Four Fabulous Wedding Cakes for Beginners

Four Fabulous Wedding Cakes for Beginners

Even if you have never made a wedding cake before in your life, there is nothing to fear when Gretchen’s Bakery is here to help!

Here I have four fabulous wedding cakes for beginners.

I show you step by step in the following videos how to make a perfect tiered cake with ease. (Just click the links below for full video tutorials)

If you start with my first tutorial for How to Make a 3 Tiered Cake you will see very quickly that with a few basic rules to building a stacked cake, you will be on your way to wedding cake making stardom!

I have gotten so many comments, emails and thank you notes from so many people for taking the fear and mystery out of building a wedding cake.

On my second tutorial for How to Make a Wedding Cake I get a bit more involved in the decorating end of it.

In my How to Make a Beach Wedding Cake you will see how to take an ordinary, very basically iced tiered cake and turn into a masterpiece with just a few easy decorating techniques.

Last I have an engagement style cake that can easily be turned into a tiered cake using the knowledge you have just acquired from the last 3 videos, and this was my “Say Yes to the Dress Cake!”

A strawberries and cream cake for an engagement party that was so fun and easy to make!

Check the videos and the clickable links below to take you to the main blog post for each cake!

In all of these videos I am using my Gretchen’s Bakery cake decorating tools, you won’t need much more than that!

How to Make a Wedding Cake

Full tutorial for how to make a wedding cake

How to Make a 3 Tiered Cake

Four Fabulous Wedding Cakes for Beginners

How to Make a Beach Wedding Cake


Strawberries and Cream Engagement Cake


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  1. Gretchen thank you for all that you do to help us. I think you are an amazing person for putting so much time into all of us. I do have a question. I’m making my first wedding cake in October for my best friend. I have tried several of your cake recipes and love them all. She is looking for a very moist, white cake. She loves your Swiss Buttercream Icing, so a cake that will go well with that icing for filling and covering as well. I am a newbie when it comes to baking. I took all the Wilton cake decorating classes, but cake recipes and methods of baking for desired results are my focus now. Can you recommend a couple of your cake recipes that will produce a nice, moist cake when using the Swiss Buttercream, that will compliment each other well? Thank you so much for your help Gretchen.

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