Halloween Pumpkin Piñata

Hallowen Pumpkin Piñata

Halloween Pumpkin Piñata

Halloween Pumpkin Piñata is a really cool and different way to celebrate Halloween!

Stuff this orange colored chocolate pumpkin globe with candy or your choice of anything you want really~ and have some fun!

I was thinking little Italian Butter Spritz cookies would be a perfect surprise inside!!

Or make your own chocolate truffles to go inside!

I am using Wilton Candy Melts here for the orange chocolate but you can take this same technique and use real chocolate couverture too.

You will need 2 packages of the Candy Melts, they are 12ounce each.

A little bit for the chocolate face if you so desire and those cute candy google eyes are always adorable!

The ornament hanger is a great idea OR a banana hanger will do the same trick!

That’s really all you need unless of course you want to make a way better silicone mold than me!! Oh man mine was atrocious! LOL

Or you can just make smaller ones with the silicone half sphere molds that I used in my Mirror Glaze Video tutorial

So whatever you decide to fill it with or make it with, you will have some fun I promise!

This idea is not only for Halloween but you can really take this idea and run with it!

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