Butter– Now I have dedicated an entire post just for butter called Butter 101
Butter comes in salted and unsalted. With the unsalted also known as Sweet Cream Butter.
In baking we always use UNSALTED Butter, unless otherwise specified in the recipe.

Unsalted butter has a shelf life of about 12 weeks refrigerated.

Salted butter will stay for about 5 months! because the salt acts as a preservative. However, salt can adversly affect the naturally sweet flavor of the butter, not a really great characteristic in baking! The amount of salt added to salted butter can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and it is hard to know how much extra salt to add to your recipe. This is why we always stress UNSALTED butter in baking.

Butter- 1 cup (2 sticks)= 226g
1 Tablespoon = 14g

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  1. Hi Gretchen,
    I tried to use different brand for Butter and each one has strong taste. I would like to know which brand do you use for you Swiss butter cream and American butter cream .
    Thanks again.

    1. Thanks. I don’t have this brand but I am using Land O Lake so far for all my dessert. I tried your Italian Meringue Buttercream yesterday. It was wonderful and very smooth. I made The Red velvet cup cake with the IMB and it taste delicious! I made it for valentine party for my Son at school. it was big hit. thanks!

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