How to Make a Birthday Cake

There really are no “rules” on How to Make a Birthday Cake, since the birthday boy/or girl can pretty much have whatever they want!

this tutorial is geared more towards pointing out some of the tricks to getting a perfectly torted, perfectly filled, perfectly crumb iced, perfectly smooth sided and perfectly decorated cake in no time with some easy simple tips!

Of course you can use any recipe you like for the cake and the filling and the icing too!

No matter what you choose, the techniques for filling and icing your cake will always be the same!



Check out the video tutorial below to see for yourself!

It is quite lengthy compared to my usual videos, but I wanted to be sure the beginner cake-r would get to know the tips & tricks to pulling this off like a pro!

Now there are many things happening all at once here, and I did have to do some major advanced prep work as we always do in a building on recipes project, so be sure to have your base recipes prepared ahead of time and also get your sketch drawn up of how you want your final decorated cake to look too!

After all you can’t build a house without a blueprint right?

So all this advanced prep work really pays off to a final, beautiful looking cake; not to mention the EASE at which you will put it all together will make you a REAL PRO in no time!

So let’s get our Mise en place together and Make a Birthday cake!

Oh by the way, I used every single one of the 6 tips in my Gretchen’s Bakery Essentials Cake Decorating Kit including the pastry bag, coupler and a couple Extra Pastry Bags  just to make my life easier.

(It’s always great to have more than 1 pastry bag even if you are a beginner!)

For those who just want to purchase the specific tips I used, I’m sorry I only sell them as a full kit, but I use Ateco Brand and the tip numbers are as follows:

#8 for beaded borders and scrolls
#2 Straight: For writing, and fine line detail piping.
#48 Basketweave: For making basket weave design.
#21 Star: For shell borders and scroll work.
#104 Petal Tip: For making roses and daisies and swag designs.
#68 Leaf Tip: For making leaves and unique borders.

I recently wrote a blog post to demystify what size board to use for what size cake and then what size box to put it in.

CLICK HERE to see Where to Buy Bakery Boxes

How to Make a Birthday Cake
To make the same cake as shown in the video you will need:
Serves: 1-7" cake
  1. Follow along in the video for how to assemble the cake
Since there is nothing perishable in this cake, it can be stored at room temperature in an airtight container for up to 4 days.

Can be stored in the refrigerator if you prefer - up to 1 week

Be wary of your filling and icing choices and how to store the cake if you choose differently than I have here

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  1. Hi Gretchen,
    I love all your recipes thank you but I can’t seem to find the video here for “how to make a birthday cake”. You write that it is below but there is no video, not sure if it is just happening to me. Awaiting your reply thank you.

    1. Wow you guys are making me so happy! I didn;t think anyone came to my blog without a video to prompt them! Heheh We are all here privately! Sssssh! Dont tell til Thursday! LOL

  2. Hi Gretchen! I love watching your tutorials whenever I want to make something sweet for my fiance and son and we all enjoy them. Keep on rocking!

  3. Hello Gretchen!
    I would like to know when is the right time to make this birthday cake? For example if the party is tomorrow should I do this today or tomorrow? Should I put it in the fridge?
    Thank you!!!

    1. I would do it today yes, I always make my cakes 1 day ahead since you never know what can go wrong! LOL Yes to fridge, take it out several hours before the party starts

  4. Hii ma’am
    I’m new person and when i was saw your video and that time i feel i got place where i can do something
    and i just love your cooking style

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