How to Make a Vegetable Garden Cake

Garden Cake As I set out to start this project for how to make a vegetable garden cake, it was interesting that my life was imitating my art! I was planting my herbs and veggies for my patio garden at the very same time! 033 The Vegan Chocolate Cake recipe I recently showed you all is a real winner whether you care about veganism or have allergies to eggs and dairy or not. I’m telling you the truth it is quite possibly my new favorite chocolate cake!  I’m serious! And now that eggs have just about doubled in price, it’s so affordable to make and FAST too!  I whip one up in less than 40 minutes total! But whatever recipe you use to make your vegetable garden cake you will really have fun with this project! Now the actual making of the vegetables are not so fast, but they are fun to do! Here I have listed all the recipes and decorations that are vegan of course, but feel free to use whatever you prefer and I can’t wait to see what you all come up with! Please post to my facebook page so I can see all the amazing creations!

Vegetable Garden Cake
We are Building on Recipes here so be sure to prepare all your base recipes ahead of time then proceed as shown in the video below for building the actual cake.
The garden veggies are demonstrated with still pictures below, but feel free to make any vegetables you wish for your garden!
Serves: ¼ Sheet Cake
  1. Prepare all of your base recipes ahead of time
  2. Prepare the veggies for your garden with the Deco Magic as shown in the blog post
  3. Make a fence with the remaining white Deco Magic
  4. Assemble the cake as shown in the video below
  5. HAVE FUN!

garden veggies 023  025 041  basket 036  037 tomatoes

Don’t let Winklebean Help! 029

026 He is NOT a good pastry chef!

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  1. My Winkelbean (Toodles) was brilliant at helping. She could break a whole box of eggs at once and she was very good at cleaning up the cream she’d spilled. I’ve to make an allotment cake for next weekend, so this will be perfect, thank you.

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