Best Baker Tip #4 ~ Freezing Cookie Dough

Who doesn’t love fresh baked cookies?

But often times it’s at a really inconvenient time.

If you are me~ it’s usually midnight!

So to solve this conundrum I have put into motion my professional habits from when I worked in a high volume bakery kitchen and started the practice of freezing cookie dough at home too!

You will love this whether you are living alone or have a family of 8!

Because it is so easy to grab a few cookie dough balls out of the freezer and by the time the oven is preheated they have thawed and you are eating fresh hot cookies in less than 30 minutes!

Check it out in the video below for the scooped cookie varieties, but the same thing goes for cut out cookies too like Gingerbread & Sugar Cookie cutouts!

Need to get ahead of the game for an upcoming event?

No problem, get those cookies rolled and cut out and then freeze them in layers on sheet pans with parchment paper in between each layer.

Wrap the entire sheet pan very well with plastic wrap, and you can get ahead on hundreds of cookies this way!

Simply bake them when you are ready and there is no compromise in taste or texture!

I have not yet found a cookie dough recipe that does not freeze well!

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  1. Love it Gretchen. I have been doing that since I learned it from you a long time ago, also love cutting out cookies in advance and freezing them. So much time is saved and this makes me feel like I’m always ahead of the gam. Thanks.

  2. This is so timely! I nearly wore myself out last Christmas, baking cookies for parties, gifts, etc, all in one frenetic, mind-numbing bake-a-thon.
    Thanks Gretchen!

  3. I’ve been doing this since I saw the first Nestle chocolate chip cookie dough in the freezer at the grocery store. I figured that if they could do it so could I. It’s also handy for the older kids to be able bake cookies when they get home from school.

  4. What a great tip!! I do freeze my cookie dough because I work 5 days a week in my beauty shop and on one weekend I mix all my cookie dough and freeze the whole bowl. Now you just showed me one more Great trick to scoop or roll the dough to save a huge amount of time..Thank You so much!!

  5. Thanks Gretchen…after baking the Mint Chocolate Cake tomorrow, I’ll be sure to mix & freeze blocks of your orange zest sugar cookie! Thanks again!! PS your apple pie recipe was a hit over the holiday!!

  6. Hi Gretchen!
    You are a baker inspiration! THANKS FOR YOUR TIP #4!! This is a GREAT TIP for making a variation of cookies in advance . Thank you!!

  7. I just love your recipes and Ideas. You’re amazing and have made my baking and decorations 1000% better. People actually think I went to school for it.
    Thank you!!

  8. Thanks Gretchen for all your tips and recipes and your videos. Love them all and they are so helpful when you are wondering about different things to do with baking. You are my go to lady.

  9. That was an awesome tip Gretchen, I really was never aware that cookie dough could be frozen. I now will have to try that !


  10. Hi thanks for all your tips and ideas, please can you advise me what size chocolate cakes to use to carve an Alpha Romeo caracteur car thank you or do you have any videos similar. Merry Christmas Brenda

  11. Thanks Gretchen. Yes, freshly baked cookies are awesome. I did not want to make my Christmas cookies too soon — super timing — just read your tip on freezing the dough — what a lovely idea. Thank you so much for sharing your GREAT ideas. You are SPECIAL. God bless.

  12. Hi Gretchen, just one query. If the dough has baking soda, baking powder or yeast could the dough be frozen. Would freezing affect the levening properties in the soda, bp or yeast? Thanks.

  13. Tanx so much for sharing dis, I’d always taught cookie dough can’t last dat long so I usually bake everything even if more than I need. Now I can always av fresh baked cookies.

  14. Hi Gretchen. i really do appreciate the tips provided. i just need answers to my questions. how long the frozen cookie dough need to be thawed in the room temperature? does it affect the baking time?

    1. Yes thaw to the same consistency as they would be if you were baking them fresh from the mixing bowl this way timing is the same

  15. Amazing tips as always! Can I ask what size dishing scoop you are using in the video? I’m having the worst time finding the right sizes for what I need for some reason.

  16. Thank you so much, Gretchen! I truly enjoy you videos and tips and you expertise!! You are so much fun and I appreciate your sharing with us, who love to bake! You are the best, indeed!

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