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  1. Gretchen, I was so excited to hear that you were moving to Florida! Have followed since Crumb Boss Days. Here in Florida there are not many or as you once said on one of your videos there are hardly any or no individual bakeries in neighborhoods anymore. If you open a store front the local area you are in would be blown away……..many Northern transplants ie Jersey,New York,Philidelphia etc would think they are back in the neighborhood. Publix would no longer be their choice for all that is fine in bake goods. Whatever you do,building your internet label or otherwise will be successful. Thank you for all you teach and share.

    1. HI Anna! Just moving to Florida to continue the video / blog biz, no more bakeries for me! Im too OLD & 10years was MORE than enough to almost kill me! LOL thank you though!

  2. Hi Gretchen,

    Next year my daughter is turn 16 and I want to make her an amazing three tiered cake that is teenager approved (meaning hip and cool with a lot of sparkles and bling on it). Have you made any sweet 16 cakes that you can share a video of.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Gretchen,

      Can you please make a Sweet 16 cake and video? I want to make a special 3 tiered cake that sparkles and has a lot of bling on it for my daughter, but I really do not know how and where to start. I purchased a crystal number “16” for the cake topper. Please help. Thank you so much.


  3. I have come back to you after a year and I was upset to find everything gone. :O But I’m sure you’ll have everything back up again. Is there link somewhere for cake pop measurements. How many cakes will I need for 60 cake pops?

    1. Hey there, yeah much has gone on and not all good…BUT I am back solo and better than ever- so stay tuned for more to come! I would make the recipe 1½ times for 60 pops

  4. Hi Gretchen, so good to see you back. I really love your recipes and have missed your your blog and emails. Hope you’ll soon be up and running as you want to be very soon

  5. Hi Gretchen

    I remember you mentioned a website that sells cake circles in one of your videos. I didnt note down the link then and i cant remember which video it was so can you please let me know again.

    1. Hmm, cake circles? I can’t recall, Im sorry- when I owned my bakery I bought paper supply (cake boards & boxes) from a local supplier. I really cant remember- Im sorry
      If you do a google search for cake boards though you will find alot

  6. Hi, Gretchen! I am enjoying all your videos, recipes, and just so happy you are back! Could you tell me where you get your cake rings for the tiamisu recipe? I would be interested in the 8″. Thanks so much and have a blessed day!

  7. Gretchen,
    You are a gem.
    Thank you for all you do and share 🙂
    Wishing you love, peace and much sweetness on you new adventure ♡

  8. Hi I am so happy to receive your emails and I feel so happy to watch your videos many tks for the thought and information you share with us good bless you hope to see more videos

  9. Hi Gretchen! Can you recommend a good sifter? I have to sift a lot of powdered sugar when I make cakes and frosting and I’m so sick of my tiny sifter. What do you use?

  10. Hi Gretchen… aka CRUMB BOSS from back in the days where you would have sooo much fun filming your recipes in the back of your bakery in NJ and I would laugh and laugh along with you. Not only did I enjoy your unique style but your recipes rock and that’s coming from a qualified pastry chef (just for fun) and Chiro in the real world that was living in Australia. Husband and I have now landed in Toronto Canada, closer to you 🙂 and you have run away to Florida. I will however catch you one day to give you a big squeezy hug and thank you for your contribution. Whatever you have been through will only make you stronger and more awesome. Much love Gretchen. xxx

  11. I just discovered you, excited to try your recipes! Do you use cake strips to wrap around your cake pans before you bake? I didn’t see them on your equipment list. The theory behind them is they promote even baking from outside of pan to center and also no “hump” in center of cake. I have enjoyed using them. Was wondering about your thoughts on them!

    1. HI Great! Welcome! I do not use the cake strips, alot of people ask me how I get my cakes to bake flat, and well…I dont do anything special. I just use my recipes here and they bake up fault! The cake recipes where I may see some doming is depending on the cake recipe itself and those are typically creaming method Butter cake recipes CLICK HERE FOR MORE and CLICK HERE too!

      Butter cakes like my Pumpkin Cake Recipe and White Cake are great for cupcakes whereas sponge cakes– not so great

      1. I’ve found that baking cakes in my conventional oven is when my cakes dome, but if i bake in my convection oven they do not…they bake perfectly!!! It’s just a small one that sits on my counter.

  12. Hi Gretchen,
    I love my kitchenaid 5qt mixer. Had it for almost 20 years and sounds like its on it’s last legs. I see yours is a larger size. I can’t decide between a 6 and 7 quart size. I see the 7 has a more powerful motor but worried it won’t do any small jobs as little as 3 egg whites. I would like to try and make my own fondant but my current one gets extremely hot and noisy when overworked ( I guess like me 🙂 ) Which do you have and which would you recommend. Thanks for coming back with your website stronger than ever! -Marilou

    1. hahaha! I guess all things age the same way! LOL
      I LOVE my 6qt Pro the best (maybe because Chris bought it for me <3) but the 8qt bowl is unnecessarily big for small jobs you are right (and my beater blade doesnt fit it anymore grrrrr) so yeah I love my 6qt

  13. Can’t wait to make those Devil Dogs! Must be a Jersey thing!LOL. I can’t find the pans on Amazon. Could you possibly share the link?

  14. Hi Gretchen! I have a question that I hope you can help me with. The reason I “hope” is because it’s going to mean understanding my description, which is pretty vague. Here goes, I remember you talking about a mat that you offer/sell, a while back in one of your videos (see what I mean). I believe it was for working with fondant but I can’t be sure. I believe you spoke about how easily it rolled up yet would lay flat. Do you have any clue as to what I may be remembering? I’ve been working off of one of the basic Wilton roll up mats and I keep needing to replace it. I remembered you mentioning a mat and since I’m making up my Christmas wish list, I wanted to check it out and possibly add it to my list. I know I’m being REALLY vague but I’m hoping you know what I’m drawing a blank on. I’m just an amateur baker/decorator (after having taken all of the Wilton classes a couple of years ago) but am getting to the point that I’m baking enough to warrant purchasing some products that will help me continue to grow in this area. If you can help me with this puzzle that would be great, but I’d love to hear what other products you think would be beneficial to a person who’s at the point I am. For example does a turntable make a difference?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.


      1. Thanks Gretchen. I will definitely look at the products you have for sale as well! I’m so glad you knew what I was talking about since I myself, wasn’t sure. lol

        Also wondering, is there an airbrush system you recommend? I’ve never used one but I think I’m ready now. ; )

        Thanks for taking the time to respond. Time for me to go add to my wishlist now. Yay!


        1. Excellent! Congrats on your new found talents and passion for your craft! I dont really have an airbrush recommend (im not the greatest when it comes to decorating) but I would do a google search for Airbrush Reviews and see what comes up

  15. Hi Gretchen!
    I am a homebaker in India. I want to setup a bakery spl for cakes and cookies, i want to know the primary industrial equipments i need to start such business. Please let me know if possible.
    Thank you

  16. HI Gretchen,

    Hope you’re busy CREATING!!

    Thank you is an understatement. I owe my baking prowess to you!

    I love your recipes so much, they’re easy, require no fancy equipment and absolutely budget friendly without compromising on quality!

    I’ve a recurring problem though: I have a family of two with a big heart n tiny stomach. Sometimes friends visit, neighbours are mostly diabetic! All your recipes are too huge for me. The quantity I mean. Please, am not complaining it’s just that I would love it if it sufficed my needs. For Ex: I loved your Mississippi Mud Cake, however using just a 6 cup pan would suffice, but there’s that 12 cupcakes too. Is there a way that I can scale them down? Like a general rule for basic recipes? I hate using any other recipe and the tips for halving he recipes online am unsure of. I so wanna make the Mud Pie among other things.

    Hope am not asking for a lot.

    Please guide.


    1. HI Thanks! You can absolutely reduce the recipes by half- just be careful in your math as that is where most people have errors. I recommend a scale too since the quantities can get small and harder to figure out with cups measure

  17. Hi Gretchen, I stumbled across your vlog on youtube today and realized you are truly a miracle I am a beginner baker like a serious beginner baker although I’ve been a baker in my heart since I was in the womb lol I love being in the kitchen.. kitchen plus sweets? its matrimony. and your recipes, they are vegan? and they are simple yet, amazing? yeah you pretty much rock! (: and while browsing through the comments above I noticed that you’re in Florida now? I was wondering do you give classes away from youtube?
    God Bless You!

    1. No not right now, Ive had to scale down some of the offerings on my blog, but I am working on getting them for sale again soon 🙂 thanks

  18. would you leave a link for a round cookie cutter set with graduated sizes? Also do you have a video on how to attach the blow torch. Many thanks in advance

  19. Hi Gretchen, first of all, you are a great baker, we started our business with your recipes!!, are you still offering your consulting services? there is some questions that I’ll like to have an advice, thanks in advance.

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