Chocolate Mousse ~ Non Dairy ~ Vegan

2 ingredient Non Dairy Chocolate Mousse

Of course I cannot take credit for this spectacular, amazing, awe inspiring Chocolate Mousse, which happens to be egg free, dairy free and vegan!


Thanks to Herve This,  a french physical chemist who’s main area of interest is in molecular gastronomy.

But I actually first saw this recipe by Chef Heston Blumenthal on youtube . He does an excellent job explaining the science that is happening when we make this chocolate mousse; simply from chocolate and water!

What got me so excited about this recipe was not only that is is VEGAN, but that it is non perishable for up to 1 week at room temperature!

Chocolate Mousse Cup 1


Meaning, I can stuff my chocolate Easter eggs with this mousse and not have to worry about putting them in the refrigerator!

Chocolate cakes as well!  How many of you worry about the transport of highly perishable chocolate mousse cakes?

Now don’t be confused, this mousse is not going to win when compared side by side to a traditional high fat, chock full of dairy- Chocolate Mousse.  Because of the fat and moisture content and the individual properties of eggs and cream that are found in those traditional recipes, we are dealing here with a “mousse-like” dessert that is light, fluffy, airy but will be more on the “dry” side.

In life we simply can’t have everything!  So for me, this mousse is affordable, easy to make, non perishable and best of all-  VEGAN!

Try it for yourself!  If nothing else, you can say you know how to make a really cool science experiment!

If you just came for the Chocolate Dessert Cup, well I won’t judge you!

*I have to re-film this video but you can check out Heston’s video (link above) to see how to mix it

Chocolate Mousse ~ Non Dairy ~ Vegan
Be sure to use Real Baking Chocolate ~ Couverture not chocolate chips
Serves: 3 cups
  • Baking Chocolate 9 ounces (252g)
  • Boiling Water 1 cup (237ml)
This mousse will stay fresh at room temperature (no refrigeration required- however it does not hurt it if you do) in an airtight container or in your cakes or desserts for 1 week.

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  1. Just curious, do you think this works with milk chocolate too? I already tried the recipe and love it, but I have a lot of friends who don’t like dark chocolate or just prefer milk chocolate?

    1. Heston suggests a sprinkle of sea salt on top helps to tone down the sometimes bitter dark chocolate – never add sweetness to the dark choc – just a little salt

  2. Hi u hv said dat dis recipe does work in d cakes but just a qt will it hold in between the layers approximately 4 layers of cake n 3 layers of mousse.
    Love ur choc mousse wid eggs but wanna try dis 🙂

    1. yes it will hold just fine (this is a mock mousse- meaning it tastes great like straight up chocolate very fluffy. but does not have the same lightness that mousse has, this is way more dense almost “dry” since it has no added fat from cream and egg whites to lighten)

  3. Hi Gretchen. At the time of using the mousse ( storing until then)… Can thick cream be added for fat content? So that it doesn’t get dry as you mentioned?


  4. Hi Gretchen,

    Can this mousse be used to pipe designs? or as cake filling?

    Also is this mousse a better choice than ganache for covering the cake if i want to leave the cake at room temperture? which is more stable?


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