Garden Vegetable Decorations

garden veggies

I have had several requests for this cake with Garden Vegetable Decorations over the course of my professional baking career.

To say it is time consuming making all the detailed little veggies may be an understatement!

I do have fun with this project though!

It’s almost like therapy!

You will need some modeling paste or modeling chocolate to make the decorations.

I prefer (and have always used) Deco Magic for my modeling projects.

It works just like clay, it hardens upon sitting out at room temperature for a day and it is completely edible and vegan.

You will see Winklebean tried to help me at one point but it didn’t turn out to be much help after all.

He lapped up a “carrot”, chewed it a bit and then promptly spit it back out 🙁

Note to self, “Winklebean is not a good pastry chef”

029 026

I use Chefmaster (Or Americolor) Gel Paste Food Colors

Divide the modeling paste into as many portions as you will need to color all the assorted colors for the vegetables you wish to make.

Be sure to save some white for the fence if you are making a fence!

023  024

Color the portions according to the vegetables you are making.

I made tomatoes, cauliflower, beets and carrots.

Don’t forget the green for all the stems and stalks!

025  040

036  038

tomatoes  035

Then basket was made with a series of strips that I rolled into long spaghetti like strips.

I then wrapped them around, stacking one on top of another until I built up a basket!

Then I attached a braided handle

041  basket

So you get the idea guys!

Get creative! And please don’t forget to share with me on facebook so I can see what you are up to!

I have a fabulous book I like to use for getting idea on how to model figures for cake decorating, it is for clay figures, but it’s the same thing when using modelign paste!

Check it out here, it’s called Clay Characters for Kids








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