Fudge Brownies Recipe

Fidge Brownies

Fudge Brownies are no doubt my choice in the brownie world hands down!

No cake style here!

Fudge Brownies

If I wanted a cake-y brownie I would eat a piece of chocolate cake!

These are so chewy and gooey with the addition of Fudge Icing you can’t go wrong!

Or for those of you prefer a less sweet, more “adult style” icing I urge you to try them with Ganache!

I will admit I was caught off guard at just how AMAZING these brownies really are; and you may see my surprise at the end of this video when I  took the first bite!

I almost changed the name to better than sex brownies! Woops!

I then proceeded to eat the entire brownie, and then another 4 over the next 3 days!

I had to give them away PRONTO since those 15 brownies started to dwindle quite fast in my presence.

I should include a warning with this recipe ~ to be sitting down when you do try them!

For more brownie options click here for my complete list of brownies! You will seriously not know where to start! Warning Dangerous!

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Fudge Brownies
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Prepare a 9" X 13" pan Greased and lined with parchment paper
Preheat Oven to 350° F
Have your ingredients at room temperature before beginning
Serves: 15 Brownies
  • All Purpose Flour 1 cup (125g)
  • Baking Powder 1½ teaspoon (7g)
  • Salt ¾ teaspoon (5g)
  • Semi Sweet Baking Chocolate Chopped 12oz (335g) (2 cups)
  • Butter unsalted 2 sticks (1 cup) (226g)
  • Granulated Sugar 2 cups (400g)
  • Eggs 6 Large (300g)
  • Vanilla Extract 1 Tablespoon
  • Toasted Walnuts Optional 1½ cup (262g)

  • ½ RecipeFudge Icing
  1. Combine the sugar and the eggs and vanilla in a large bowl and whisk together vigorously to incorporate evenly.
  2. Meanwhile in a microwave safe bowl or over a double boiler melt the butter and the chocolate ]together, slowly to not scorch.
  3. In the microwave on med power 15-25 Seconds at a time and stirring between each interval.
  4. Sift all the dry ingredients together, set aside.
  5. Add the melted chocolate & butter mixture to the egg/sugar mixture and whisk to incorporate
  6. Add all of the dry ingredients at once and mix just until incorporated.
  7. Add Nuts if desired, then pour entire batter in prepared pan and bake in preheated 350° F oven for 30-40 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into center produces a moist crumb.
  9. When completely cooled Ice with Fudge Icing or Ganache- it is your preference
Store brownies at room temperature in an airtight container for up to a week.
Some of you have asked if you can substitute the chocolate in this recipe for cocoa powder.

To make the equivalent of  1 ounce (28g) Semi Sweet Baking Chocolate:

Mix 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder + 4 teaspoons sugar + 1 tablespoon softened butter, shortening or vegetable oil

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      1. Love this recipe!
        I had the same question about reducing the amount of sugar. Is semi sweet bakers squares okay to use with less sugar?

        1. Gretchen, omg i absolutley love ur recipes, ur awesome attitude okay i love everything about u. ur an awsome baker, ive been dying to beable to talk to u, do u have a recipe book, i dont trust no one when it come to recipes but ucause i love to bake u are totaly my idol i totalyadmire u, that were u have made my dreams become a reality i am commin into some well i have decide to open a bakery, not anything hudge just like a litttle bakery that people feel comfotable. thank you gretchen, i will always turn to u for any and everything thanx ur awesome!!!!!!!!

  1. hi Gretchen, I tried out or recipe yesterday came out awesome,,, can I refridegerate these brownies as the weather is pretty hot these days where I live….. Is the chocolate buttermilk cake the same as the older moist chocolate cake???? I reallly regret not taking down that recepi””’ thanks agagin and loafs of love

  2. Hi Gretchen!
    Let me just say that I love everything that I’ve made via your recipes! But I have a question about this one! Which might sound silly but I’m not very good with math and such. If I am to half the recipe(I don’t have a larger metal pan) how much salt would I use? just a pinch?

    1. Also if I do the equivilant to the chocolate do I still warm it up? And do I still need the 2 sticks of butter? Or does the equivilant count for the semi sweet and butter?

  3. Hi Gretchen,
    i love your recipes. i was wondering if i could ice the brownie with some ganache instead of the fudge icing? if yes then how many cups of ganache should i use to get a got layer of icing with balanced sweetness.

  4. Hi Gretchen
    My family loves yr browies with fudge icing very much. But when baked again lately, we realised yr fudge recipe has changed when we need to refer to. Its taste different.
    We really like the one where u used semi sweet and unsweeten melted chocolate to do the fudge. Its was so shinny, runny and super yummy.
    Is it possible to hv that recipe again?
    Awaiting for yr reply.
    Thank so much.

  5. Hi Gretchen! I was wondering if the recipe in these amounts would be good in a half sheet pan. Or would I have to double it? My family always loves it when I make a huge batch of them 🙂

  6. hi i am planning to make this fudge brownie recipe of yours but i was bit confused on what chocolate i should buy as im in the uk and we dont have semi sweet baking choclate that i know of so should i go for dark chocolate 60% cocoa and over or go for milk chocolate
    thanks 🙂

      1. will it not be too bitter with the 60% and over dark chocolate so should i add more sugar or keep to 400 grams of sugar

  7. Hi Gretchen ,
    While making dis my sugar was not ready to dissolve after 15 to 20 mins of mixing.so I heated d mixture stirring it :(. I hope dats ok. Or i s it fine if d sugar is left undissolved?

      1. Ohh okk..so I dun hv to worry abt dissolving dem. Next time willdo dat.I hope d sugar won’t float on d top.
        Thanks Byee

  8. Hi Gretchen. I’ve been doing this reciper (actually the previous one with unsweetened choc.) and the taste is heavenly. However, there is always a slight problem. After I finish baking this brownie, cut it and iced the brownie with simple ganache recipe of yours, the middle portion are always thinner compared to the tops and edges.the tops and edges are perfect. For example, tops and edges are about an inch thick, the middle part are 3/4 inch thick only. I’ve already used to types of oven. checked the measurement of the ingridients. The taste, consistency are perfect. The middle part is the issue. it is thinner (smaller) compared to those I cut from tops or edges. Any insight will be helpful

    1. Hi Paul, my first thought is that you are not spreading the batter evenly? If this is not true, then I would take a look at pan. poorly made (thin) pan will do this to the edges, since it will heat up rapidly and cause the edges to rise faster than the middle due to uneven heating, another suspect could be your oven, but if this is the only recipe it happens to? then unlikely.
      If all else fails- spread the batter uneven ON PURPOSE- making a higher amount int he middle and less around the edges! This will be your way of saying I AM THE BOSS OF YOU BROWNIE! LOL Dont let it get you!

      1. Thanks. I had a gas range oven before then now an electric fan assisted convection oven. Ill try to keep an eye on the portion of the batter when i spread them. I used to think that i may be whisking it too much or les
        s. Thamks again.

        1. whisking too much could be a culprit as well, and brownies definitely don’t need air whipped into the batter thats for sure- however if you were doing this in excess then the whole thing would blow up, not just the edges.
          Try it without the convection setting, this could be what is causing it

          1. hey Gretchen. me again. another question, my family, friends, coworkers really love your brownies. Though, I noticed that if the brownies is in room temperature, get soft or something like that..lol.. but still fudgy. is it normal?

          2. Yes if the room is warm the brownies will react as such. In the bakery in the summer I had to display only a small amount to prevent that from happening – you can fridge them, but I love ooey gooey fudgy brownies!

    2. Same happened with me as well. I tried reducing the baking powder to 1 tsp plus no convection setting and it came out perfect.

  9. My dearest gretchen . I was wondering if you think it’s a good idea to grease and flour some cupcake pans and possibly line the bottom of said pans and bake? I don’t want the markings of the cupcake paper cups… what do u think? Yea or nay?? Plz plz plz respond I’d like to try them tmrw

  10. Gretchen
    Hi from Australia, love the recipes .We in Aust. are good bakers and very happy to add your recipes to our list ,especially Moist Vanilla Sponge cake .

  11. Hi gretchen! On your video it looks like you are using the chocolate chips. So is it OK if I just used the semi sweet chocolate chips?

  12. Hi Gretchen!
    I made the brownies with fudge icing for a game night with some coworkers. I thinned the icing with instant coffee instead of water and they were a big hit. Love the blog and all your videos. Thanks so much for demystifying all these professional techniques!

    1. excellent! Yumm to the coffee great addition! (most people have an aversion to coffee and liquor here on my page- so I don’t often mention those wonderful things for baking! the questions I get for how to take them OUT of the recipe are way more than anyone ever asking howto put them in…so- I go with it! LOL )

  13. Hi Gretchen,

    Thanks for this recipe, I just made these and they are delicious!

    Have you ever made them without the baking powder? I have always been told baking powder makes things more like cake not that these are but I was thinking it might make them even more fudgy without it. Would love to know what you think

  14. The ingredients for these are so expensive here in South Korea (a pound of butter is about $6 US here, any chocolate worth using is about $10 a pound and goes up from there) that I hesitated to add these to my product list. But I made one batch for myself just to taste them.

    Thank God and Gretchen I did! They were like sinning on a Saturday night! Rich, gooey, fudgy and just can’t eat one. I passed out the second batch 🙂 to my neighbors and they raved over them. I took the third batch to a meet up with friends at the baking store section in Seoul, and they devoured them! So I managed to get some small foil pans with covers that I bake them and ship them in. It has been the hit of everything I bake, and I just can’t thank you enough for giving us this wonderful recipe. (Yes, I can sell these and make a profit too!)

  15. Gretchen,

    I LOVE everything you do!!!! I’m going to (attempted to) bake the fudge brownies this weekend and . . . wait for it. . . put them INSIDE vanilla cupcakes (also your recipe) so I can have a vanilla cupcake with a fudge brownie filling! I can’t wait!!!

  16. Hi Gretchen, I remember years ago when I was young, I would get brownies at the bakery and there would be granulated sugar on the bottom of the brownie. Are you familiar with how to do this? I am talking about close to 50 years ago. Oh, by the way you have a fantastic recipe for brownies with icing.

    1. HI Charlie thanks! I do not know about those brownies, however I can only guess that they did that as a sort of sanding to the pan they displayed the brownies in.
      When I owned my bakery in the summer months the store would get pretty hot, so I has some trouble with the brownies getting soft and sticking to the display pan, and the girls would have trouble serving them.
      SO we started to sand the pan lightly with sugar to make a buffer and it works!

  17. Hello Gretchen you AWESOME BAKER,

    Sunday i will be baking this recipe for my sweet little cuz, she told me that she would like some brownies to take to school on the first day of school. This would be my first time making brownies from scratch, so i am excited to see the end result and taste them.


          1. I did not use chocolate chips, I used baking chocolate that happened to be in chip form
            Chocolate chips are not meant to be melted and used in recipes (I linked to a video that explains the WHY’s of it)

  18. Hey Gretchen! I plan to make this recipe for a BBQ I’m having tomorrow. I had a question about the chocolate. I have Lindt 70% cocoa excellence bars. Can I use those instead of the semi-sweet? And If I do, what adjustments, if any, do I have to make in terms of the amount of sugar used? Thanks 😉

  19. Hi Gretchen Love love love all that you do. Just gIt done making the honey wheat bread for the first time you make all of your recipes so easy to follow thank you for that. My granddaughter want me to make caramel brownies can I place Carmel throughout the brownie and swirl it to the mixture or should I just top it with caramel sauce waiting now the the pan to be deliver to make the devil dogs can’t wait my sister even has an order in for them!! Please just keep on doing what you are doing you help all of home bakes that love to bake and I for one appreciate you you truly have a God given talent and all who follow you are oh so very luck

    1. Hi Great! Thanks!
      I wouldnt use caramel sauce in this brownie recipe (not in the batter- this is already a fudgy brownie, any more liquidy ingredients will make it very raw and hard to bake through)
      I think topping it would be better!

      1. Hi Gretchen

        Would it be possible to use Nestle Caramel in the middle of the brownie batter? (i.e. batter, caramel, batter) and then bake? Or perhaps double the recipe for a 9×13″ pan and then layer batter, caramel and batter?

        Kind regards

        1. Im not exactly familiar with this product, but if it is just caramel sauce? Im not sure it will bake properly. It may may the entire brownie too wet and un-bakeable. Its worth a try but I would do a test first

  20. Hi Gretchen,

    I would love to see your video for the mint buttercream brownies you made. I never got the chance to make them but they looked divine. I know you’re super busy making other videos, but it’d be great to one day see this video again.

    Thanks a squillion – you’re doing great!

    Melinda 🙂

  21. Hello gretchen.. today i made world’s best brownies from ur recepie. Actually i was making dem for salted caramel chocolate cheescake recepie bt they were sooooooo tasty dat I ended up eating all as soon as it came out of d oven so I had to make a second batch for cheesecake recepie. Once again thanx a ton. Lots of love

  22. HI Grechen,

    The best brownies I ever made!!! I used your fudge icing recipe to cover the top, I am taking them to a BBQ get together today, i am sure every one will love it 🙂
    Thank you so much , BTW I made the cup cakes from your chocolate Buttermilk cake recipe, Awesome, one of my teacher friend took all to her school.

    Thank you!!!!!! you are the best!

  23. Dear Gretchen
    Thanks a lot for this awesome recipe. I made it and everybody liked it.
    I have a question to ask. Is it possible to replace the sugar in the recipe with powdered sugar?

    Best regards,

  24. Hi dearest Gretchen. … I lov the way u make ur cakes ..I was not into baking before but after watching ur videos I’m very much motivated. .so that makes me a beginner. .plz tell me if I hav unsweetened chocolate baking bar..wt will b the adjustments in the sugar measurements in these fudge brownies

  25. Hi Gretchen!!
    Need to ask the usual question….can I substitute all corn syrup from the fudge icing recipe with honey or some other element?

  26. Dear Gretchen, I just blindly trusted on your advices and share your recipes with everyone else…..u are the best teacher I have ever seen……thank you so much ! I usually have one problem with recipes that my oven is tooo small :'(. In this recipe also I can’t use 9*13 inch pan.. I have 8.3/4*8.3/4 inch bakeware of glass…what should I do now… Please suggest……

      1. Im not sure what you are asking. 2 batches? Like double recipe? Sure.
        Or half the batter baked, then half the batter baked later. Yes to that too…. just try to go quick in between the baking

  27. Hi Gretchen

    I bought unsweetened chocolate by mistake instead of semi sweet. Baking chocolate is pretty expensive here so is there a way I can use the unsweetened chocolate without compromising on the taste?
    Thank you

      1. if i like the existing recipe as it is (it is absolutely amazing) is there a way to substitute the unsweetened chocolate and get the same level of sweetness, perhaps by adding more sugar? i dont want to change the taste, i just want to use up my chocolate.

  28. Hello i live in Belgium and we don’t use cresco here because in your swjss buttercream you use jt what can i replace it with or is it must thanks

  29. Hi Gretchen. i have question. after I bake your brownies and put icing on it and cut them, I usually put them on cupcake liners and serve them. whenI make them, it kinda consumes a lot of time of putting them individually on cup liners. do you think I can put the brownie batter in a dispenser and pour them using the cupcake dispenser and from the dispenser to cupcake liners. Put the liners with batter to a pan or sheet and bake them in the oven? haha I hope you get what I mean. also, if yes, do I change the temperature and the time cooking them? Thanks a lot.

  30. hi ms.gretchen im from the philippines ive try your recipe but it appear as cakey brownie? i followed ur procedure.our oven is electric do u think it can affect?

      1. what type of oven do you use when you bake? or any suggestion on what I should be looking at. I’m planning to purchase one, putting up a small pastry shop.

  31. Hey beautiful. I distinctly remember you having a recipe for PEANUT BUTTER SWIRLED CHOCOLATE BROWNIES. I made them once and my coworkers had a fit. I found them to be very “souffle” like and wished for a more “Fudgey” ooey gooey texture versus the other but there’s a party tonight and the coworkers are cryin’ for em so i gotta make em but WHERE DAT RECIPE AT?? PLEASE let me know what to do. You my favorite 😉

    1. HI Bonnie as you may or may not know I was forced to shut down my other blog business due to severe partnership issues that arose last winter.
      I have been working really hard to get all the recipes/videos/blog posts back up here at Gretchen’s Bakery, but 400+ videos was quite alot! LOL
      Im doing pretty good with it though, as I have over 160 videos replaced and over 200 blog posts too! But not the peanut butter swirl brownie, just take out 1/3 of the batter here and mix it with oh I dont know ¾ cup of peanut butter? then swirl it together- or make a cheesecake swirl with peanut butter (Use half this recipe here subbing peanut butter for nutella then swirl that into the brownie batter)

      **Note, this is the same recipe for brownies I shared in my past life from where you remember me, it is the ONLY brownie recipe I have ever shared, so- if it souffled up and was not as fudgy as you wanted it to be? that is because you very possibly whipped too much air into the recipe, this brownie will NOT souffle up OR be dry if it is mixed properly

  32. I thought I had already found my favorite brownie recipe – I tried this yesterday and it’s the best! Thanks for all the delicious recipes. I just wish I could make my desserts as pretty as yours – well you are a pastry chef after all! I’ll keep trying.

  33. Hi love watching you bake.
    The thing about your baking and creaming I love I watch you for hours
    On you tube .
    I am from Sydney Australia I am a grandmother and I am 72 years old
    I love your way of talking and the way you explain also you look like my granddaughter so that’s why I love watching you bake.
    Best wishes on your new YouTube.
    Maria. B.

  34. Hi – i’am from suriname and i love to see you baking. I’ve tried most of your recipes and it turned out very good. Thank you gretchen.

    1. If you dont mind thinner brownies (which was the original way I always made this recipe) you can pour all the batter into a 12″ x 18″ pan and you have a half sheet of brownies. Otherwise you will have to double if you still want them thick

  35. Hi Gretchen,
    I made these brownies and they tasted delicious! However, the texture didn’t turn out that well – the brownies turned out cakey instead of fudgy. Is this because of the baking powder? (I have another recipe for fudgy brownies which does not include baking powder)

    1. No it wouldnt be because of the baking powder or else MY brownies would not come out fudgy (and as you see in the photo they certainly are SUPER FUDGY!) Is it possible you over measured the flour? this would make them more cakey for sure
      Double check your measures and watch the video again to see if anything rings a bell as far as differences

    2. I don’t think I overmeasured the flour because I used a weighing scale. I beat the eggs and the sugar a lot though – would this be a possible reason?

  36. Gretchen, this is my favorite brownie recipe! I do have 1 question though. If I wanted to use this recipe to convert it into an espresso brownie, how would I go about doing that? I made this and then brushed it with a lot of espresso, which made it very moist, but the coffee flavor didn’t come through it at all.

  37. How would I make these into cheesecake brownies? You used to have that recipe up from before. Also, if I want to make the brownies less fudgy(it was a bit too chocolatey for me), would lowering the amount of chocolate and increasing the amount of flour do? Thanks

    1. Not a great idea to adjust this recipe it has perfect ratios for fudgy-ness. better to find a recipe that is specifically “cakey”
      I have a Brownie Cake Recipe coming soon!
      I have not had a chance to refilm the cheesecake brownies- but Im working as hard and fast as possible to do so! thanks!

  38. Hi Gretchen,
    Luv your channel and recipes
    Long time follower from from the beginning days. I remember your original published brownie recipe was for a half sheet pan (12 x 16) I don’t think the recipe quantities have changed since then (have they ???) but the pan size now says 9 x 13. Am I dreaming this up or have we thickened the size of the brownie ???

    1. Hi Thanks! No you are 100% correct I did go with 9X13 here but kept the recipe the same, I wanted thicker brownies that’s all. You can use the 12X18″ pan still, just decrease the bake time.

  39. Peanut butter/Choc cheesecake? Amount of time to bake 8″ round for brownie bottom in the recipe and how many will your recipe for brownie yield in 8″ round? Thanks

  40. Hi Gretchen, finally I have been able to make your delicious Fudge Brownie and ohhh my, delicious and dense and super easy to make. I made your Red Velvet Mousse Cake and you and your recipes are fabulous. The cake was dense, velvet smooth and very very rich. Thanks for all your hard work. Looking forward to making a whole lot more of your fare!!!!

    Regards to you

  41. These are the first from scratch brownies I’ve ever made and they are the easiest and most delicious. I’ve made them so many times and even poured them in a large pan to make really thin. They get real crunchy and good. Thanks Gretchen.

  42. Hi Gretchen,
    Don’t think I’m crazy but, I want to bake this in 6″ round pan(s). I’m going to stack them like a cake with fudge icing in the middle and cover with fondant. I will then put it on top of your chocolate buttermilk cake.
    My question is, how long should I bake the 6 in. rounds? I know till its done but when should I start checking to see if they are done, 20 minutes??
    Thank you!!

  43. Thank you so much for answering my questions! Both the brownie and chocolate cake questions. I’d love to show you the finished cake. Can I post a picture here?
    Thanks again,

  44. Hi Gretchen – When you had your bakery and made these brownies, you talked on your video (original brownie video from long long ago) about how you used a commercial grade Fudge Base. Can you tell me what the brand of that was? I’m a home baker but have a friend that owns a restaurant and may be able to get it for me. Thank you so much.

  45. Hi Gretchen, I have no luck whatsoever when making brownies. They taste awesome, but the problem is, they always stick to the paper, we have to scrape them off to eat em. I have resorted to making them in cups…this works for us. I have gone through various brands of paper, but nope… All these so called d grease proof is making my brownie life miserable. Please help.

  46. I made these in a 9X9 and cupcakes with some marshmallow peanut butter frosting and they were FANTASTIC, Gretchen! Thank you! I might have had to taste-test two of the cupcakes-you know, just to be sure they were edible. 😉

  47. I was wondering if i put potassium sorbate in the brownie, how long does it last at room temperature? i don’t have any big freezer.

    1. hi there!
      I already baked a bunch of brownies. and i still dont get the moist crumbs for the doneness.
      i usually put a skewer when it still wet and leave it in the oven. after few minutes, my skewer show little crumb but not moist crumbs.
      my questions are, how many minutes does it take from wet crumbs to moist crumbs? and if it still wet, the batter will shiny on the skewer right?

      p/s: i totally fall in love with your blogs and videos on youtube.

  48. hi gretchen
    hope you are doin ok
    please i would like to know if i can serve your fudge brownies at my sis wedding (are brownies served at weddings) if yes o goody, then wen can i make them so that they would taste almost freshly baked on the D-day. is it two to 3 days before the wedding? cos am from the tropics and well my freezer aint so good.
    please advise
    thank you

  49. Hi Gretchen
    Wots cooking!!
    Guess wot?! I just made fudge brownies…the aroma is divine…. I used the cocoa powder recipe for chocolate….with all the sugar i put…the cocia powder still over rode the it kinds. Cos unswettened choco’ate is gold mine in this part of world. Pls can i put milk too just to mask the bland after taste if the cocoa powder. THANKS DEAR

    1. HI Great, milk may not be the best choice here, if you activate the cocoa with hot COFFEE that will bring out the depth of chocolate

  50. Hey Gretchen,

    So I’ve used this recipe a long time ago, and it was a hit at my family dinner. But, when I made the batch of brownies it was for a different size pan. The pan was like a baking sheet, and I believe your recipe was for a baking sheet. I was wondering if I could get the measurements and recipe for the baking sheet size, because I do not own a 9×13 pan.

  51. Hi,Gretchen!
    My boyfriend is allergic to eggs so I was thinking about makin this recipe with 6 flax eggs. Do you think it would work?
    Thank you!:)

  52. Hi,Gretchen!

    I make this brownies today , one third of material, so I use 11*21 cm loaf mold.

    But after 15 min, that I put in the oven, the mold was full but after 23 min the puff of material go out and i stick on the mold , and no brownies was in the mold,
    plz help me.(excuse me, I can not speak English good)

    Thanks a lot

  53. Hi Gretchen,

    I have a lot of unsweetened baker’s chocolate (100% cacao) that I need to use. How would I adjust the sugar to account for the unsweetened chocolate?


  54. Hi Gretchen,
    I want to make this but first I need the right pan for this.
    I’m not in the USA so we don’t have 9×13 inch pans which are high. I’m trying to get a good pan but I would like to know how high your pan is so I can try to calculate which one will work. I’m thinking of a 9×13.8 but this one is only 1.4 inches high. Will this work or do I need a higher pan? The next one is 10.2×15.4x 1.4 inch. Could I also use that pan for square cakes? Because I don’t want to buy a lot of pans. I already have a 8.3×11.4×1.4 inch pan. If I do 50% will that work?

  55. Hi Gretchen, can I use brown sugar instead for the same amount? Will it alter the texture? I don’t want the brownies to be too sweet. Thank you.


  57. Hi Gretchen, quick question (my apologies if you have already answered this previously) what type of chocolate do you use for this recipe, meaning the brand? Thanks in advance. I love your you tube channel and your recipes are awesome.

  58. Thank you again for this recipe!!!! We just had our Gwajajun Event here in Seoul, South Korea, and we sold out of these!

    I just wanted to pass on a tip I figured out about melting the chocolate and butter. Everyone lately has been using the microwave or the traditional double boiler to do this. Both of these methods can be disastrous, water in the chocolate seizes it and the microwave can burn it.

    Just before I started making these I was thinking about ganache for icing. I suddenly realized I could use the same technique to melt the chocolate and butter! So I melted the butter in a small pot on the stove and poured it over the chocolate in a metal bowl. Stirred until there were no lumps. Totally smooth chocolate and no chance of it seizing or burning! If you burn the butter or it separates you can discard it before you loose your expensive chocolate. Hope this helps!

  59. Hi, Miss Gretchen! I found your YouTube channel by way of your vegan recipes! And I absolutely love all of your desserts! Do you have any suggestions for making these fudgy brownies vegan? And do you have any suggestions for substitutes for sweetened condensed milk? I LOVE samoas, and was trying to possibly veganize your samoa brownies!

  60. Hi, Gretchen! I just wanted to tell you how much my family and LOVE this recipe! It’s perfection! I want to give you my sincere thanks for doing what you do. Your commitment and perseverance are commendable . After all of the ups and downs life has thrown at you, you have started over, kept moving forward, and kept on! I love your recipes and your blog and videos. You have inspired me to be a better baker (my family also thanks you! Lol). I’m so grateful for what you do. I have been following you for years. You keep doing you, girl! You’re amazing!

  61. Lately I’m into freezing, it’s the perfect solution for me not eating the complete batch 😀
    I just wonder: should I freeze the brownies without the fudge/ganache/buttercream? Or can I do freeze them all pretty and ready?
    So far I froze them without anything, but was wondering if I could go 1 extra step in the laziness 🙂 lol
    Thanks as always for your tips!

    1. I try that but them end up digging in the freezer at midnight and quick thaw in the microwave 😀
      But you can do it either way no problem

  62. Hi Gretchen how do you feel today ??? hope your back pain is gone !!!!
    I need some help I love this recipe can I change it with white chocolate and must I change the amount of sugar and chocolate ????
    Thanks a lot big kisses from Switzerland

    1. Hi Thanks! It is slow going, I still have alot of pain in my entire leg (sciatic) the whole leg is now numb 🙁
      While I have not subbed in to make this white chocolate so I can’t give you anything better than a guess- you will have to play around or hope you first try is a success and YES since white chocolate is mostly SWEET (and why I do not use it very often) you will definitely have to reduce the sugar

  63. The recipe taste excellent, but I have one question, when I baked the brownies, it formed the normal brownie crust, but when the brownies cooled down after baking, when I cut it, there was a noticeable gap between the actual brownie and the crust.. Do you think 350 is too high for me, should I lower the temperature? It was like brownie, air and crust.

    1. I think it was too much whipping, (too much air incorporated into the batter) but you may have a hotter oven too, so 325 would be fine

  64. I LOVE this brownie recipe, it is so gooey and delicious! I tried baking them in a pan that had 9 rectangles to make individual brownies. The problem was that the outsides baked quicker than the middles and kind of separated from the insides making them difficult to get out of the pan and not attractive to serve (but still delicious 🙂 How can I overcome that? If I baked at a lower temperature would that make a difference? I’m going to try that with a couple but don’t want to ruin another whole batch. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hmm, I would guess the triangles are deeper than the pan I use here which could be the problem, I am not too familiar with that pan, but I think I can visualize it. I would say to bake at 325 and cover loosely with parchment of foil for the last 15 minutes of baking to make sure that doesnt happen again

    1. since white chocolate is so high in sugar it wouldn’t be advised to just switch out the chocolate white for the dark, the recipe would really have to be reworked. Sorry!

  65. Was the recipe edited from the chocolate needed. I’ve made this twice and I remember it needing 2 cupcakes of chocolate chips and then an additional type of chocolate. The second time I made it with the recipe just requiring 2 cups of chocolate chips the brownie is a lot more dry like cake texture. Not fudgey at all

    1. The only change was that is used to have a small portion of UNsweetened chocolate – but due to so many people not having or getting UNsweet chocolate I changed it to all semi sweet.
      That change would not cause a dry brownie though, since the total amount of chocolate was always 12ounces.
      You can of course revert back to that old measure if you prefer using UNsweet & semi together. 10oz semi and 2ounce UNsweet
      Dry brownie I suspect could be too much flour in the recipe or another measure that was slightly off?

  66. Hi Gretchen,
    I am a biiiiig fan of yours. Around 3 years back i found ur blog and I always choose ur recipes for special occasions. Now I made this brownie and it turned out to be heaven…But one issue is muddle part is flat compared to 4 edges. Edges seem to be like high…or it is like a slope from all 4 sides.what could be the reason…where will I be going wrong…

    Thanks in advance

    1. HI Disha thanks, its possible you oven is too high temperature, try to lower it next time, and be sure you are baking in the middle rack of the oven

  67. Hi Gretchen, I love all your recipes!! Thanks so much for taking the time to share them! I I need to make a full sheet of your brownie recipe. Can I just double the recipe and are the sides of a sheet pan high enough. Thank you

    1. Full sheet? or do you mean half sheet? (12″ x 18″= half sheet) yes to double and if it is a 2″ high pan yes it will be fine

    1. Oh, so you are doing a True FULL sheet cake. Ok.. hmm that is going to be 3X the recipe
      In the bakery I used a convection oven set at 335 (which is about 350 in a conventional oven)

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