How to Make a Beach Wedding Cake

Beach Wedding Cake

Beach weddings may be one of the nicest venues for a wedding (in my opinion).

I think it just screams romance!

So unless you hate sand, this could be the most beautiful way to say “I do!”

On the other hand, not all of us can tie the knot on an island getaway but who said you can’t bring the beach to your wedding!?

What a great way to bring your fantasy wedding right to your doorstep!

This Beach Wedding Cake is just one idea of thousands of ways to incorporate the sun, sand and seashells for that beach theme!

Much of the decoration for this cake can be handmade or purchased at very reasonable prices at craft stores and cake decorating stores alike.

I will link to all of the supplies for you right here!

But first you must prepare all of your recipes  in advance and get to building that cake!

So be sure to watch the video and follow along with the blog instructions for everything you need on How to Build a 3 Tiered Cake

Great, now that you are an expert on Building 3 Tiered Cakes, you can decorate as you wish!

Visit Candyland Crafts online store for all of your cake decorating needs.  They ship worldwide and carry just about everything you will need or can dream of for making wedding cakes!

The Guylian Chocolates were a very lucky find in a local supermarket near my house, otherwise I find that they are not that readily available.  You can however order them online or try your hand at making Fondant Seashells for an added special touch!

When making my chocolate seashells I use Merckens chocolate coins since it is not necessary to temper this chocolate

I had a really hard time finding those Adirondack Chairs at Michael’s Crafts as I’d always seen them there in the past.  But of course once I finally needed them for a project they were no where to found, so I ordered them through an online craft supplier.

How to Make a Beach Wedding Cake
Full tutorial for How to Build a 3 Tier Cake for 60 people
Serves: 60 people

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  1. Hi Gretchen,

    I love watching your video, whenever I make a cake using your recipe all the children at our camp enjoy them very much. I have never tried to make a wedding cake like this video but you always give me inspiration to make something. Thank you so much and keep going to make more video, God bless you.

  2. hi we are big fans was wondering if you can do a video on rye bread and breads in general.
    Thank you soo much!my wife me and my daughter watch youre videos late into the night.

    best of luck to you!

    1. Oh great! thanks for getting the whole family to my support team! LOL
      Ill be making Whole Wheat Bread Soon! (and Croissants!) and I plan to do so much more once I get settled to FL!

  3. hi i love the video its great, but i am trying to make a 2 tier cake and i need help, so do you have any videos on how to make a 2 tier wedding cake videos that can help me please

    please, please thank you

  4. I would love to make this cake for a friend daughter 16 party on Sept 26 15. How many cups of cake mix i need to make the cake. As also what size pans.

    Thank You!

  5. Hi Gretchen,

    I am making your 3 tiered wedding cake . The “10” and “8” will be your Yellow cake and the “6” will be the chocolate buttermilk cake

    The cake will be “10” + “8” + “6”. My question is:

    How much yellow cake batter do I need for the “10” round cake?
    How much yellow cake batter will I need for the “8” round cake?
    How much batter will I need for the “6” chocolate buttermilk round cake?

    Is there anyway to post how much batter is needed for different size cakes.
    Thank you so much for all your help.

    1. 2 layer 10″ 2X the recipe
      2 layers 8″ 1 x recipe
      2 layers 6″ half recipe

      I dont really work in cups of batter to me its too confusing- I honestly just “eye it” I know that I have to fill my pans half way full
      And typically a recipe that makes 2- 8″ layers (which most recipe DO) will make 2- 10″ layers if I double it

    2. Quick question Gretchen (baking goddess) you’ve stated how the recipe should be doubled to yeild a 10″ cake but that’s assuming we’re using a 2″ deep pan. My question is a 3″ pan will need more batter so how do i use the recipe for that? It still needs to be filled halfway but because it’d deeper it’ll need more batter. Help please!

  6. Hi Gretchen,

    When you are stacking your 3 tiered wedding cakes do you keep the cakes on the cardboard disks or do you remove them before frosting the cake? I would think you would keep the cake on the cardboard disk-so that when you go to cut the cake it’s easier to remove but I’m not sure?

    Thank you!

  7. Hi Gretchen,
    I have learnt so much from you. My peeps don’t even believe I am a beginner. Thank you so much. I have just got my first wedding cake order but I am confused if the Swiss buttercream will be ideal for it since I am in a hot weather area, Africa to be precise. I don’t know if I should choose fondant or the buttercream. Help please. And finally can you advice on how to transport tiered cakes. Thank you

  8. Hi Gretchen,

    I am planning on baking my own wedding cake this coming August with the beach theme so when i found your recipes and video I was sooo happy! I’ve been baking cakes but not that decorated and not for big occasions so I’m a bit nervous for pulling this off but I have a good feeling I can (lol). By the way, we will probably have less than 60 guests for our wedding and I’m wondering if a 2 tier cake will be enough?


    1. You can do it!! I would still go 3 tier as listed here in my how to make a 3 tiered cake tutorial since the top tier is not typically counted in the amount of guests, (its the anniversary tier) PLUS I love the look & size of the 10″ + 8″ + 6″
      But of course you can do the 2 tier if you feel it is best!

  9. Gretchen, could I hire you to make a wedding cake and a groom’s cake for my wedding in Flagler Beach on 4/25/17? I would want a white layer cake for the main cake then the chocolate gnosh (sp?) for the groom’s cake. We are having our reception at Blue Heron and if we could pick up the cakes mid day maybe we could have them ready at the restaurant for the reception later? Let me know if you are up for hire on baking my wedding cakes or if this site is just you sharing your recipes. Thanks!

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