Choosing the Best Buttercream Recipe

Choosing the best buttercream recipe

SO many buttercream recipes but which one to pick?

Choosing the best buttercream recipe for you and your cake projects can be daunting for some people while others will say “I only use this recipe. Period.”

For me I have always used three recipes and will go back and forth between those three depending on what I am making and for who I am making it for.

When I owned my bakery it was always determined by what the customer wanted for special order cakes, but when it came to making the cakes for the retail end of my store it was a well thought out process.

Here you can check out each of my individual recipes to see the process for yourself and decide which you like best as the taste, well rather the sweetness and textures will differ slightly.

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Where to buy bakery boxes

Where to buy bakery boxes

As many of you may or may not know, I owned a bakery for close to 10 years; one of the most asked questions I get  is “Where can I buy boxes!?”

I never really had this problem since I was able to find everything I needed for my bakery delivered right to my door weekly.

Ah the perks of bakery ownership!

But once I sold my bakery several years ago I found myself in the same boat as you!

While there are many many places we can look to find boxes suitable for whatever project at hand, sometimes it’s not always that easy or cheap!

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Quite possibly the #1 reason for recipe failures is due to incorrect measuring.

This will be the first thing I will ask you when I get the question,  “Gretchen, my recipe came out terrible! It looks nothing like yours on the video! What do you think went wrong?”

I will almost always answer “Double check your measurements, are you SURE you measured correctly?”

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How to Write on Cakes ~ Basic tips for beginners

Writing on cakes- beginner tutorial


How to write on cakes is probably one of the most NOT asked questions!

If that makes any sense!?

What I mean is that many people have trouble with it, but most won’t really dig in or ask why they are having trouble!

I think it is because this is where a lot of frustration occurs, and perhaps even embarrassment if the final inscription on the cake is not what you had envisioned.

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How to Temper Chocolate

How To Temper Chocolate

Does your Chocolate have a BAD TEMPER!???

Well, let’s put it back in it’s place! Show it who’s BOSS!

In the video below I will show you How to Temper Chocolate and explain why we do it in the first place.

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