Chocolate- Once again I have dedicated an entire blog post just for chocolate. Check out Chocolate 101
The simplest way I can explain about chocolate in recipes is to keep your Chocolate Chips for your cookies, and use your BAKING chocolate for melting and using in recipes such as Mousses, Chocolate Cakes, Brownies. Then use your Merckens Coins or Wilton Candy Coatings for just that- CANDY COATINGS. Of course if you are skilled chocolatier and you know how to TEMPER – by all means go for that wonderful Couverture and you will have the admiration of many-Including me!

Chocolate Chips- 1 cup= 175g
Baking Chocolate is typically sold in bar form and the measure is in ounces. Check the packaging! I promise you it is written in ounces!
6oz = 170g

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