Engagement Ring Chocolate Box Cake Topper

Engagement Ring Chocolate Box Cake Topper


Valentine’s Day & New Year’s Eve seem to be the 2 biggest holidays for getting engaged!

So in honor of this exciting news I have designed an engagement ring chocolate box cake topper!

Perfect for an engagement surprise!

Engagement Ring Chocolate Box Cake Topper

Everything is 100% edible from the box to the ring inside.

However you can put the real engagement ring inside this chocolate box if you wanted to, just don’t let anyone eat it! LOL

You can put this engagement ring chocolate box cake topper on top of any cake you wish, although my vision was to use the Red Velvet Mousse Cake as the ring bearer.

I cannot wait to see what you guys come up with once you make this for yourselves!

One of my favorite things about the Gretchen’s Bakery community is how you guys take my ideas and then turn them into your own fabulous creations!

So please be sure to share with me and the group on my Gretchen’s Bakery Facebook Page as soon as you re-create this elegant piece!

You will need the Wilton Jewelry Silicone Mold for the diamonds and and a candy thermometer to be sure you are cooking the sugar to the hard crack stage which is 300°F

A heatproof Pyrex Cup is really helpful for this project too~ as always I cannot stress enough to BE CAREFUL! You are cooking sugar to 300°F !!

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Engagement Ring Chocolate Box Cake Topper
Prep time
Total time
You will only need 1 cupcake from the Pink Champagne Cupcake recipe, but of course you cannot just make 1 cupcake! So enjoy the other 11!
You can use any recipe you like, it doesn't have to be the Pink Champagne
Serves: 1 box
  1. For the hard candy diamonds you will need the Wilton Jewelry Silicon Mold
  2. Cook the sugar, water & glucose (or corn syrup) over medium to high heat while stirring constantly.
  3. Once it boil stops stirring and insert a candy thermometerand continue cooking to 300°F
  4. Once it reaches 300°F remove from the heat and pour into a heat proof Pyrex cup
  5. Allow it took cool down for 2 minutes then pour into the silicone mold (You will have extra and I poured it onto a silicon mat and made lollipops!)
  6. **Keep a small amount of sugar heated in the bowl for when you have to glue the diamond to the gumpaste ring
  7. Follow along with the video tutorial
The chocolate box should stay at room temperature, it is best to place it on the cake just before displaying rather than put it on top and then refrigerate.

Chocolate does not like condensation and the refrigerator may produce just that.

The candy ring is highly sensitive to humidity so try to keep that is a cool dry place until you are ready to place it in the chocolate box



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  1. Very, Very cute! Makes me wish I were a guy so I could propose to someone! 😉 Thanks for all you share! You’re Adorable! 🙂

    1. awww stuff the guys. I’ll give this even to my mom! and she’s 84. WISH I could give her one today – on Monday she’s having knee replacement surgery. We’re ALL terrified. Mom’s sooo lovely. But Gretchen you are the best blog I ever subscribed to – no matter HOW sad I feel, I always laugh out loud (not at you) with you. Your brand of personality should be bottled and sold. When I see how kids get engaged, married divorced, heck, why shouldn’t we all get a choccie box with a ring or something in it. THIS is BEAUTIFUL. Thank you Gretchen for your recipes and your sparkles (NOOO not the edible type).

  2. Hi Gretchen, this is really nice. We don’t have the ghirardelli chocolate squares here in dubai. Any suggestion for the replacement. Thanks.

    1. You can make your own squares with tempered chocolate! But the Ghirardelli is so much easier!! Is there anything you have that is similar where you live?? Anything square ought to do it!

  3. hello, Gretchen!!! it’s me, daniel!thank you so much for this recipe, and all the rest, because this recipe is so creative and beautiful, and fab fab fab! I still cannot believe that my Idea for the Raffaello cake came true! thank you so much! I have a couple questions. I just had my bar mitzvah, and I got some money if you know what I mean:) and I want to get a Kitchen Aid mixer, but I don’t Know which one is best.I want a good one, so not classic, but what can you recommend? ca ou please tell me which one is good for what? also, congratulations on becoming vegan! I have so many relatives that are vegan or vegetarian, and what I really admire about you guys, is that even though you guys think its wrong to kill animals,( I also am 110% against animal brutality and chickens being locked in one square foot for their entire life,and people not caring and buying/eating only what is only best for them, and not the rest of the planet)we, the educated and wise don’t tell others what to eat, or what their doing s wrong.I really admire that about you.though, you can’t tell a lion to not kill a zebra. maybe it’s natural to kill, but not in the way they’re doing it.I would like to recommend something too.this recipe for vegan avocado ice cream is delish!!! its made from coconut cream, or the fat of coconut, mixed with avocado, and sugar or something, and you do not need an ice cream maker! just mix, and freeze in a container! I made it, and it is the best vegan ice cream I have ever had! the full recipe is on popsugar.thankyou! again, please give me some advice on KitchenAid mixers!

  4. Hi Gretchen. Love this idea! Just a suggestion for those faint of heart (like me), who don’t relish the thought of scorching themselves with boiling hot liquid sugar – there’s a product out there – CakePlay isomalt nibs (sold on Amazon) for making hard candy jewels. It’s pre-cooked, so you just need to melt it in the microwave for less than a minute. So easy!

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