Italian Cannoli Cream Cake


Now that we finally have the best recipe for Cannoli’s under our belts (literally!)

We can go on to make the Italian Cannoli Cream Cake.

Possibly known as the Italian Cream Cake? Or maybe the Italian Rum Cake?

Well, whatever you want to call it~ it is DELICIOUS!

This is a Building on Recipes masterpiece right here!

Plan ahead so this project doesn’t woop you butt all in once day.

Especially if you are frying your own cannoli shells!

I have purchased these cannoli shells from Amazon and they are pretty good

The Cannoli Cream recipe can also be made a day ahead and of course you know me and my frozen cake layers, so get that yellow sponge cake make a day or two in advance as well!

Simple syrup with rum~ I highly recommend it! But of course if you don’t do alcohol you can just leave that part out.

Whipped cream icing just before building the cake and you my friend have yourself a cake that you are NOT going to want to share!

Italian Cannoli Cream Cake
This is a Building on Recipes project so be sure to get all your base recipe prepared before you begin
Serves: 1-8" cake
  1. Follow along with the video instruction for building the cake


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      1. Im not sure if you mean the cake (fully baked) is really high? In which case bravo! Great job! If you mean the batter in the pan? Not so great, only fill pans half full

  1. I used 1 1/2 recipes. It is very high. Will it still taste good? I guess I didn’t read the instructions very well. I did everything else per the instructions.

    1. Hi Gretchen. I had already baked the cakes when I wrote you the first question. I made 3 – 8″ cakes. I guess I didn’t pay attention to cake instructions and made 2 recipes. I didn’t realize what I did until I started putting the cake together and I saw how tall it was. Anyway everyone loved it.
      I have another question. My cakes seem to be a little dry. What am I doing wrong? Maybe I’m cooking them too long? I made the yellow cake and the cookies and cream cake. And they both seemed a little dry.
      Thanks for your help.

  2. Thanks Gretchen I made this cake for a family reunion on Valentine wow it was a big hit I did it exactly like the recipe was sooo delicious and I had extra canolli filling I made another cake using the same recipe but with a gluten free flour (Bob Red Mill 1 to1) my husband is allergic to gluten , well let me tell you flavor it’s the same no body will know it
    Thanks again for amazing delicasy

  3. Hi Gretchen! Happy Easter to you! Quick question: I grew up near a bakery that sold these to die for pasteries that were rum soaked and oh, so, delicious! My question is…I’ve tried to make a rum cake to try and replicate that, but the cake texture became very heavy-like….basically didn’t keep it’s “structure”. Is there a type of cake that holds syrups better without getting sogged-down (is that a word? lol)? Would a sponge-type recipe be better suited for that?
    Thank you!

  4. Hello…do you buy the almonds already toasted or do you toast them yourself? And if so…do you just toast them the same way you would toast coconut? also…how do you make your chocolate shavings? And out of what? Thank you!

    1. I buy them raw & toast them myself, yes you are correct about HOW – just like coconut, low oven and watch them, give them a shake every so often to toast evenly.
      I sometimes grate my own chocolate from a bar of chocolate and a vegetable peeler

  5. Gretchen, someone requested I make this first time making this one so..
    Will this whipped cream frosting be ok driving 40 minutes away to deliver? ( I would think it’s not stable (too soft) as far as keeping the layers from sliding around in movement) and shouldn’t this type of cake be eaten directly out of the fridge anyway bcuz of the whipped cream? If can’t do…then would Swiss meringue buttercream work on this cake as a good substitute? OR… Would a mascarpone whipped cream (heavy cream..powd sugar..and mascarpone cheese) work for the long drive? I don’t like changing your recipies unless I have too.. .?? Thx!

    1. The whipped cream will be fine for the drive and yes to eaten cold because of the whipped cream. I mean on hour out of refrigeration wont be the end of it, so dont worry too much

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