter.

    1. Awesome! So many people are asking for this recipe, so I have to hike up to the top of my To-Do list! Gaaah refilming and re-blogging 400+ recipes ain’t no joke!
      But at least my problem is a GOOD problem! Imagine NO ONE was asking for my recipes LOL! that would be sad!

    2. Hi Linda! Maybe you can help other Gretchen fans by posting pictures of the recipes you printed. I know that would help me a lot. Thaaank you!!

  4. Gretchen you are amazing. I love your instructional videos. You are so natural and your recipes are the greatest. WOW! I have published a Greek cook book with a lot of pastry recipes and you know how wonderful Greek pastries are well yours have the same appeal as them. Keep up the good work and bless your energy.

  5. Hi Gretchen, You had a building on recipes Oreo cake that I made a while ago and I can’t find the recipe any more. It was a chocolate cake with crushed oreos I believe mixed in the layered frosting and covered in a ganache. Then Crushed oreos and half oreos on top.

    1. Hi Janet, Hmm, Ive done so much with Oreos!
      Could it be the Oreo Cookies & Cream Cake!?
      I have done it several times and I think the one you are talking about was from my Crumb Boss days! Like 6 years ago! LOL
      If so, you can take this recipe I linked above and then add ganache or whatever you like to make it your own building on recipes!

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