Death to Diets Cake


Yes folks, I hate to break it to you, but say goodbye to your diet.

This is the ultimate Death to Diets Cake.

Go ahead, try to resist.

You will soon learn that the mighty powers of this ultimate tower of death by chocolate will overcome your will power and you will soon be filled with chocolate and cheesecake and buttercream and ganache and moist devils fudge cake and tons of chocolate bars and candy to make it that much more sinful!

But most of all, you will surely be satisfied.

As this may be the most amazing creation ever.

This is my original Tower of Death Cake from way back when, but as soon as I named it I decided “Death to Diets Cake” was way more appropriate!

And what better time to reintroduce this monster-piece than in January!?

When all the diets start and those pesky New Year’s Resolutions!

Hehehe, yep I am that dastardly!

Let’s face it, last year for my first January video/recipe I went with low fat muffins.

And no one cared!  I think 1 person watched that video and it was by accident!

This my friends is no accident.

You will be making (and eating) this cake faster than you can say “2016” and I assure you, you will not be sorry!

After all, if you are going to break your diet you had better make it worth it!

For those who are curious as to why I have a watermark throughout my entire video CLICK HERE

Death to Diets Cake
This is aBuilding on Recipes Project so be sire to get all your base recipes prepared in advance
Serves: 1 - 8" Cake
  1. Assemble cake as shown in the video
Keep cake refrigerated at all times, for up to 10 days.

I prefer to eat this cake cold, but you may bring to room temperature for about an hour before serving


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  1. I can’t even watch this yet! I can’t until May. I will be making my birthday cake just so I can have this. Omg. Thank you!!

  2. Hi Gretchen
    I’m a big Katherine Sabbath’s fan too!
    Could you tell me please how many inch they’ve got the building ring forms?
    Thank you.

    I’m a big fan of you either

  3. Hi Gretchen. I wish you a prosperous 2016. Anyway I baked a lot of fruit cakes I’m from Jamaica . I’m always having problems getting my royal icing to the right consistency because of the butter in my fruit cakes I cannot get it to stick to the cake properly. Then I realized I have to cover first with marzipan that I did but still not getting the problem solved with a good R/icing mix I appreciate your help thanks!

    1. Are these ring molds round enough it is only giving H” and D” not if its an 8″ or 9″ cake ring how do you buy these?? And how can I tell if the ring is big enough to fit my cakes??

  4. Well done! – It’s about time – lets all live life – I am a senior person – this what my seniors enjoyed – so why not – enjoy life as they did? – lets go for it – thanks for showing me the way – back home – I miss those good eating times — Well Done – ccbjr

  5. Happy New Year, Gretchen! Thank you for your amazing recipes. I’ve made your Hazelnut Truffle Torte a few times already as it’s just an awesome cake. 🙂 (And thanks for liking my Instagram post of the cake!) This Death to Diets Cake is definitely my next cake project! 😀

  6. Gretchen,

    Would you please provide the source and/or manufacturer for the ring molds you use. The only ones that I have found online are by JB Prince and they are 2 3/8 inches tall.

    A little background on me is that I will very shortly turn 70 and had the great fortune off having fantastic ladies in my life that enjoyed cooking until 4 1/2 years ago. I found your site when you had the bakery and the first project I tried was to make the petit fours and they turned out just like the New Orleans style that I grew up with. You do such a great job providing complete information that even a rookie like me can be successful. Guess an old dog can learn new tricks.

    I want to make this cake for my youngest son’s ( a true chocoholic) birthday.

    Thanks for all you do and hope for you a blessed and prosperous 2016.

    Jim B.

  7. Hi how are you. Thanks for your tips I admire your building on cakes and I’m so crazy about them! A small question can I omit cheese cream cause I’m from Kenya and its very hard to get cream cheese, what can I substitute with? I’m planning to open a small bakery and want to use all the tips and ideas that you have been teaching. Thanks love you.

  8. Hi Gretchen
    1)Am i supposed to use white chocolate ganache for the drizzle on the top or should i use candy melts for that?
    2)is it possible to add color (gel colors) to the ganache if i use that?
    3)Also, ive seen some people use some shortening in their white chocolate before adding color. Should i do that if i use the white chocolate ganache ?
    4) Last question, can i use the white chocolate ganache recipe that you’ve posted for cake pops?

    Sorry for the truckload of questions. i hope you answer them.

    1. 1) either one is fine
      2) yes but they should be oil based or they dont work very well
      3) the shortening is to thin the chocolate- you can do it if you feel it is needed

      Np you’re welcome and thankyou too

  9. Hiya, can I crumb coat this cake with whipped cream instead of buttercream and then pour ganache over it?

    Grateful for all your help as always 🙂 your awesome!

    1. yes but not without a risk of melting the whipped cream so be careful you dont get the ganache too hot. I do not do this, but others do. I find whipped cream to be too soft and not enough strength to hold up the heavier ganache

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