Chocolate Mousse Cake

Chocolate Mousse Cake

When I made this Chocolate Mousse Cake originally it was ALL CHOCOLATE of course!

But something is happening to me in my old age (well…lots of things are happening to me, but let’s not even go there!)

My tastes are changing and I am branching out to include vanilla in some of my dessert choices!

Let me just say I am so happy I did!

The combination of this yellow cake with the chocolate mousse and ganache is out of this world!

Chocolate Mousse Cake


It didn’t take long to gobble up this entire cake (yes I shared!) and then made it again with my new recipe for Butter Cake and let me tell you-


Check out What is Cake to get a better idea of how to pair your cake choices with your filling choices and icings as well.

The Butter Cake is best served at room temperature it was no problem to let this cake set out on the counter for about an hour to hour & half before serving and it was absolutely perfect!

So although in the video I mentioned to use the Yellow Cake…I’m now thinking VANILLA BUTTER CAKE all the way!

Of course Chocolate Cake is a no-brainer, like DUH! how amazing will that combination be!

Death by chocolate here we come!

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Chocolate Mousse Cake
This is a Building on Recipes recipe so be sure to prepare all of your base recipes ahead of time before beginning
Serves: 1- 8" Cake
  1. Proceed to build the cake as per the video instructions
Store cake covered in the refrigerator at all times for up to 1 week.

Bring to room temperature for best serving results

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  1. Hi Gretchen, I went all out crazy searching for ur roulade recipe today…. And :O ur channel has been changed!!!! Exams n 2 months of not checking my updates, I was shocked!!!! :p

    Btw glad ur having fun posting new videos….. BUT PAHLEASEEEE PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE repost the vanilla roulade recipe again :'( it’s my go to recipe n I dnt save it (facepalm)..

  2. Hi Gretchen, like the changes on your web page and your YouTube Chanel. I was wondering are you planning to change all your old recipes? And if you are do you still have your old recipes ebooks on sell?

    1. Hi Thanks! I plan to refilm all my recipes yes, but change them…well not so much but maybe some updates here and there.
      I can no longer share or trade anything with the WBBlog name so the old eBooks wont be available again, however I am in the process of writing new ebooks!

  3. Hi Gretench’s
    I love all your reciepes . I am a great fan of yours. I was planing to make your chocolate mousse cake.
    I have a question, can i use a regular buttercream frosting instead of swiss buttercream keeping rest the same?

  4. Hi gretchns!!
    I have no words.. You are an epitome on baking.
    Love your recipies soo much.
    I make planing to make your chocolate mousse cake for this saturday party on sept 19th.
    wanted your suggestion as to how many days prior do i make it for the best result and also when to build the cake?

    1. thankyou! I m so happy! You an make the mousse a couple days ahead, the cake weeks in advance and freeze until ready to use (wrapped well of course) and the ganache several days also- then build the cake the day before you need to serve it

    1. yes, I plan to remake everything- I just got finished with my fall and pumpkin desserts next onto Christmas and all Winter! I will be sure to get the Tuxedo Cake done by New Year I promise!

  5. Gretchen, have you given any thought to making copies of your videos ?????
    they would certainly sell, and then while we copy your recipes we could have the video to watch, my computer is in it’s own room and I can not watch while baking, there must be lots of people in the same boat as me, I’m sure a great many people would love having a video of each of your lessons.
    going to order your book early next month, thank you for writing it. Hey another thought, if you aren’t interest in making videos, how about what King Arthur does, prints his recipes with pictures showing the steps.

    1. HI Barbara! Thanks for the thoughts and yes I have! Currently Im just focused on getting all of my videos/recipes from my “past life” replaced! But 2016~ LOOK OUT!

  6. Hi Gretchen! I luv your energy… Ur enthusiasm is super contagious!! I wish you could re-do your chocolate mint cake video … Which you had come up with when you were in the “shhhhhhhhower!!” Lol! I enjoyed that video so much n was so bummed when I couldnt find it online anymore :(… I made the exact same cake this year in April for my own birthday but didn’t write down the recipe. Pleeeeeeeeeez re-do that video! Thnx n keep up the awesomeness!!!

  7. Hi Gretchen,

    Just to clarify, by ‘cold’ cake that is easier to work with (to reduce crumbs), you mean frozen cake or slightly thawed cake ?

    Thanks in advance!

  8. Hi yest made ur yellow cake with chocolate whipped cream filing nd chocolate ganache topping…neednot say, cake turned out to b superb hit. Your recipe is awesome… thankyou for sharing ….

  9. Gretchen, thank for your butter cake and Nutella mousse recipes. I cut the cake into thin slices and made mini, single serving, 3-layer cakes, which I paired with the Nutella mousse. I used a mirror glaze for each cake, which I then decorated to look like a gift box (using white chocolate & fondant flowers). I served them at our Christmas dinner and everyone was WOWed by the taste and presentation.
    (I have to admit the mini cakes were a lot of work, time consuming and very, very stressful to make. I’m not a baker and there were a few times I had thought to scrap the project, but what I lack in skill I more than make up with determination. In the end, considering everyone’s reaction, the effort was well worth it. I’m now glad I wasn’t a quitter and happier still I decided to continue with my somewhat overzealous project!)
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes.

  10. Hi Gretchen, I have been following your blog and watching your videos for about a year now and have been afraid to tackle any fearing my results could not compare to your professional quality baking. Well I took the plunge with your chocolate mousse cake using the butter cake you showed in the video. I made everything a day ahead of in-laws birthday then on the day of our gathering, my daughter and I had a blast building the cake! I was a bit worried about the swiss buttercream, did not want to scramble the eggs, i could not find a way to attach a thermometer to bowl while whisking so i employed my daughter, she held the candy thermometer while i whisked away and it turned out perfect! The chocolate mousse was yummy and ganache was good as well. I did over-bake the cakes, they were done in 20 minutes which seemed way to short of time quoted in recipe so I cooked them for about 30 minutes and they were a bit dry but with all the mousse and buttercream no one but me (and budding baker daughter) noticed. Thank you so much for your tips, tutorial, recipes, and videos, i can’t wait to make my next project from your collection of recipes! Happy New Year Bakers!!!

  11. hi


    i have been with u since last 3 years . had watch ur bakery vedios.. it was really awesome . pls dont delet that vedios as it was really very close to me as i had tried each and every cake receipe with u

    Love from India

  12. Gretchen,
    I made the original chocolate mousse cake years ago, and I LOVED it. Is there any was I could get that recipe back? Which chocolate cake recipe did you use? I would really really really appreciate it.


    1. This is the original chocolate mousse (without the addition of 3 egg yolks- since too many people went nuts about the raw yolks, so if you want to add them sure go ahead, see if you can get pasteurized ones through sicne thats what I always used to be safe.) I used the Chocolate Cake originally

  13. Hi Gretchen,

    I usually use your hot milk vanilla sponge cake for this recipe but I recently stumbled upon your Yellow Sponge Cake (don’t know why I didn’t see that on the 300000 times I’ve went through everything through your page since 2015). I see the Yellow Sponge Cake is more delicate looking and spongier than the hot milk one. Will it stand up 4 layers of mousse and ganache on top? Or will it fall apart?

  14. Hi Gretchen – I’d like to use some really pretty purple sanding sugar and edible glitter on an upcoming birthday cake for a friend but am unsure which frosting to use. It’s Phoenix weather meaning hi 90’s this coming week and I have to transport the cake.
    The cake may need to be refrigerated for up to 24 hours
    Whatever frosting I use will need to be tinted a light lavendar color.
    I’ll need to write a message in white and
    Possibly pipe some additional design in white also

    I was considering a white chocolate ganache for the top and italian buttercream for the sides, but it’s feeling like a lot of work and having not done ganache topping yet don’t know how it will respond to the sanding sugar/glitter

    Can you suggest a simpler approach? or a different approach, even if not really simpler

    1. Hi It all sounds good to me, although 90F is a high temperature for any icing really…. just be sure to keep it refrigerated as long as possible before presenting it at the party.
      I would also be careful of how much humidity your refrigerator kicks off, since moisture= melted sanding sugar and running colors. I would do a small test first (even if just on a cupcake) to see how it all reacts in those conditions

  15. was wondering if you have made a six layer two tier wedding cake before. IE 6 layer 9 ” cake under a six layer 6″ cake. Would you just make six layers or build it as three layers, then doweled and cardboard and another three layers.
    Thanks so much

  16. Hi Gretchen, I’m sorry if I missed this question in the comments but I was wondering if I could make this cake and put a mirror glaze with gelatin over it? ?? Thanks, Kim

  17. I love it…super awesome and marvelous cake. The chocolate mousse cake is the best for a birthday party as a birthday cake, it’s presentation is forcing me to try it now only.

  18. Thank you so much for all of the videos. I love to cook, but lack in my baking skills. Your videos have helped so much and I look forward to one of my kids birthday parties when I am able to get creative. I am planning on making this cake for my sons 3rd birthday party and am looking to make as much in advance as I can. I was wondering the best way to warm up the ganache if I make it ahead of time?

    1. Great you’re welcome and thank you too! I usually melt it slowly in the microwave and stir it along the way, to semi melted and then it will smooth out nicely

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