Fudge Brownie Raspberry Layer Cake


This Fudge Brownie Raspberry Layer Cake is like a dream come true.

I don’t know about you, but I love a nice fudge brownie with raspberries and whipped cream?

It’s like a dessert lovers paradise with all the perfect combinations of flavors in every bite!

This is a new recipe for brownie cake layers that are a bit more fitting for a cake style rather than the straight up fudgy fudge brownie which would just be too dense and heavy.

It is a cross between my Moist Chocolate cake recipe and my Fudge Brownie Recipe.

So this is a lightened up version perfect for this stacked naked cake!

Layered with Whipped Cream & Raspberry Preserves and a nice raspberry compote and fresh raspberries for the topping!

As if the picture doesn’t say enough!

Let’s get to it!

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Fudge Brownie Cake
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This is a building on recipes project where you will prepare the raspberry compote and whipped cream with Jell-O stabilizer and then proceed to build the cake with the Brownie Cake Recipe as listed below
I mentioned in the video that you can use all semi sweet chocolate for a total of 6 ounces if you do not have the bitter-unsweetened variety and then remove ½ cup (100g) sugar from the recipe
Serves: 4-7" Layers
  • Granulated Sugar 2½ cup (500g)
  • Eggs large 6 (300g)
  • Unsweetened Chocolate 4 ounces (113g)
  • Semi Sweet Chocolate 2 ounces (56g)
  • Unsalted Butter 3 sticks, or 1½ cup (340g)
  • Unsweetened Cocoa Powder 5 Tablespoons (30g)
  • Instant Coffee 1 tablespoon (5g)
  • Salt 1 ¾ teaspoon
  • Vanilla Extract 1 Tablespoon (15ml)
  • All Purpose Flour 1½ cup (190g)
  1. In a small sauce pot melt the butter with the chocolate stirring constantly
  2. Add the cocoa powder & instant coffee to the melted chocolate /butter whisk smooth
  3. Whisk the eggs, sugar & vanilla extract in a large mixing bowl then add the chocolate mixture.
  4. Whisk smooth then add the sifted flour and salt all at once, whisk smooth
  5. Pour into prepared pans that have beengreased and lined with parchment paper
  6. Bake in a preheated 350°F oven for 18-22 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out with moist crumbs
  7. Cool completely then assemble as shown in the video
5.0 from 1 reviews
Fudge Brownie Raspberry Layer Cake
This is a Building on Recipes Projectso be sure to prepare all the base recipes ahead of time before beginning
Serves: 1-7" cake
  1. Prepare a compote with the raspberries, but save out 12 nice raspberries for garnish.
  2. Build the cake as shown in the video
Fudge Brownie Raspberry Layer Cake must be kept refrigerated due to the whipped cream.

Store covered in the refrigerator for up to 6 days
For those looking for a vegetarian substitute for the gelatin in the whipped cream stabilizer, you can use Ultra Gel CLICK HERE

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    1. Hi Sylvia! No, I dont sell those- I get SO MANY compliments on it though! Ive had it for 20+ years! It was a gift to me (I think they got it at Williams Sonoma)

  1. Hi. This is exactly what I was looking for. Where can I find the measurements for the dry ingredients and butter? Love your video’s. XO

  2. You can find the whisk at most kitchen specialty stores. I’m going to try the cake with a cherry pie filling for Mothers Day.

  3. Hi Gretchen! This looks and sounds amazing and I was going to make the brownie cake today to go with some leftover peanut butter swiss meringue frosting but I’m confused. The video shows you making four layers with 6 eggs and 1 1/2 cups of butter but the brownie cake recipe doesn’t match that (for instance, it only reads 3/4 cup of butter and says it makes 2 7″ layers but you made four ). Would you please double check the instructions so I can “get my chocolate on”? 😉

    1. HI ! Thanks sorry about the error! I had a Cat emergency last night just after putting out this video! All good, he is fine, but I was up until 4am Yikes!
      It is 4-7″ Layers — the 3 sticks butter is correct, not my cup measure Uggggh! Sorry !

  4. This looks delicious and so pretty too! I am definitely going to try this one. Glad your cat is doing okay. I know how scary it is when they are not well.

  5. Hello Gretchen, my question is what is drivert sugar and how do you work with it? I purchased it at a bakery but I have no idea what to do with it. If you could post this information please?

  6. Your email today with this recipe could not have come at a better time. I have owned a bakery for years and this is the first time a customer has asked me for a fudge brownie cake (order is due next week). I had already looked through all your e-books for a recipe and was searching online for recipe ideas. My search is over and I’m sure this will be amazing. thank you thank you thank you!!! Your generosity in sharing these recipes and videos is just amazing.

  7. Want to make this but can I use strawberries I did like raspberry and do I need the coffee. Will still turn out ok

  8. Gretchen, you must have ESP! This cake is very similar to what I’m making for my birthday tomorrow. I made the cake vegan and have used cherries and cashew cream. So it’s kinda black forresty. But I’m using your layering method. Seeing what goes where and the order you do things has really helped me. I’ll send a pic when it’s finished. Yours looks ultra yummy.

  9. OMG I think I just died and went to heaven , looks and sounds simply delish thanks for sharing . Love getting all the emails .

  10. Hi Gretchen,
    Thank you for posting this recipe, it looks great! Please be advised, your link for the raspberry compote brings us to the black cherry compote.

    1. Thanks Janet! Yes, I shuld make a note that although I do not have a recipe specific for Raspberry Compote – anytime you make a fruit compote no matter what the fruit, it is the same method

  11. Gretchen, this sounds delicious! Could you clarify the filling; do you just use the whipping cream and jello instant pudding? I watched the video several times, but it differs from the recipe. I’m serving this tomorrow at my Mother’s Day Dinner; my mom’s favorite flavors are chocolate and raspberry so this will make her very happy! Love all your recipes and watching your videos!

  12. Hi Gretchen. In the recipe it says add salt but there is no quantity listed. Could please help right in the middle of making this. Thank you for your wonderful recipes.

  13. Just wondering the salt was not listed in the ingredients, what’s the amount? And after the compote cooks just add the raspberry preserves to that? Thanks!

    1. updated! thanks sorry about that! ( ¾teaspoon) the preserves were spread on each layer and I used the compote just for the top, but you can change it up any way you like

  14. Hi Gretchen,

    I have some questions for you:

    1)Does this cake rise a lot or are the cake layers pretty thin?

    2) How thick should the layer be approx.?

    3) If I only have qty 4 of an 8 “‘ pan how would I adapt your recipe or could I just use same Qty in this recipe but bake less time?

    4) What if I only want 2 layers instead of 4 layers what size pans should I use and how would I adapt this recipe and what would the bake time be?

    1. 1) It doesnt not rise to double like most recipe will
      2) I made 7″ layers out of the entire recipe and my layers were just about 1″ thick
      3) I dont really know what “quantity 4” means but whenever you adjust pan sizes the bake time is affected. The layers will be thinner so that= less bake time, however if you are now putting all the batter just between 2 layers that means your cakes will be thicker and the bake time is MORE. This is why is is always best to learn and understand how to know when your cakes are done so you do not rely on exact times, since they can never truly be exact.

  15. Hi Gretchen, I love your website and thanks for sharing your delicious recipes my family thanks you as well. Do you have a recipe for chocolate chocolate chip cookies? I’m a huge chocoholic, did I even spell that right. Don’t know if I should add cocoa or a melted chocolate along with chips. Thanks alot for the caramel recipe. Take care, Marcia

  16. Hi Gretchen. I’ve done this fudge brownies cake it was really good. Very delicious. One thing though.. it didn’t bake for 22 mins at 350f. It took way longer than that. Why is that? And mine didn’t come out flat. It had a tough hump. I appreciate any advise u can give. Thank you. Your cookie dough icing is so yummy too btw.

    1. Hi Great thanks! Did you use the same size pans as me? Did you fill the pans the same amount as me? Im not sure about the hump though? Perhaps you had an air bubble trapped under the batter?
      As for the bake time though (for ANY recipe) CLick here for more INfo

  17. Hi Gretchen! I don’t have access to jello over here . Can I substitute with vanilla powder? Or some sort of custard powder (bird’s. Brand)? If yes do I use the same quantity?

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