Fondant Candle Cake


It wouldn’t feel like Christmas time if I didn’t make my famous Fondant Candle Cake!

Complete with lighted tea light and fancy winter decor!

I love the look of this cake and I was so surprised last year at how many people actually went for it!

I know this year many more will make it and I hope you do too!

You can choose any cake recipe and filling you love but of course you will need some specialty items and tools to make the decor.

To make the snowflakes out of fondant you need these special plunger cutters and Wilton silver color mist spray

The fondant I always use is Satin Ice brand, I find it to be the easiest to work with and it tastes pretty darned good too!

Follow the mathematical instructions I gave on the video below to get the correct dimensions for your specific project (but always add another inch or 2 to make sure you have enough space when it comes to wrapping! Always best to have more than less! But the Pi equation gives you a pretty close number!)

I used my Key Lime Cake recipe with Raspberry jam filling, but again you can use any recipe you like best. Just make enough for ¼ Sheet pan since that’s all you need to make the exact candle I made in the video below. Cut them into 6 rounds and you will get 1 ~ 5″ Tall candle that is approximately 3½ ~ 4″ in diameter

Poured fondant is also just a minimal amount you will need,  so you will probably have leftover; but why not use it up and make some Petit Fours to go with this stunning presentation for your dessert buffet this year?

I can’t wait to see your Candle Cakes so please share with me on my facebeook page as soon as you are done!

Thanks for the support here guys, it is most appreciated!

Onward and Upward into 2016!

Fondant Candle Cake
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 1 - 12" x 5" Candle serves about 6 - 8 ppl
  1. Prepare all the base recipes in advance before assembly as per the video instructions



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  1. Admire so much your candle cake.Stealing one’s concept is not appropriate,go,got em” Gretchen. Anyway your still my number one idol on pastry chef. Keep up the great work , happy to recieved an email weekly on new recipes,tips,ticks on cakes and pastries. My hugs, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016….More power on Gretchen’s Bakery.

    1. Omg you are an amazing pastry chef I could only hope and pray to be even half as talented as you one day . Wow you definitely have something truly special !!

  2. can u give the recipe of making fondant …I like to use homemade one rather than store bought….Merry X-mas & happy new year

  3. Hi Gretchen,
    I have an order for a tree stump cake and am using your candle cake video to help me with my trial run, but I’m having some problems. The fondant is not sticking to the cake very well (icing was NOT crusting or dry when I put the fondant on). The fondant bubbles out in a couple places as well as letting me know where the layers are. I did a crumb coat, not at all thick, I could still see cake and the butter cream filling was not oozing out when I put the fondant on. My layers were not frozen when I started assembly but cool. I did put the cake in the frig while rolling out fondant, abt 12 minutes. I’m wondering if my fondant was rolled too thin, yours looks like it stands up and mine looks a bit wavy. I used the Wilton roller with the orange bands so the fondant was 1/8 inch think. Thanks

    1. Yes too thin fondant sounds like the problem here (I used to do the same thing- for fear that no one realllllly likes to eat fondant so if I went thinner I would be awesome! Nope, not awesome- all the troubles you explain here)

  4. Hi Gretchen ! my daughter will be having a Birthday on April 28 and she sell candles I am making her bday cake this is what I am looking at .I am going to use a I think it’s a 12×18 cake pan we have a large family lol then I will make a hole in the cake the size of the candle I will ice the cake . I will put the candle in the cake hole after I am done icing the cake and adding the border last I will put the candle in the cake hole I bought candle for the middle of candle cake do you know how long they last when turned on ? well I am going to try this fingers crossed I will take a pic and send to you oh by the way how far in advance can I make the candle cake ? Thank you and God Bless.

    1. Gretchen the Tea light you put on your candle did it have the on and off switch ? mine has the on and off switch would that be okay ?

  5. Hi Gretchen how can I make a smaller batch of poured fondant ? I will only be needing it for the top of candle.Thank you.

  6. Plz reply….. i made sponge then i put richs bettercream. It was too soft i didnt know that. I wiped all the cream. Now if i use homemade buttercream again and place fondant again will it melt or not. Will it last for 1 day

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