Fondant Cake ~ Lady Justice


I did a quick fondant cake tutorial just to show you guys a cool design fit for a lawyer or a judge!

Hopefully you won’t have either of those in your future unless they happen to be in your family and graduating from law school!

But for those of you who may want to celebrate the legal system, here is an idea for a cake design!

I got the Lady Justice statue on amazon and the chocolate mold for the gavel and block at Candyland Crafts

I use Satin Ice Fondant and have not (yet) attempted to make my own- but it’s on the list! I promise!)

You can pretty much use any recipes you like for the filling and the cake.

I decided to go with the “bleeding me dry” Red Velvet Cake which I thought was appropriate! LOL

And and Oreo cookies and buttercream filling.

One question I do tend to get very often is whether or not a specific cake recipe is appropriate to go under fondant icing.

SO I wrote a blog post to answer that question CLICK HERE for Covering Cakes with Fondant

I use Merckens chocolate coins that do not require tempering for the drapes decorations (which is shown at the end of the video at 7:28minutes)

The gold dragees and luster dust can be found at Candlyland Crafts too ~ they are basically a 1 stop shop for ALL your cake decorating needs, AND they ship worldwide!

So even if you are not shopping for a lawyers cake design be sure to check out their chocolate molds store!

Over 3000 molds to choose from! I guarantee you will find something!

PS- it’s the same place I got my checkerboard molds!

ย ย  Playable Checkerboard Cakecandyland crafts molds

Click here for




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  1. Hi Gretchen! This is a question about one of your other recipes I found online. It’s about your italian butter cookies made with butter, shortening and almond paste and eggs whites, etc. Can this dough be made in advance and frozen? Thanks!

    1. Not great to freeze a spritz dough, its hard enough to pipe that dough fresh, the texture will change after freezing and be even more difficult to work with. (I prefer to freeze the baked cookies if I have to freeze at all)

  2. Wow… It might be a great cake for my Dad. He’s a lawyer. But he hates fancy designs & might grumble his head off (& MY head off as well!) when he sees it. Thanks for the recipe!


  3. Hey I NEVER NEVER NEVER had a problem with my home made marshmallow fondant in the fridge… But now I’m super worried… Lol why is it that it’s not supposed to be in the fridge??? And fanatic cake by the way!!!
    Thx in advance. ๐Ÿ˜€

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