Apple Filling Recipe

Apple Filling Recipe

This apple filling recipe is more than just a filling.

It can also be used as a topping for cheesecakes & ice creams.

This recipe originally came from my Hot Apple Pie Recipe which was aptly named due to the style of cooking the filling before piling it into the pie shell…..but that is for another day, because today we are making this filling specifically for the Caramel Apple Cake.

Yes folks, cinnamon apple layer cake filled with sweet cinnamon apple filling, caramel buttercream and more caramel poured over top!

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Choosing the Best Buttercream Recipe

Choosing the best buttercream recipe

SO many buttercream recipes but which one to pick?

Choosing the best buttercream recipe for you and your cake projects can be daunting for some people while others will say “I only use this recipe. Period.”

For me I have always used three recipes and will go back and forth between those three depending on what I am making and for who I am making it for.

When I owned my bakery it was always determined by what the customer wanted for special order cakes, but when it came to making the cakes for the retail end of my store it was a well thought out process.

Here you can check out each of my individual recipes to see the process for yourself and decide which you like best as the taste, well rather the sweetness and textures will differ slightly.

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Aquafaba Swiss Buttercream Recipe

Below is my original post from 2 years ago when I first showed you how to make Vegan Aquafaba Swiss Buttercream and now I have updated the video with another more in depth tutorial which is (in my opinion better) but it may be helpful to watch both versions.

The first video here includes a bonus tip on what to do when your buttercream “breaks” or curdles into that horrific mess and most people throw it out in disgust at that point, but wait!
I show you how to come back from that with tips on how to avoid it altogether so be sure to check it out!

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Chocolate Mousse ~ Non Dairy ~ Vegan

2 ingredient Non Dairy Chocolate Mousse

Of course I cannot take credit for this spectacular, amazing, awe inspiring Chocolate Mousse, which happens to be egg free, dairy free and vegan!


Thanks to Herve This,  a french physical chemist who’s main area of interest is in molecular gastronomy.

But I actually first saw this recipe by Chef Heston Blumenthal on youtube . He does an excellent job explaining the science that is happening when we make this chocolate mousse; simply from chocolate and water!

What got me so excited about this recipe was not only that is is VEGAN, but that it is non perishable for up to 1 week at room temperature!

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Cream Cheese Icing

Cream cheese icing.

How could such a simple recipe give so many people a hard time?

Many have reported to me, that they have successfully made Cream Cheese Soup!

As delicious(?) as that may sound, that is NOT what we are going for!

So what I have done based on all the trials and errors that y’all have told me about, I have done some investigating and found out just WHY the cream cheese icing recipe turns to soup for some of you!

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