Twix Cookie Bars
Grease a 9" X 12" pan with pan grease and line with parchment paper Preheat oven to 350°F
Serves: 4dz cookie bars
  • For the shortbread
  • All Purpose Flour 1½ cup (190g)
  • Unsalted Butter ¾ cup (170g)
  • Granulated Sugar ⅓ cup (67g)
  • Salt ¼ teaspoon
  • For the Caramel Layer
  • Granulated Sugar 1¼ cup (250g)
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk ⅔ cup (180g)
  • Water 7 Tablespoons (105ml)
  • Corn Syrup ½ cup + 3 Tablespoons (215g)
  • Unsalted Butter 7 Tablespoons (100g)
  • Salt ½ teaspoon (3g)
  • Vanilla Bean 1
  1. First prepare the shortbread cookie base by creaming the sugar with the butter and salt just until combined, not light and fluffy.
  2. Add the flour all at once and mix just until combined.
  3. Turn the dough out into the prepared pan, the dough with be very crumbly and not very sticky, this is good.
  4. Press it into all the edges and roll it evenly. As you roll and press the dough together it will come together more than what it started out as (see video)
  5. Bake in preheated 350°F oven for approximately 20 minutes or until golden brown.
  6. Cool while you prepare the caramel as follows
  7. Combine the sugar, water, condensed milk and vanilla bean scraped of its seeds and include the pod in a large heavy bottom sauce pot and bring to a boil over high heat stirring constantly
  8. Once it boils add the corn syrup and attach the candy thermometer and bring to 230°F stirring constantly
  9. Once it reaches 230°F add the butter and then bring to 243°F while stirring constantly
  10. When it gets to 243°F add the salt, remove the vanilla bean and then pour into the cooled shortbread cookie pan, spread to the edges.
  11. Allow to cool at room temperature for at least 4 hours or preferably overnight (at room temperature) uncovered until it is completely cooled, then you can wrap it loosely with some plastic wrap
  12. Spread the top of the cooled and set caramel with tempered chocolate, once it sets turn the entire bar out onto a cutting board (gently to avoid cracking the cookie base) then cut into desired portions.
Twix Cookie Bars are to be stored at room temperature for up to 2 weeks in an airtight container.

You can freeze them wrapped well for up to 2 months
Recipe by Gretchen's Bakery at