Ferrero Rocher Truffle Cake

Ferrero Rocher Truffle Cake

Ferrero Rocher Truffle Cake is as decadent as the name implies.

This could be my favorite creation of all time!

I know, I know I say that about everything, but honestly I have not tasted such an amazing combination of the greatest recipes in a very long time!

Ferrero Rocher Truffle Cake

The delicate hazelnut Nutella buttercream and truffle ganache with hazelnut sponge cake that has been soaked with Frangelico Liquor soaked simple syrup!!

I mean, do I have to say anything more!?

Ferrero Rocher.

There, I said it.

Go ahead, make this recipe.

I dare you!

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Hazelnut Truffle Torte
We are building on recipes so be sure to prepare all the base recipes in advance
Serves: 1- 8" Cake
  1. Prepare all recipes above as per the instructions on each recipe.
  2. The cake recipe can be made in advance, and freeze the layers until you are ready to assemble the cake.
  3. Prepare the ganache and allow to set at room temperature for at least half the day. It should be thick enough to spread between the cake layers and not be runny at all.
  4. At the very last stage of mixing your buttercream recipe you will add in the entire jar of Nutella and mix well until it is smooth.
  5. Combine the Frangelico Liquor with the simple syrup
  6. Proceed to build the cake as per the video demonstration, using simple syrup on all cake layers and filling with ganache. A hazelnut buttercream dam is used to build the cake, as well as ice the entire cake.
  7. Pipe 12 rosettes of hazelnut buttercream with the #866 French Star tip around the edge of the cake and place 1 truffle on top of each rosette.
  8. Warm the remaining ganache and then pour it in the center of the cake.
This cake can be left at room temperature for up to 2 days

For longer storage refrigerate for up to 8 days

Bring to room temperature before serving




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  1. This looks so good. Wish I could achieve such perfect decorating.
    Suppose I should practise, practise and then some.
    Thank you so much Gretchen you do a great job in motivating us.

  2. Hey Gretchen,
    I really want to try this wonderful creation. Only problem I have is the Nutella. I think the portions are different in the different countries so can you tell me how much grams a 13oz Nutella jar has?
    That would be wonderful.

          1. Trust me I will!!
            I made as my Mom’s birthday cake and everybody loved it!!
            Though I was a bit anxious and didn’t heat the ganache enough so it was a bit thick and didn’t run down the side of the cake.

            So thank you for providing this wonderful recipe.

            PS you mention in the video that the hazelnut cake has the tendency to be more on the dry side. Didn’t experience that at all. It was wonderful moist and thanks to the merengue fluffy instead of compact.

  3. Hi! Gretchen. I like yr recipe very much…especially vanilla sponge cake. I just want to ask why we must using two separate mould to oven the cake? Can I put all the batter inside one mould and without separate it into two mould?

  4. Can’t wait to try this one. Have all you’re books and love the recipes. Really hoping you’ll repost the pumpkin chiffon cake this year. I made it for my pumpkin hating family last Thanksgiving and they just couldn’t get enough. Thanks!

  5. Hi Gretchen,
    Hope all is well. As always loveeeee your recipes.
    Can I turn this cake in to cupcakes?
    If so baking temp and time?
    Many thanks,

  6. I just baked this cake. It smelled heavenly while baking! I am making it for my son’s 18th birthday party this Saturday. I can’t wait to eat it!

  7. Hi Gretchen,

    I made this cake and shared with my friends, my son’s teachers, and a Personal Chef, everyone loved it! One of my friends said it was the best cake she has ever had!! Thank you for the great recipe!!!


  8. Hmm they should have been slightly taller than 1 ” but not by much- how was the taste? the texture will determine if it was done correctly- since it will be slightly dense, but soft too. It is a genoise style cake so it will need a helping of simple syrup to moisten it up.

  9. Hello! if you don’t remember me, I am the 11 year old who said that you are my #1 trusted baker,(no doubt) and you are as good as Gordon Ramsay!(also, no doubt at all.)i wrote that in the tiramisu. it didn’t quite go as expected. the mascarpone curdled. why do you think that is? it also tasted kinda weard. i only have the 2 beater thingy, and its my DREAM to have a Kitchen Aid! but i added too much rum so all the adults Loved it! anyway, Fererro Rocher is the best chocolate there is, but did you know that there is at least 2 more different”Fererros”? one is called Fererro Rafaello, and the other one is called Fererro Rondnoir or something. so, wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a cake out there like yours(actualy, no cake is like yours) anyway, just an idea. I CANT BELIVE IM TALKING TO YOU RIGHT NOW! CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH? thank you so much!

    1. Hi Daniel! I do remember & thankyou again! Im sorry this happened to you with the gelatin- that is possible (well I’m almost 100% sure why it happened) but if it doesn’t get mixed into the cream FAST (and well, sadly hand beaters are not fast as the KA) it could curdle. Thankyou for pointing it out, I will update the instructions to include that tip.
      And I did NOT know about those other Ferrero’s! I will have to look out for them!
      Send me your address at and I will send you something!

      1. Thank you so much! i seem to talk too much when im typing away to the BEST CULINARY BAKER THERE IS! so, I forgot the question i had. i realy sould read over what i right to you. so, what is frangalica? and what is a crumb coat? anyway, what is the difference if i make the marangue with plain old sugar, or if i disolve it in hot water like you did in the buttercream recipe? speaking of buttercream, “way back when in the olden days” i tried to make strawberry buttercream but it turned out to be strawberry butter.( it was as solid as i don’t even know!) OH MY GOSH IV GOT SO MUCH QUESTIONS! what is a champagne mango? well, i won’t overflow you with so much ?s today, and i definatly will email you on FERERROS! thank you! hows Florida?

        1. Frangelico is Hazelnut Liquor (alcohol) Crumb Coat is the thin layer of buttercream I put on a cake before the final icing. There are different meringues: French (which is basically a cold prep- as you say just “plain old sugar” added) Swiss and Italian meringue involve some cooking first (of the sugar).
          Florida is great thanks!!

  10. Hi Gretchen – I am so excited about this cake that I’ve decided to make it for myself as a birthday present!! One question tho about one of the cake ingredients – as I’m unable to find hazelnut flour, I’ve decided to grind some toasted hazelnuts instead. Do I measure out 3/4 cup of hazelnuts and then grind them or do I grind the nuts and then measure out 3/4 cup of ground nuts? Thanks for the help and for yet another amazing recipe!

  11. Hi Gretchen! Thanks for sharing these wonderful recipes with us, I had a few questions, first if I want to make a chocolate hazelnut cake, how do I modify the recipe. Secondly if I want to use lesser nuts, is it possible?Hazelnuts are pretty expensive here. Thanks!

  12. Every recipe of yours just awasam.I can blindly trust on them and they are so perfect and delicious. You are best my dear.. ! 😀 But as I don’t have much spacious oven so would you please suggest how to decrease amount of ingredients in a cake according to pan size?

  13. Hello Gretchen! I will make this cake with ferrero so i would like to know if you freeze your ganache to be thick and how many hours you freeze it.

  14. Hi Gretchen, in the process of getting ready to make the Ferraro Rocher truffle cake and I have a quick question. I have a very thick 1 lb. piece of dark chocolate from belgium. Can I use this for the ganache? Would I have to temper the chocolate? I also roasted hazelnuts yesterday and ground them up pretty well but if I went any further, I would have made butter. The nuts are tiny but not a powder. Is this okay? Okay, I said one question but had two. Thank you! I cannot wait to taste this cake!!!

    1. yes would be perfect for ganache, you do not have to temper chocolate when it is IN RECIPES
      Fine to the ground nuts, next time add a handful of flour to it to make sure you dont make butter

  15. Hi Gretchen
    I will be attempting to make the hazelnut cake, however, I have a dairy allergy and will have to make a few adjustments. I found the dairy version of the ganache (thanks for that!!….Awesome) The only question I have is for the truffles. I would have to make the truffles myself. Do you have a dairy free version on making the truffles? I’m assuming the base of the truffle is the same as the ganache, but I’m not sure what to do next. Do you have a recipe for the truffles as dairy free? Thanks so much, and BTW, I have to commend you for all your time and effort you put into your website to help us “newbies” become better bakers. You are awesome!!!

    1. Yes you are correct use the dairy free version ganache, scoop them into balls and roll them in hazelnuts (Im currently working on a How To truffles video but it wont be ready until the 10th of Dec 🙁

  16. Hi

    I am going to make this cake tomorrow. But I am not a buttercream fan as i find buttercream just very sweet for my taste. So I was thinking if i Could replace it whipping cream and mix nutella in that. Would that be a good idea? If yes, how much nutella should i mix and how should I mix?

    Thank you

    1. be careful the nutella is very heavy compared to whipped cream and I wouldnt want it to weigh it down and deflate the lightness of it.
      Add it a little at a time until you like the taste & consistency

  17. Made this wonderful cake and was very pleased with it! Only the fourth cake I have taken out of a pan! Very pleased with decorating as well, not as perfect as yours but looked good! Posted it on my Pinterest page! delicious and moist! Thank you! I now know how to make ganache and Swiss butter cream.

  18. I made this cake for a friend’s birthday… i don’t normally make cakes (love baking, but cakes are intimidating to me).

    I think i did OK… the cake was a bit dry, but the flavors were all great! thank you.

    1. Hi Gretchen,
      I did make the cupcakes. They were so delicious.
      But one question, the cupcakes didn’t rise as some cupcakes do. They were flat.
      Any idea why? Can adding 1 tsp baking soda help?


  19. Hi Gretchen

    I made this cake several times … It is to die for. I made it for my Mother’s Day brunch that I hosted for my sisters and sister in laws and of coarse they loved it. I am looking for something new for this Mother’s Day and was hoping that you could create something fabulous as usual.
    I was thinking your tarimasu cake but I am open to options. Your recipes have never failed me.

    Thanks Tess

  20. Hi Gretchen

    Instead of buttercream , what other frosting can I use here to cover the cake? Not a buttercream fan. Is there any alternative frosting out there that is as stable as buttercream for frosting ? 🙂

  21. Hey,

    I’m wanting to make this cake for my mother’s birthday. I did have one question for you. In the video demonstration you have 3 cakes. The hazelnut cake recipe is for 3 7″ or 2 8″ cakes. Which one did you use or did you cut the cakes after they baked?

  22. I have a question…would this cake work with butter cake instead of genoise? Or would it be too heavy? Thanks. I love your recipes.

  23. Hello, I really wanted to make this cake, it looks so beautiful ! 🙂
    I am from germany and I have problems with the undestanding in relation to the size of the cake pans : what does 3- 7″ OR 2 – 8″ means?


    1. HI Great thanks! The ” symbol means inches, so it is a 7inch diameter pan, you can google conversion to centimeters if that helps you

  24. OK, so I made this cake with 3 8″ vanilla sponge layers…it was gorgeous and sold at a charity auction for $60. I had leftover ganache and buttercream, so I made a two layer YELLOW sponge cake. I didn’t have enough oil, so I used melted butter and skipped the butter flavor. I have to say that this cake had the tenderest and best texture of any cake I have EVER made. I took it to friends’ for dinner and everyone raved, many had seconds. It was incredible. I will certainly make that cake again. The yellow was a much nicer cake in my opinion, even though the vanilla sponge was wonderful too. Thank you so much!

  25. Hi Gretchen,
    I would like to try this cake recipe and wonder if I can use vegan butter instead of real butter for the cake.

  26. Hi Gretchen, I tried this recipe cake and it was a hit! I even passed the remaining slices to my neighbours and they loved it!
    I thought of using an 10 inch round pan in future. Any idea how much quantity do I have to increase for the recipe?

  27. Hi .. I made your cake & didn’t decorate yet ☺️… but I have a question !! When I took the cake out of the oven , the cake pulled away from the sides of the pan ( there was nearly 1cm gap all around ) !! Is that normal ? If it’s not , what I has done wrong !!! As far as l know l followed exactly the same steps & instructions … I used 3 7″ cake pan …

    1. it is quite normal for a sponge cake like this one to do that, the eggs expand with whipping and baking them retract upon cooling. If it is severe then try not to ovewhip the eggs

  28. Hi, Gretchen
    Thanks for sharing with us your recipes, let me tell you I had been wanting to bake something for my family for Thanksgiving, and thanks to google I found you, Yaaaaay!
    Well I did your Ferrero Rocher Cake and my family loved it, that even a friend of my sister asked if I can make them one, but one I wont be in town for Christmas and two I don’t think im to good in baking maybe later with more experience. Well thank you so so sooo much for your recipe, i still can’t decide what cakes or cheesecake I will do for our Christmas party with my family, they all look so good. Oh! Do you have a recipe for a Pecan Our, or Pecan cheesecake pie? Something like that. Well take care and I will keep enjoying your recipes.

    1. HI Thanks! I will have to disagree that YOU ARE INDEED A GREAT BAKER! The Ferrero Rocher cake is not a beginner cake and the fact that you pulled it off with tremendous praise and even got asked to make another one!?? Bravo!!
      I did not get a chance to make a Pecan Pie Cheesecake 🙁 But I do have a fab pecan pie and an awesome cheesecake!

  29. Hi Gretchen,

    I made this cake and it looks great!
    I did find that the addition of the nutella made the a bit too loose (manegable but not “normal”). It just didnt look like the one in your video. Any idea why this might happen?
    made the buttercream*^

  30. Hi,
    This cake looks delicious!
    I have a question before trying to make it. The cake recipe (hazelnut) says that it makes 2-8″ layers. But this recipe (Ferrero) needs 3 layers. How does this works?

    1. Yes I was in the habit of making 7″ layers (which will give me 3 layers instead of 2) So if you have 7″ pans you will get 3 layers out of that recipe, otherwise with 8″ pans you will only get 2 layers.
      Its all just how you want it to look 2 layers or 3 and of course what pans you have

  31. Thank you so much for this recipe – I cant wait to taste it. I have baked the Hazelnut cake in 3 layers and they look (and smell) great.
    I’m a bit confused about the ganache – do I only need 1 portion of the recipe all together? And divide it in two?
    Or do I make the recipe twice? It seems as if the amount you use as filling in the cake is much larger than the one used on top.
    Thank you in advanced.
    Cake love from Denmark 🙂

    1. thanks! Sorry for the confusion! Its just 1 recipe, but for the filling you need it to become spreadable (so it has to set up) then for the top, you have to rewarm the remaining so it is pourable

  32. Hi Gretchen! I made this cake and the taste was to die for. One problem I had though was the frosting being too loose. I make your swiss buttercream all the time without issue – and for some reason my nutella buttercream ended up looking much less firm than yours does in the video. What do you think it could be?

  33. U r simply awesome…i just got so much interested in baking after watching your videos..oh my god..u r truly my inspiration…

  34. Question: I have a friend that wants me to make this for her son’s bday party as he loves Nutella and Rocher candies. Is there a good substitute for the Frangelico to soak the sponge cake? It’s a party for 11 year olds lol.

  35. Hi Gretchen!! I want to start off by saying thank you for everything you do. I’ve learned so much from you and your recipes.
    I wanted to alert you of this, I’m sure it happens all the time but I would want someone to tell me if they noticed.
    Someone is using a photo of your cake and claiming they made it.
    I wish you the best. Thank you again!!

  36. Dear, Gretchen. I’m from Ukrina. I admire your desserts. Be so kind as to answer me if it is possible to bake this volume for hazelnut biscuit in one form with a diameter of 24-26 cm, then divide into three parts. Sorry for mistakes, I use an interpreter. Yours faithfully. Natasha.

    1. Hi! The entire batter will be too much for a 9″ pan (24cm) but you can use half the batter and that would be fine, however it would just be 1 layer so hard to then slice into 3
      The trouble with pouring all the batter into 1 pan (even if that pan is higher in height) is that it may not bake properly, too much batter (depth) is a problem unless you bake in a bundt pan (which is why they have tunes centers, to help the baking)

  37. Hi.. I made the cake.. it’s awesome! But I definitely think there is more than half of the buttercream left!.. and because it has egg white in it.. it will not last long.. will it?
    The recipe is amazing though! Thank you.. I made it for my friend’s daughter xx

  38. Will this recipe work for 1/2 sheet cake (12 x 18 x 2)? How much would I need to multiply the recipe to fill the an and torte for 2 layers?

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