Gluten Free Baking


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    1. hello!!!

      I’m very please to see all your lecture about baking…also i love the way you video ur expertise in baking….thanks a lot for sharing all your knowledge about baking…

  1. Helllllppppp!!!
    Hy Gretchen how can i make you m&m cookies Gluten Free ???
    I think I have done something wrong !!!
    I have changed the gluten free flower amound from original 356 to 260 grams and the cookies spread in the oven like it was liquide
    What must I do to become a perfect result???
    Please help me

      1. Thanks a lot
        I have understood that I must change the amound of flour in the recipe when I use it gluten free
        Does this conversation chart means I must use for the quantity of wheat four 356gramm= 2 cups(?gramms)+potato starch 1/2c ( Gramm???)+tapioca starch 1/4c(???) +/./1,1/4 tbs xantham gum together ???
        Can you Help me with the gramms
        I adore you thanks a lot ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Hello,
    I was just wondering if there was a way to make your peanut butter cheesecake stuffed brownie cupcake GLUTEN FREE??? Really trying to figure something out that my daughter would like and I really feel that she would like this but needs to be gluten free….

    1. Hi! I have several Gluten Free followers who have tried a number of my recipe with GF AP mix with GREAT success! So I am going to confidently say YES!

  3. I have been sucked into this delightful website… Chocolate, strawberries, butter… oh my… I did printed out some of the cookie recipes (Christmas is coming, you know)…
    I find when I bake gluten-free the biggest problem I have is a dry, not holding together end result (bars, cookies, cakes, whatever)… I did a little research and some experimentation and found 1 tablespoon of psyllium added to my flour mixture (half oat flour and half almond flour) not only stops the baked yummy from being delicate and dry the flours add a nuttiness that is delicious… course this doesn’t help people who have nut intolerances… and lovely to spend part of my Saturday here…

  4. Hi Gretchen! Would you happen to have any gluten free and vegan recipes? I’m egg, dairy, and gluten intolerant and it’s very hard to find good recipes that’s…well…free of everything haha!

    1. Im sorry I don’t do any gluten free, and normally I would say you can straight up sub any gluten free mix 1:1 in my recipes, but once you add vegan to the mix it does change things slightly. My friend is gluten free & vegan and her recipes are amazing! CLICK HERE

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