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Chocolate ganache recipe

Ganache 3

I decided to call this recipe “Simple ganache recipe” for the very reason that it is just so simple.

2 Ingredients.

1 Easy step.

Now of course I have another recipe for Shiny Ganache for Glazing Cakes; which is indeed a ganache recipe but has a few more ingredients to keep it shiny even after a day or so.

(which this ganache will not exactly do)

Also the Mirror Glaze craze has hit the scene at Gretchen’s Bakery so you may want to try that recipe as well. It is essentially a ganache with gelatin added for elasticity and shine. I provide a vegetarian version as well!

I have to be honest though, I use this recipe regular ganache recipe way more than the others; it’s just so simple!

This type of ganache recipe is one that you will find for making truffles, since it is so easy to infuse flavors and create an endless bounty of delicate little chocolate treats!

Read more on What is Ganache so you can get a sense of how very versatile this recipe can be for you!

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Simple Ganache Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
I have no video for this recipe, but it is quite simple to master
Serves: 3½ cups
  • Semi Sweet Baking Chocolate 1lb (454g) (approx 2¾ cups chopped chocolate)
  • Heavy Cream 2 cups (475ml)
  1. In a large mixing bowl reserve the evenly chopped baking chocolate while you boil the heavy cream either in the microwave or in a sauce pot on the stove.
  2. Immediately pour the boiling cream over the chocolate in the bowl and whisk to melt and smooth.
  3. Read more about Ganache Here
Store at room temperature for 1 day or in the refrigerator in a clean container airtight for up to 2 weeks.


5.0 from 1 reviews
Vegan Ganache Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 2½cups
  1. Melt the chocolate over a double boiler or in the microwave.
  2. Add the warmed almond milk and whisk smooth.
  3. Cool slightly and then use right away to pour as a glaze over cakes and pastries.
  4. Or let set up to desired consistency for fillings in cakes and pastries
Store ganache in the refrigerator for up to 10 days

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  1. I need a ganache that will be soft enough to fill cupcakes with is this recipie good for that I don’t want it to hard

    1. Whipped Ganache
      yield 1 quart liquid ganache

      Heavy Cream or Whipping Cream 2 cups (474ml) (476g)
      Chocolate (I use 56%) 8 ounces (226g)


      Once the cream has come to a boil you pour the entire amount over the chopped chocolate in the bowl.
      Allow it to sit for about half a minute to 1 minute to allow the heat to penetrate the entire surface area of all the chocolate.
      Next you will stir the ganache to create the emulsion (this is the agitation)

      Pour the liquid ganache into a clean container and then refrigerate it overnight.
      It should be the consistency of creamy peanut butter by the next day.
      At this point you can transfer it to a mixing bowl with whip attachment or with a hand whisk, beat it until it reaches Soft Peaks. Do not over whip or you will separate the fats and have a grainy mixture!

      Whipped Ganache can be stored for 3 days inside cakes and pastries always refrigerated OR you can save the liquid (un-whipped) ganache in the refrigerator for up to 7 days and whip as you need it.

  2. Hey Karen use can use the all-purpose cream (Alaska Krema or Nestle brand); I had success with such cream. If you can find whipping cream (usually in big grocery stores like SM and Robinsons; Arla, Emborg or Elle & Vire brands) then use that one; it’s more expensive, though.

    1. Consistency of Ganaches:

      MEDIUM- 1 part chocolate : 1 part cream
      For Truffles, Glazing Cakes, adding to Whipped Cream or Buttercream, using for a thick filling in cakes or spreadable icings

      FIRM- 2 parts chocolate : 1 part cream
      For Truffles, Firm layers inside of cakes, also great when adding fruit pastes, nuts and other ingredients since it is very firm to start off with.

      SOFT- 1 part chocolate : 2 parts cream
      For Whipped Ganache,
      use as chocolate sauce, drinking chocolate, or pour into tart shells and let set for a creamy tart filling

      I tried to explain it here at What is Ganache– I hope I did an OK job doing so

  3. Hey, Gretchen. I always make your Fudge brownies. But instead using the fudge icing brownies, i like to use simple ganache recipe primarily because its easy and simple to do. Lol. my questions are: 1. how long can I store/eat the brownies with ganache? I read in one of your recipe that any recipe with whipped cream, it doesn’t last that long. does it apply also with the brownies with simple ganache?
    2. for fudge brownies, which of the three (medium, firm, soft) would you recommend for best result (aside from fudge icing of course) with fudge brownies? thanks again.

    1. Hi Paul I agree with you there, the richness of ganache without the sweetness of fudge icing! I let them stay out several days with no trouble, I would do a medium

      1. Great. I thought I’m alone with putting ganache on brownies. 🙂 what if I refrigerate the brownies, how long you think it could last.

        Also, do you think I can add cream cheese on the batter?

          1. haha actually I was referring to brownies batter if I could add cream cheese to it. sorry for the confusion. my bad

          2. Its worth a try- I have not, so I cannot guide you here, it will change the recipe drastically- since anything you add or take out will change it right. Let me know if you experiemnt

  4. Hey. if you within metro manila, you can go to Wonder Bake store. They have heavy cream products available at very reasonable price. I believe they have store in Trinoma and Fairview Terraces.

  5. Hi,
    Was guessing how much ganache qty would be required from d above recipe to fill d layers n cover your whole chocolate buttermilk cake. Ideally how thick should b d ganache layer while used as filling.. Is half inch Ok? Or it shld b thin den dat.
    I know it’s personal preference but Please correct me if m wrong in d following case ..when I bake for orders den if I make one inch cake base as layer den I fill d two cake layers with half inch thick layer of ganache n if i cut d cake base layers as half inch den use ganache as 1/4th inch thick in between d cake layers.

  6. I have leftover ganache for cake filling….chocolate and cream ratio was 2:1. Now is it possible to make this leftover ganache pourable for glazing cake? If possible then how?

  7. Hello Gretchen,
    I used your ganache recipe to fill some chocolate candies I made and it’s great. I’d like to add some flavoring to the ganache (orange, coffee, mint maybe) to kick things up a notch . I imagine it’s a matter of personal taste, but would you mind suggesting an amount of liquid extract/flavoring to add to this recipe? (I trust your taste more than mine.) Thank you!

    1. Sure great! You can add a tablespoon or 3 to the recipe and zest of citrus is best steeped into the cream for max flavor. I have a truffles tutorial coming up Dec 10th!

  8. Gretchen – making the Yule Log for Christmas – in the recipe for the ganache can you use nestles semi chocolate chips or bakers semi sweet squares (which would be better)

  9. Just wondering if we can whip the ganache? what ratio of choc to cream should I use for the whipped ganache frostingB for cupcakes?

  10. Some ganache recipe’s that I have used in time past, had me add after the ganache was made a Tbl.of Karo syrup or a Tbl. butter, what is the difference with that and your recipes?
    I tell you though, you and your recipes are so inviting that I really want to bake every day. <3 You have such a beautiful personality. God bless you.

  11. Hi Gretchen. I have learnt so many things from you i love your style of teaching and guiding us in a friendly atmosphire .You are the best baker .please guide me that mostely which type of cake is used in birthday cakes weather is it sponge cake or chiffone cake or pound cake which is the best cake for making birthday cake and can we use milk instead of sugar syrup for softening a cake.☺

  12. Hi Gretchen!
    Love your recipes. Especially the Swiss Buttercrean! Thanks for sharing. I was wondering if the simple ganache reciepe, at room temp is spreadable? Not whipped but almost like a smooth peanut butter consistancy. I am using chocolate Swiss to torte and fill the cake but wanted to cover the cake with a richer chocolate flavor like ganache. If not, would a 2 parts cream-1 part heavy cream ratio work? I will be traveling two hours with the cake also. I planned on keeping it in the fridge until time to leave. Sorry, I meant 2 parts cream and 1 part chocolate

  13. Hi Gretchen just wondering, if you said that ganache only can stay in room temperature for 1 day, why nowadays many people use ganache for filling or coating under fondant for the 3D or wedding cake?
    Sometimes even they need to carve and decorated it in a few days or just people don’t care for the safety factor?
    Is it really a bad idea to store in at room temperature more than 1 day? Thanks in advance

    1. Its not “really bad” to store more than 1 day- I have left ganache at room temperature for several days actually, and Truffles which are made from ganache are meant to stay at room temperature.
      I have to be careful though how I tell people to do things, since all environments are different. I would hate to tell someone to leave it at room temperature for more than 1 day and perhaps where they are living (in severe hot temperatures?) and the cakes or whatever they are using the ganache on, will fall apart! So alot of this is a “use your judgement” type of scenario.
      Not to mention when I owned my bakery all of the shelf lives, and storage information changed with the seasons, in the winter it was different storage and handling than in the summer

  14. Hi Gretchen!

    I cant wait to try the vegan ganache! Will it set enough to form a firm shell for under fondant?


  15. Hi Gretchen, worried the dark chocolate will be too bitter so I was thinking of using milk chocolate. Can you please tell me the correct measurements please.
    Thank you as always forever grateful.

    1. Sorry to keep bothering you but your notes say that the cream needs to be reduced if white or milk chocolate is used instead of dark chocolate for this recipe. Please please please can u tell me by how much should the cream be reduced in ml’s when using milk chocolate?

      Thank you so much:)

    2. Hello again :/ it didn’t work! I’ve left the ganache to set now for about 8 hours and it is still runny. I’m not sure if I took the right amount of cream out. Did you mean 2 ounce as in (fl.Oz. )? Because that’s what I took out or was it someting else? Grateful as ever for all the time you take to answer out questions.

      1. yes 2 fluid ounces. Im sorry this is not working out for you! If it is still liquid you can always just whip it to a whipped ganache consistency ( I do know that if you did not use COUVERTURE it will not work)

    3. Thank you so much for your quick reply.
      The chocolate I’m using is “Dr.Oetker milk chocolate with 35% cocoa solids and milk solids 21% perfect for home baking” I haven’t seen any chocolate that say couverture here in the UK

  16. Hi Gretchen,

    Can I add Nutella to this ganache and use it as a frosting for the Ferrero cake ?

    If yes, does the cake need to be refrigerated?


    1. If you add nutella it may throw off the glazing balance of this ganache – for truffles and fillings sure it will be great- but it may not ice shiny and pourable as it is intended here, it is worth a try though, I have not tried that

  17. looking to make Half sheet Brownies can not find rite Recipe for half sheet have made frosting turned out great and so did the ganache just can not get the half sheet ingredients right.

  18. You call for a lot of baking chocolate in your recipes, and this is a good standardized ingredient, but it can be a little expensive, like $2.50 for four ounces. Over in the bar chocolate aisle at my local Kroger store where brands like Lindt Excellence are located, one can find various bars that don’t include other flavorings (like orange or caramel), but they do differentiate themselves by their cocoa percentage (for example, Lindt comes in 64, 70, and 99%). On sale, the Kroger private label is around $1.75, which is a good price if I have to use a pound for a recipe. I have used the Kroger brand twice to make ganache, which came out just fine. What I am curious about is to understand the equivalency between baking chocolate and bar chocolate, such as if there is a cocoa percentage of bar chocolate that mimics baking chocolate or if baking chocolate differs in other ways.

  19. I have a your recipe for simple ganache from a few years ago it calls for 12 oz. cream and 350 gm chocolate is there any reason that the amounts changed except it looks like it makes more I just need it to make a mud puddle for my Gran d daughter’ s cake Thanks!!

  20. Gretchen please help. Everytime I make ganache it separates after on the cake. It’s like it leeks brown liquid and looks curdled. What am I doing wrong? Love the taste of ganache but getting to the point I hate it and never want to make it again.

    1. hmm, that is so weird, that Has never happened to me. I want to point to your chocolate you are using? Since its really only 2 ingredients, it has to be one or the other

  21. Gretchen, can you explain how long the ganache needs to set after it becomes smooth before you can use it to sandwich between spritz cookies? Does it need to sit at room temperature or be refrigerated for any time waiting for the consistency to be right?

    1. It all depends on the conditions where you are but typically I refrigerate mine to speed it up. the only bad thing about that, is then it gets too cold and it hard to pipe. So if you have patience you can just leave it at room temperature for almost the whole day and it sets up beautifully.

  22. Found you on YouTube last year, your recipes are fabulous and inspiring. I have made many cakes since then with the back bone of my cakes from recipes you post. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into sharing. I know it must be a challenge while running a business at the same time. Cheers from a kindred cake diva

  23. I use canned coconut cream/milk for my ganache. I want to try Edensoy soymilk & Edensoy Extra soymilk. Those are both nice milk alternatives with a very nice flavor to them.

  24. Hi Gretchen. Thanks for an amazing site and your wonderful recipes. I am making a 4 layer 10 inch cake for a kid’s party and want to use a chocolate ganache for just the filling and have a few questions, do if you have the time I will really appreciate it. So I was wondering how much ganache should I make and how much do I need for each layer? Is your 1lb recipe enough or too much so halve it? Also as it is for a kid’s party I have decided to use half dark(semi sweet ) and half milk chocolate so what ratio of chocolate to cream should I use for a nice spreadable consistency (like nutella or a littler firmer)? Will 1:1 still be fine or must I use the 2:1 or the 4:3 ratio you suggested for milk chocolate or something in between? Also how long do I need to leave it out to get the desired consistency? Anyway thanks again for your brilliant site and tips.

    1. HI thank YOU too! I would say to double the recipe for a 10″ 4 layer cake. 1:1 is still a good ratio
      Once you make it, it will be liquidy and over time at room temperature it will firm up (sometimes take a whole day) the refridge is faster for setting but sometimes gets it TOO hard and you have to rewarm to spreadable consistency again, so I prefer to just leave it out and let it set and it will be perfect to spread by the night or next morning (no prob to leave it out overnight)

  25. Hi gretchen,can I use ganache ratio 1:1 for fondant cake filling? Why most people use 1:2 ratio (cream:chocolate) is it because more stable?

    1. 1:2 would be a thicker ganache yes, so whatever you prefer is fine! I always use 1:1 for almost everything and it is great

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