Cornmeal–  is ground dried corn. It can be ground to fine, medium and coarse consistencies but never as powdery fine as wheat flour. Cornmeal has an almost gritty mouth feel. It does not contain gluten so whenever we are baking with cornmeal and a bread or cake like structure is desired, an addition of wheat flour is always necessary.
In the USA fine ground cornmeal is referred to as Corn Flour, however in the UK this same word (corn flour) is Cornstarch. Do not confuse the two, since they are both very different ingredients.
Cornmeal in the UK is called Polenta.
I have seen some brands of cornmeal labeled as Polenta here in the USA and this is also fine to use since it is indeed Cornmeal.

Cornmeal – 1 cup =

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  1. Hey Gretchen,
    This is the information I got for the ppl in India. I searched a lot n lot to c the difference between cornstarch n cornflour so dat I can make cake flour.n for Indians it’s a gud news..deyboth r same n Cornmeal for us is makkai ka atta ..Bcoz I hv both in my kitchen n I can c d distinct difference..dis is d site which states d difference .Didn’t know Wer to put this n if it’s okay if I send d link. But u decide n u can put it in substitutions as for Indians cornstarch =cornflour .Link is
    Thanks again.

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