Heavy Cream

Heavy Cream – Also known as Heavy Whipping Cream. Due to the fat content of 36-40%
Not to be confused with plain Whipping Cream or All Purpose  which only has a fat content of 30%
So the best for making Whipped Cream for icing cake, piping and decorations is the Heavy Cream or Heavy Whipping Cream.

You can go for the regular Whipping Cream or All Purpose Cream for recipes such as Caramel Sauce or for making Ganache.
Cream – 1 cup (8fl oz) (240 ml) = 232 grams

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  1. hey gretchen love your videos sady they dont have heavy cream where i live can i sub it for creme fraiche ? for ganache or plain whipping cream or uht cream sorry for the many questions :p
    oh and can i do the same for the chocolate mouse sorry again

    1. Hi Thanks! I depends what recipe you are talking about, anything that calls for WHIPPED CREAM will require a cream that can be whipped – whipping cream is Great! (yes for the mousse recipe)

  2. In the UK the closest thing we have to Heavy Cream, according to fat content, is Whipping Cream at 35% and Double Cream at 48%.

    Both seem to be within an acceptable margin of suitability, but I’d be curious to know which one you’d be inclined to lean towards using for your recipes.

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