How to Make Assorted Colored Buttercream Roses

Buttercream roses

Ok let’s get it over with now, “Those don’t look like roses!”

Well maybe so, but they are MY roses! So there!

I call them WILD roses! they are WILD like me! LOL

Like each persons signature and handwriting is different, so are their piped flowers.

That was one of the things I liked when I owned my bakery; that each cake was decorated with an assortment of different style flowers and roses because of all the different people that had a hand in making them.

You see, on our slower days of the week, we would set off to make sheet pan after sheet pan of assorted colored flowers and roses and then stored them in the freezer.

I had an entire freezer dedicated to frozen buttercream flowers! I called it “mi jardín congelado” (frozen garden)

This way when the weekend came and it was time to decorate hundreds of cakes on order, the flowers were already formed and ready to go.

Just pop them onto the cakes and they thaw out in just minutes!

Check out the full tutorial for How to Make Buttercream Roses below and then I have another video showing you how to make over 7 different colors of flowers with just 1 bowl and 1 pastry bag!

Talk about efficient!??

So whether you like my roses or you just came here to hate on them, one thing is for certain you won’t lose with the new American Buttercream Recipe I use!

Swiss Buttercream is equally great for forming flowers!

Oh yeah- and here I am using all the tools in the Gretchen’s Bakery Essentials Cake Decorating Kit


For the following video I made assorted colors using just 1 bowl and 1 pastry bag.

for the Red Based colors as shown in the video you will start with white buttercream and then go to yellow, then orange, then pink, the red.

Mixing the next color with the remaining color in the bowl and do not clean your bowl or pastry bag in between colors.

The mixing of those colors IN THAT ORDER will give you some really pretty tones and shades of colors.

I got about 7 colors just from those 4 I started with, but I could have gotten way more if I kept adding darker and darker shades.

For the blue based shades I start with white, then a dab of sky blue, then royal blue, then violet to make periwinkle and then gradually it gets darker to a deep purple.

Check out this color chart courtesy of

I also use Gel Paste Colors for all of my buttercream applications and Americolor is a really great brand


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  1. I love your roses, finally I feel like I can try to make roses on my own. Mine will be like yours, wild and beutiful. Thank you for sharing.

    Lots of love
    Charlotta from Sweden

  2. Hi, Gretchen
    I really like your recipes and watch them almost everyday not even only watch try them too, it really comes out so well but this Monday 24 August still waiting for your new recipes.

  3. Gretchen, I so appreciate you!!! I just wanted to say that. Thanks for all of your suggestions, tips, and RECIPES!!!!!

  4. Your recipes, Your video, everything is fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing it. God will bless you and enrich you always.

  5. Hi Gretchen, thanks for the wonderful recipes. You are my go to on most all of the ones I am looking for. Your buttercream roses are the made the exact same way I learned to make them some 30+ years ago from my husband’s aunt. I have made them that way since then. Thanks again.

  6. Did you make the roses with your Swiss Meringue Buttercream (butter and Sweetex or all Sweetex) or with your new American Buttercream?

  7. Hi Gretchen! I just had a quick question about the roses. I’ve made your famous swiss meringue buttercream but always find that it is slightly too loose. I’ve been able to pipe the roses, but they will eventually just slide off the flower nail. Is there a way to thicken up the swiss buttercream or could it be the heat? I’m here in FL so it can get pretty warm even with the A/C! Thanks 🙂

    1. I here ya! My house is at 82 when I film videos! I cant get it cooler than that! But I dont have a problem withe the buttercream at all. You have to be sure your meringue is VERY STIFF peaked before adding anything else- also be sure to use the shortening!

  8. Thnks gretchen for giving me an idea that i can store smbc flower in the freezer and just take it out when i needed it.and also thnks for the tip in using a glove for handling smbc.coz that’s my big problem everytime im making buttercteam rose.thanks a lot.looking forward for your next yah.mwah

  9. Gretchen,

    Love your roses tutorial… are amazing!! Thanks for sharing so many great ideas. I could watch you decorate cakes all day long. … Sending hugs!!

  10. Hi Gretchen thank you so much for all of your inspiring hints tips and recipes i could watch them all day. A couple of questions i live in the uk and we have trex as our shortening would that be ok to use for the butter cream? Also im probably being daft but our gram weights the same as yours? I have been baking for a few years and my cakes do come out lovely but i tried your beautifull recipe for best vanilla sponge cake 3 times and each time it has failed. I have followed the recipe to the letter and can only think its the measurements. Would really appreciate your help.

    many thanks


    1. HI Debbie thankyou and you are welcome too!
      CLICK HERE for the comments about Trex as a substitute
      As for the grams- yes they are universal and I follow the most commonly used weights for the most common ingredients for example Sugar 1cup= 200g / All Purpose Flour or Plain Flour 1 cup= 130 g Butter 1 cup = 226g etc etc
      The only think I can ask is what kind of mixer are you using?
      CLick here for a really great blog post about stand mixers vs hand mixers
      But the eggs whipped to ribbon is the key to this recipes success – also what kind of flour are you using?
      And what particularly is the fail?

      1. Thank you for getting back to me. I have a new kenwood stand mixer. The flour i used was plain flour and i removed 2 tbls and added 14g of cornflour. I have a fan oven and tried to set it at 177 deg c. The cake is coming out thin and flat i tried turning the oven down slightly as it seemed to be cooking the outside quicker. HELP lol this cake looks amazing and i would love to master it. Also i used a thermometer in the sugar and eggs also the butter and milk mixture to make sure they were at the right temp but still know luck!!!!!!!

        1. Sounds like everything is correct- how about the eggs? Thick ribbon? Thats the key.
          Otherwise- fresh baking powder?
          Try baking with out the convection setting see if that makes a difference (I did not use the convection setting – and usually dont because most people dont have that)

          1. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my bundle of questions. I will try again. Good luck with everything your doing you seem to work so hard do you ever sleep! Thanks again.

  11. I find you receipts to be the best. I have friends that are diabetic and if they think they have a chance to have a piece of the my cakes they will not use any sugar for a few days before so they can eat my cakes. Most of my success is from you. And I like your roses. I have a friend that is alergic to corn. So I make my own extracts using Potato Vodica. And found non corn baking power. But I can’t use the Swiss or American Buttercream. I use the Italian (boiled Icing), so thanks to you he gets to eat cake now. Thanks for all of the help and sharing. P.S. I have all of you books (I think).

  12. I will be making a carrot cake for my sister’s birthday soon and since I’ve never been a fan of the piped on carrot thing, I think I’ll try my hand at a lovely pile of orange tinted wild roses, instead. You’ve made it look so easy! I have a nail and everything, so why not?!

  13. Hi Gretchen! Just wondering if you will be refilming your Danishes recipe! Loved them and have not found a recipe anywhere close to yours. Thanks!

  14. Hi Gretchen!
    I’m currently in Illinois taking the Master Course at the Wilton School. I finally got a minute to relax and catch up on your vids and you’re piping flowers! Well even though I’m in Rose overdose mode, I’m making dozens for my final project, these look great. Keep up the great vids!

  15. As always, a great video tutorial. I have been making your roses since waaaay back! Not one person has complained that they don’t look like roses. Sometimes I will make them in bright white and call them gardenias. 🙂
    Love ya!

  16. Hi Gretchen,
    I love how you explain everything so well for us in your videos. My daughter asked me if I’d make her wedding cake next summer so I’m going to be watching your videos again and again; thank goodness I have time to practise.
    I took an introduction to cake decorating class when my daughter was two years old and now she’s twenty seven and getting married. Oh boy! Wish me luck!

    p.s. Thanks for the eBook on quickbreads! That was very nice of you!

  17. Hi Gretchen
    Thank you so much for all your recipes and tutorials love them. I’m in Australia and follow you. I’m new to the baking and cakes. but your recipes have made me sought after by friends n family. keep up the good work. god bless
    many thanks

  18. Hello Gretchen

    I am so thankful for watching your videos and I have learned so very much. I am able now to bake better and can do a bit of frosting and icing of some of the cakes I do.

    My nieces and nephews and the little kids love what I do for them especially for the holidays.

    Thank you again…. and all the best to you.

  19. Hi, Gretchen you are the best of the best, you are smart, funny, nice person thank you for share your recipes whit us I love all of them 🙂

    And yes your roses are wild but adorable so haters bye bye 😛

    And also I have a question/request I saw your butterfingers cake, Ferrero Rocher cake, do you have the snikers chocolate cake 🙂 I want to make one for my brother birthday on October 🙂


  20. Hi Gretchen, your buttercream roses are stunning I love them and I’m going to to make some this weekend! Thank you for your fantastic tutorial!

  21. I tried to scan through the comments to see if someone had asked this already…can buttercream roses be frozen? If so, how do you freeze them? Just on a cookie sheet ? Thanks Gretchen

  22. Hi Gretchen I to live in Aussie land .I have a cake to make with buttercream roses and freezing it .My friend is then freezing it till 2 weeks time .As I will be away .Question , how do I freeze it decorated with the cream roses .Do I wrap it seal it well with glad wrap .Also main concern will the flowers hold outside freezer.
    If so do I get my friend to take out decorated cake out of freezer the night before party .Leave on bench to defrost completely ? Will the day of party hold the buttercream flowers .The cake will be outside for maybe 1 hour .If so would it be better letting her to put frozen flowers on herself .The frosting is with Crisco no butter and filling no milk .I’m not sure how it will taste using Crisco ,but being outside I worry if its hot . Thank you concern and confused making it next day eve.

    1. HI Sure the flowers will probably be ok – I have only had a problem with flowers that have been colored with a heavy amount of color (dark hues) and if there is any sweating that occurs from extreme temperature fluctuations.
      I would not want to wrap the cake though (nothing touching it directly) just put it in a box and then wrap the box if possible

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