How to Know If You Have Over Whipped Your Eggs

I get certain questions over and again here at Gretchen’s Bakery and when that happens, I usually turn those questions into a blog post!

So keep asking!

You would be surprised how many people can benefit from a question or problem you may think only YOU are having!

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Best Baker Tip ~ #8 Rewhipping Buttercream


Not only is this tip useful for those who have trouble with getting their buttercream back to a smooth spreadable (non-broken!) Buttercream after it’s been in the refrigerator; but this is also helpful for those who get a broken buttercream upon mixing the First Time!!

Several reasons can cause a buttercream to break, but the most common one is due to temperature.

If you are trying to remix your buttercream straight out of the refrigerator chances are you are going to have a broken, curdled mess in your bowl.

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Freezing Cake Layers

As many of you may already know  I am in the habit of freezing cake layers.

So many questions arise once folks realize this is what I am doing, so I will answer all of them here.

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