Tequila Lime Truffles
Prep time
Total time
First prepare the heart shaped molds with tempered dark chocolate you will need about 1lb of chocolate
Agave is the sweet syrup that comes from the same plant that makes tequila so you can see how it is appropriate to use this. If you do not have agave you can use honey
Serves: 4dz Truffles
  • Milk Chocolate 8oz (225g)
  • Unsalted Butter Softened 4 Tablespoons (56g)
  • Agave Syrup 3 Tablespoons (40g)
  • Lime Zest from 1 lime
  • Lime Juice 1 Tablespoons (15ml)
  • Tequila 1 Tablespoons + 2 teaspoons (25ml)
  1. Combine the soft butter, lime zest and agave together
  2. Add the butter mixture to the melted milk chocolate along with the tequila and lime juice
  3. Whisk smooth
  4. Fill the hollow heart chocolate shells with ganache (or wait until the ganache is firm enough to scoop and then you can simply roll truffle balls).
  5. Cover the ganache with moretempered dark chocolate and when the truffles are set pop them out of the molds and drizzle with more dark chocolate and a sprinkle of fleur de sel.
Truffles are meant to be stored in a cool dry place in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks.
Recipe by Gretchen's Bakery at https://www.gretchensbakery.com/tequila-lime-truffles/