Carrot Cake ~ Layer Cake


We are building on the greatest recipes imaginable right here with the Browned Butter Tropical Carrot Cake recipe and the Cream Cheese Icing.

This Carrot Cake Layer Cake, whether you decide to go tropical or traditional will win you some new friends I guarantee it!

You will see that the recipe for the cake batter itself, has coconut and pineapple in it, Yummmmm.

But I know some people don’t like coconut or the pineapple and that’s OK ~ you can easily substitute for traditional nuts and raisin or just leave it all out completely!

I have gotten so many compliments on this recipe so don’t just take my word for it!

I have gained the bragging rights for sure!

Try this combination together and you will get those rights too!


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Carrot Cake ~ Layer Cake
This is a Building on Recipescake so be sure to prepare the base recipes ahead of time then process as shown in the video tutorial
Serves: 1 8" Carrot Cake
  1. Follow along in the video tutorial below!
Due to the cream cheese icing this cake must stay refrigerated.

It will stay fresh fro up to a week if you keep it in an airtight container

It will be OK to leave out for up to 2 hours unrefrigerated

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  1. I baked your cookies, fudge brownies, carrot cake, butter cake and chocolate cake for a bake sale for Nepal and they were so popular (especially the carrot cake).

  2. Hi, this cake it is moist o dense, I think I can do this recipe in two 10″, but If I wantto do2-12″ howmuch ingredients I needto add


  3. I have a new Son-in-law ! His favorite cake is Carrot Cake.. Thanks to you Gretchen I can make this cake and freeze it .. transport it in our camper from Kentucky to Arizona and decorate it like
    ” fresh” when I get there ! ! ! Your guidance and tips have helped me so much .. I love freezing cakes and having them ready when I need them .. unexpected company for the week end.. no problem .. I clean the house and all I have to do is decorate the cake.. Thank you and God Bless you Gretchen ..

  4. Could I make this cake with swiss buttercream or normal buttercream and use cream cheese extract or cream cheese bakery emulsion to flavour it?

  5. Hello Gretchen,

    I like your website and LOVE your cakes. I already used quiet a few of your recipes (but I go easy on sugar). I have a question. For carrot cake, cream cheese icing is too dense for me. To make it lighter, is it OK to mix it with Swiss or Italian buttercream, or stabilized whipped cream. If so what ratio would be the best?

    Thank you for being so good teacher.

  6. Soooooo I just made this cake exactly as you made yours…………….i got rave reviews……… I love it as well, and I hate coconut, but this cake is amazing!!!!! I ONLY look at your web site for cake recipes. You are so talented!!!
    Thank you Gretchen!!!

  7. Morning Gretchen. So I made this cake last night (12/6/18) for a dinner tomorrow (12/8/18). As soon as it came out of the pan it crumbled to bits. But, those bits were delicious! 😉 I have to make it again tonight and need advice. I measured everything by weight. Was really surprised at how much browned butter was available, there was a full cup. Used Magic Line cake pans. Treated the pans with butter, flour.

    1. Hi Terri! Im so sorry this happened! It’s hard to say what happened, since this recipe is tried and true. Many people have had success with it. Especially that you weighed everything – since normally I say the measure could be off when it is volume measure. You can safely use ¾ cup of the browned butter if you prefer this time around.

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