Caramel Dipped Pears


Who made the rule that only apples can be dipped in caramel?

Caramel Dipped Pears are so much better!

These little personal sized Seckel Pears are the perfect treat for Halloween!

Sweet, juicy and delicious with caramel and chocolate all over them!

Decorate them any way you wish!

I almost went for orange chocolate dipped with faces to look like Jack-o-Lanterns!

But instead, I couldn’t stop drizzling chocolate all over them once I got going!

Not to mention I was feeling “ghostly” since the shape of the pear is like a ghost already!

But you can see how much fun these can be if you let your creative juices get flowing!

All you really need is Kraft Caramel Bits (I love the bits because you don’t have to spend a lifetime unwrapping those little cubes! Thank you Kraft!)

For 6 pears I would recommend 2 bags of bits, same will go for the Caramel Squares since either way they are 11ounce bags.

For the chocolate I am Merckens all the way.

I order all my Merckens chocolate from a company called Candyland Crafts located in my hometown of Somerville NJ

They ship worldwide so you may want to check them out.

They have every color under the sun! Plus tons of other cake decorating and candy making supplies!

You will LOVE what they have to offer I promise!

So I used Green, Orange, Super White & Dark Chocolate Merckens Coins for all my dipping and decorating

The sticks I inserted into each pear was a 6″ Lollipop stick and yep, Candyland has those too!

You can also find all of these items at Michael’s Crafts stores as they sell all of the Wilton brands

So that’s it really! It’s very simple to make these little treats for Halloween or any occasion.  I’m thinking thanksgiving would be neat to have each place setting get their own little caramel dipped pear!


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  1. Nice to see you soaring- recipes are great ! They are coming up so fast I have fallen behind testing them. Don’t to forget to enjoy your come back. Keep up the good work , you’re doing awesome.

  2. Gretchen, you are one baker that I’m happy to keep up with. I got hooked w/the Swiss Butter Cream recipe. This evening I’m going to bake your white cake. Your recipe states that all ingredients are to be at room temp. Does that include the milk? I know this sounds silly but you said all and even though I have made a lot of cakes in my years I’ve not had straight from the cow or room temp whole milk to work with. So, if I don’t hear from you prior to this attempt, I’m going to scald and cool that milk to lukewarm. Thanks for staying active online and I really like the new site. Yay for you!
    Best always,

    1. HI Julian thank you so much ! I appreciate your continued support SO MUCH! it me! I also used cold milk that I just let set out for about an hour or so to get it to room temp. Or if Im in a rush I hit it in the microwave for 15 seconds

  3. Hi Gretchen,

    I don’t have caramel bits in the UK, can I just meld down some regular caramel sweets? Thank you for all your baking ideas and tips, I just love your videos, you make baking even more fun.

  4. Hi Gretchen. Love your videos! When my carmel pears were cooling, some of the carmel pooled on the bottom creating a “foot”. How do I minimize this? Does it have to do with the temperature of the carmel at the time of coating?

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