Best Baker Tip #3 ~ How to Crack an Egg in one Hand

best baker tip

For some reason way back when I was getting ready to go to the Culinary Institute of America I had so much anxiety around being able to crack an egg in one hand!

I didn’t know how to do it and I thought my culinary career would be doomed if I didn’t learn it fast!

Well, needless to say that wasn’t the case~ I mean, we were never required to do this ~ ever!

But I’ll tell you what, once I learned this technique,  I was the fastest egg cracker in town!

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Best Baker Tip #2~ How to Make a Parchment Paper Cone

best baker tip

One of the most used items in the bakery!

A parchment paper cone!!

Here is a step by step close up performance of pastry origami by yours truly!

I hope this helps!

I know once you master these, you will be so happy!

You will need parchment paper of course, and if you get sheets like I do, just cut them.

But they actually do sell them already cut into perfect triangles here.

It works out to about $.13 per each triangle if you decide to buy them pre-cut.

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