Where to buy bakery boxes

Where to buy bakery boxes

As many of you may or may not know, I owned a bakery for close to 10 years; one of the most asked questions I get  is “Where can I buy boxes!?”

I never really had this problem since I was able to find everything I needed for my bakery delivered right to my door weekly.

Ah the perks of bakery ownership!

But once I sold my bakery several years ago I found myself in the same boat as you!

While there are many many places we can look to find boxes suitable for whatever project at hand, sometimes it’s not always that easy or cheap!

Where to buy bakery boxes

I always recommend to go to your local bakery or supermarket bakery whenever possible if it is just  one or two boxes you need for a cake or whatever.

I doubt they would not sell it to you, or at least I hope they will.

As I mentioned in the video below, Michael’s Crafts has a good selection of cake boards and boxes but they are pricey and they are not that nice (in my opinion); I guess  I got spoiled by the better quality box and definitely better quality gold covered cake boards than what they are selling, but in a pinch it will do.

In the case that you cannot find what you need locally there are many online options, however I find many items are not always in stock, or the shipping is delayed or I just can’t find the size I’m looking for.

The hardest part for me even when I was in the bakery was finding smaller, specialty boxes for miniatures and party favors.

Sure I found them at those craft stores but usually in small packs of 3 or 4 and they came in at over $1 a piece!

Introducing a company that is making and selling 4″ x 4″ x 2.5″ bakery boxes with a window!

I wish had access to this company years ago as it would have come in handy to buy a commercial pack of 50 for less than $.60 a piece!

And with Amazon prime you get free shipping!

So check out the video below for my review on this bakery box, I think it is a great quality box and would be perfect for so many small items!

Now give me just another minute of your time before you go, I want to talk about cake size vs. cake board vs. cake box.

This is usually an area for confusion until you get some practice in cake making and transporting said cake.

Most people think “8” cake so I need an 8″ board and an 8″ box. Right?”


8″ cake = 10″ board + 10″ box.

I always went 2 sizes up from the actual size of the cake to compensate for the icing border and any extra decorations that may be around the cake.

Also it gives the customer an inch or so to grab the cake board without sticking their fingers into the sides when removing it from the box.

Of course you can go bigger to a 12″ board and box but this depends on the cake itself and your personal comfort level as well as what you feel is aesthetically more pleasing to display.

But general rule of thumb is to go 2″ bigger than the actual cake size for the board and the box.

If you are one who likes to build you cakes on a cardboard and then affix another display board for the final (#me) you will add another layer of confusion to the mix.

Below is a quick reference chart to quickly see what boards and boxes you need for all cake sizes.

Cake boards and boxes chart

And last but not least there are the corrugated drums for the larger cakes like weddings cakes and carved 3D cakes.

And these can be found mostly online and since you are usually planning ahead several weeks for orders like that, you have some time to get it even if shipping is delayed.

But when it comes to displaying the larger cakes, definitely go bigger than 2″, I would say go at least 4″ larger than the actual base cake.








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  1. Hi chef this is manohar.miryala from Hyderabad India .I want to learn bakery
    Is there any vacancy give me a chance chef
    Thanking you

  2. Thank you for posting this on your original site. It would be great if you put conversions from vegan to non-vegan and regular to vegan with link attachements

  3. Please help, I have to make a full sheet cake for a reunion from scratch, do I triple the recipe? I’m to make three yellow cakes without frosting just plain and one german chocolate with frosting. i enjoy your site and your recipes plus all your helpful tips.

    1. It depends what recipe you’re trying to make but typically one recipe for a cake will give you 2-8” inch round
      So if you double that you’ll get one layer half sheet (12”x18”x1”)so at least triple maybe four times the recipe for a full sheet pan

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