Chocolate Fudge Blackout Cake

Chocolate Fudge Blackout Cake

Chocolate Fudge Blackout Cake

I realize by now that I cannot keep saying that EVERY cake is my favorite cake; so let’s just say this Chocolate Fudge Blackout Cake is “one of” my favorite cakes!

The only requirement here is that you are a 100% chocolate lover since the combination of my Chocolate Buttermilk Cake and Rich Fudge Icing is over the top chocolate decadence!

The thing about it though, is that it is not too chocolatey (if that is even a real thing??) but some people (yeah you know the types) will say “Oh no, too much chocolate for me”

Maybe it’s the hard core chocolate lover in me, but I do not find that to be the case here.

I chalk it up to the lightness of the cake and the creaminess of the fudge icing that makes you want to have another piece!

Well whatever it is~ trust me, you are going to want to have another piece!

I’ve been baking my cake layers in 7″ Cake Pans lately because I just really love that size, although most recipes are created to yield 2- 8″ layers.

You can use whatever pan size you like, just be sure to fill the batter half way and you will get beautiful layers every time!

You will notice that the fudge recipe includes to versions since so many people were asking for my original Fudge Icing Recipe which is way more expensive than the one I use here, and way less sweet too. So feel free to use whatever version you like best.

Alright enough blabbing, this is a building on recipes project as usual when it comes to making layer cakes, so be sure to have your 2 recipes prepared in advance and then you will see how easy it is to build a Chocolate Fudge Blackout Cake in no time at all!

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Chocolate Fudge Blackout Cake
This is a building on recipes project so be sure to prepare your base recipes in advance
I baked my cakes in 3-7" pans but you can follow the recipe and bake in 2-8" pans it is your preference





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  1. Hi, I would really like to make this cake but I don’t live in the USA and the boxed cakes are not available to me, could you suggest some recipes for me please?

  2. hi gretchen, I’m a fan of your recipes!:)

    just wondering, is it okay to bake and build this cake in advance, n then leave it in the refrigerator to sit for about 24 hours? i would like to have the whole cake done up a day before. please advise. thank you xx

      1. can i half your chocolate buttermilk layer cake recipe ??? I have a small oven and i can only bake 1 cake at a time

  3. Gretchen do you still get these Questions? I want to make this cake but I need to frost it level and pour a white choc ganache over it to mimic a melting ice cream cone, Can this recipe for both the cake and frosting stand up to that and some small amount of carving in the center? I needed a really decadent choc frosted cake for the adults in the room but the decorations are more for a teenager.

    1. hi Lisa yes I do, however I have been working a full time job while trying to still do my blog so I dont get to answer as often as I like to.
      Yes to both questions, I love this cake. However any carving project will require a cold (almost frozen cake) to eliminate crumbs and breaking.

      1. I do appreciate you. I miss your videos but I understand. Im still supporting you on Patreon. Im not trying the vegan things yet but Im digging into older recipes that I have not done and working on those 🙂 thanks for keeping this site up!!! Will follow your advice with no fear!!! 🙂

        1. awe thankyou so much! I do have plans to settle in soon and get more videos going but of course I have no problem to help with the non vegan stuff!

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