I’ve been a victim of Freebooting


Hey guys, Today I learned another vocabulary word in the wonderful world of the swirling World Wide Web.

It’s called “Freebooting”

Here is the definition straight out of Joe Hanson’s Blog called “It’s Ok to Be Smart” (See what I did there??)

Basically it means this: “ “Freebooting” is a silly but oddly appropriate word that means “taking online media and re-hosting it on your website without permission.” This is not the same as sharing or linking or embedding it from its original source. Freebooting means downloading it without permission from the creator or copyright holder and redistributing it for your own use, often for your own monetary gain. When it comes to video piracy in 2015, Facebook is ground zero.”

Joe Hanson (see there, I did it again) wrote an awesome article about this epidemic~ and it is an epidemic!

I hope you will go visit his site (just click the link above- see I did it again! Wow it is just so simple to give credit where credit is due).

There is a really  great video by Smarter Everyday on Youtube that explains this phenomenon perfectly- please watch.

If you are on my facebook page, you will know what I’m talking about already. If you are not, well you may want to get up to speed by clicking here and liking my page so you can read the most recent posts that started since yesterday with this bogus website that blatantly steals other peoples creations and calls them their own.

You see, a recent episode that ensued this week started on Dec 12, 2015 was when I alerted that one of my recent videos ~ My Fondant Christmas Tree Cake ~ had been uploaded to another website and facebook fan page (addictedtofood a.k.a addicted to theft!!) with no attempt to ask for my permission and with a blatant intention to clip out any and all references to Gretchen’s Bakery.

Not only was it uploaded but it was severely clipped down to 1 minute for the newest trend in viral videos the Speed Video.

It basically shows me (Correction: it doesn’t show me! and that’s the problem) making my original 8 minute video on how to create a fondant Christmas cake from start to finish with some valuable tips and tricks along the way (Yep, the Gretchen’s Bakery Style Tips & Tricks!)

So this freebooter has clipped my creation down to 1 minute and uploaded it to a facebook fan page with no credits mentioned except for a link to another also bogus website addictedtofood.net.

(I do not suggest to go to their website since you will only give them more money if you do, but I have flagged them in Web Of Trust so others can know this is a complete scam operation)

But wait! It’s gets better! The website recipe link from my cake video is merely a copy & paste of MY RECIPE! A screenshot!

They didn’t even take the time to type a single letter! This is straight up plagiarism!

And millions of people are getting ripped off everyday because of it.

My creation that has about 8000 views on my channel has gotten over 8million views on theirs.

Imagine how much exposure not to mention money from google ads I could have gotten from this?

Imagine how much butter and chocolate I could have bought with that money? How many more videos I could have created with that money and how big my channel could have grown from 8 million people visiting me!?

But instead, it all went to the website in question. Only the thief and facebook profit from this. And facebook loves it because well, more views = more ad revenue.

So the reason I am writing all of this in the first place is to keep you guys, my loyal friends and followers of Gretchen’s Bakery in the loop first of all as to WHY this is a big deal; as well a a great big THANK YOU to those who alerted me first of all that this was being done to me, but also for how you all stepped up and blasted that guys page in attempt to protect me and my creations that I work so hard to present to you!

It’s just not fair to the artist and creator who deserves the acknowledgment.

But the bottom line for a business (like mine) is: it is really damaging.

Here is a great video from In A Nutshell on Youtube who explains the whole process of what is happening with pirating and freebooting videos all over facebook

So I guess we (as artists in our own right) have to stick together to keep alerting each other when someone has hijacked material that you know to be someone else’s. If you see content on a webpage that you know belongs to a creator or artist that you follow, please link in the comments to the original creators website or youtube video.  Then alert the creator that this is happening with screenshots and urls as to where you found this piracy. 

The creator will then take it from there by going through all the necessary steps to get the content removed, but typically this doesn’t happen until after the thief has exploited the material and racked up views and money for his/her own benefit. (as you can see was the case for me in the correspondence below)

I’m not exactly talking about sharing recipes or cake designs, since sometimes the user simply just didn’t know who to credit but whenever that is the case, and I have been there myself,

I have announced, “I saw this design on the internet or pinterest and I’m not sure who the originator is, but it is not my idea…etc etc blah blah blah.”

However freebooting you can see is much different than just using someone’s design or copying a recipe.

It is way worse because it is a straight up theft of a video creation with intentions to make money without the authors knowing.

In closing:  Even the image that I used for this blogpost is credited here since I did not create it in photoshop nor did I get direct permission from the owner to use it, so the least I could do was let people know that under the Fair Use Act I am borrowing this image with all credits to Smarter Everyday on Youtube for their creation. (Hey! there I go again! Whew! Exhausting!)


So anyway, thanks again Gretchenators for Stepping up! You guys rock the bakery!

Today’s correspondence went like this:

Thief Wrote: I’m the owner of website in question.

I was waiting for you to contact us to credit you for your video in our page.

We posted that video to check if your videos are any good (which are great) so that we could cooperate in future.

We actually have ongoing agreements with other companies/users who make their own videos; we post their edited short
version of the video (max 1 min.), uploaded to our Facebook fan pages and and we put the link of the long YouTube version of the video that is uploaded in your
own YouTube channel on the description.
We also mention you as authors in the description of the post, featuring the link to their Facebook page.
We like to continue posting your videos with your permissions.

In this way we provide great content to our followers and in the same way help video authors to promote their videos, YouTube channel and Facebook
page and help them get new followers and subscribers.
If the same agreement works for you, please let us know, we would be more than happy to make short versions of your videos and post them on our social media page.We can also put the recipe from your webpage on the comments of the video for videos that have recipe available.

I Wrote:

Waiting for ME to contact YOU!??? That’s not how it works! You are supposed to contact ME to ASK PERMISSION to use my recipes/videos and creations first!

At which time I would have happily agreed to allow you to use my videos in shortened form with an appropriate credit to me and my channel and blog, not an intentional
and blatant attempt to NOT credit me or any of the other creators you claim to have agreements with just to use the content as your own!! I haven’t seen a single credit to anyone
but your own website on your entire page!

Its great for you that my video has gotten over 8 million views with a bogus link to your awful website with a direct COPY & PASTE screenshot of my recipes with NO LINK OR credit whatsoever!

Since you already KNEW it was from Gretchen’s Bakery, your original claim that you didn’t know who to credit is bogus, and NOW you claim that you did it in an
attempt to “see if my videos are good”????

My videos are awesome, with no help from your butchers~ no thank you very much!

Not to mention you blocked me from commenting on your page the minute I wrote asking why you stole my work. I cannot like or comment on your entire facebook page.
Was that also “a test” to see how much fire I have in me?

Well I’ve got fire buddy.

I have already filed a copyright infringement claim with facebook and have reported your bogus website as well.
And believe me I won’t stop there.

So for you to NOW approach me after 3 days of running my video only because you have gotten backlash from me and my loyal followers who are also furious that your site does nothing but steal from people who work very hard to produce this content and get nothing in return but theft??


Thief-y Pants Wrote: 

I don’t understand what’s the harm that I’ve caused you or your business. I’ve promoted your video, I’ve invested more than 1000 Euro to make that video viral (Paid other fanpages to share that). And I still don’t see any harm at you side.
I still think that we can work together because I’ve connections with some great fanpages which help me make videos viral.

Your comment has been blocked Because one of my workers remove every negative comment on our fanpage and as soon as I’ve heard about this situation I’ve contacted you.

I understand that I didn’t do this the right way and I know that I own you more than an apologize but I feel really sorry that this happened.

I’m trying to make good connections with you and all the other Creators of this kind of videos.

By alienated none of us wins anything. By cooperating we get both our benefits.

Once again I apologize.


Do you want me to remove the video.
Because once it’s done it can’t be returned and remember, no one wins anything by removing it.

I Wrote:

You won everything by stealing my video!
For the last 3 days you have made money on my video as people click to your website and get hit with ads and nothing more than a screen shot of my recipes!
No mention about Gretchen’s Bakery whatsoever until 2 hours ago when you finally gave credit where it was due Woohoo Big deal!
A little late don’tcha think?

So for you to say you don’t understand?
I don’t understand what I GET by allowing you to keep it up on your page with a direct to YOUR WEBSITE?
You say you have promoted my video??
NO – YOU DIDN’T! And THAT my friend is the PROBLEM HERE! You promoted YOUR Business! and YOUR BUSINESS ONLY!

8million people have watched MY video on YOUR page and no one knows where it came from.

Its straight up dishonest.

You spent 1000 euro?
You don’t even want to know how much money I spend everyday, not to mention my time to create these videos trying to build my channel for them to just be outright stolen with no regard??

What you can do for me, is get YOUR LINK TO YOUR WEBSITE OFF and link to MY WEBSITE right here:

I want it to remain PINNED TO THE TOP OF YOUR PAGE until Christmas is over with all links pointing to Gretchen’s Bakery and nothing else

I allow embedding of my videos so you can grab the embed link here and paste it into your website that way when people click the video they are coming to ME not YOU

Your cooperation is expected, and I will forgive you for your theft of my video. If this does not happen you will hear from my attorney on a trademark and copyright infringement case.

Gretchen Price


*Sigh** and people wonder what it’s like to have a blog/ youtube channel and work from home.

Some days, I wish I worked for someone, so I can actually LEAVE WORK once in a while!

(Not really, I LOVE what I do, but when the jerks get jerky, I gotta get jerky back)


If you have made it this far in this super long blog post! YAY! thanks! You are a true supporter!

Latest developments with all this is that several other youtubers are really furious about this as well.

Some are taking legal action (but after the year I had with lawyers and ex partners I cannot afford to go that route again) BUT many are!

And what they are finding is that facebook is protected legally (of course) and they encourage these theft pages since they generate a lot of money for good ol’ facebook.

Perhaps the squeaky wheel will eventually get some grease, but in the meantime I and many other youtube creators are migrating to Tsu.co Check me out there!



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  1. Excellent stand of your points and very good compromise from your generous heart.
    I wish they will finish as your request since it is not too much at all for them to do it.

  2. Never let the fire you have die! I was so mad this morning when I saw your post on fb. Continue being the bigger better person in this situation. You are great and he can never steal your talent!

  3. HI Gretchen
    Sorry this happened to you. But might I make a suggestion to protect yourself from him and othera like him by printing your blog site name on your work space somewhere extremely visible. That would make it more difficult to steal your videos without at least some indication who the owner is. I know you shouldn’t have to but my guess is there are plenty of people on the Internet who plagiarize.

    1. Hi Maria thanks, But as you see I would have to have an annoying watermark over the entire video to avoid people from stealing it. How would that be for you guys to watch?

    2. Good idea from Maria; Not watermark the video but get your blog site name written on the table for example. Or in the background on the wall. Just close enough to the actual baking action so when somebody steals your work your name is still on the video even when they cut it down. Sorry, try my best english here, hope you understand what I mean.

    3. Personally i wouldn’t mind the watermark but I cant say the same for others. I was thinking on your counter top, for example. Something similar to what you did before on the silicon mat on the previous channel. But have that on your counter so its visible when you show the ingredients in the beginning or the final product at the end.

  4. There are all kinds of people out there that only think of themselves. Then there are people like you willing to help their fellow man sharing of themselves to make others better. May God bless you each and every day. Your friend and faithful follower in Perry, Georgia. Susan A.

  5. I guess I am so behind on all of this rotten stuff. It is so hard to believe that so much of this goes on at one person’s expense. I’m glad you are fired up about this, I know in my younger days I would have raised a lot of cane. If I ever access one of these “freebooting” places I will certainly give them a piece of my mind. Sorry, Gretchen, you have been through so much in the past while and I was so happy that everything is turning around. Keep on fighting.

  6. Woohoooo – you`re a true furious fighter. You go get that crook, girl. We`ll support you all the way.

    Love and strenght and baker-power

  7. You go girl!! That was flat out stealing. I could not agree with your more. Your website is the bomb.

    That candle cake was gorgeous. I hope that anyone that looked at that cake had enough sense to track it down on the web. I am sure you will get more loyal friends and fans. YOUR work is outstanding.

    GO GRETCHEN!!!!!

  8. Way to go Gretchen. You had enough hard time doing these videos for the third time, don’t let them take the credit for the hard work.

    One thing is sure, your videos are the best and they will remain the best.

    In the meantime, have a great holiday season.

    Love you girl, you rock

  9. I went to their facebook page and couldn’t help noticing that Gretchen is not the only victim. Videos that I have seen on Youtube from My Cupcake Addiction, Rosie’s Cakes etc are also up without mentioning them or crediting them.
    Very disappointed with ‘Addicted to Food’. They are clearly very unprofessional (or professionally greedy).
    Shame on them for not mentioning or sharing the links to the creators of the videos.

    1. Yep, but this is not the only page that is doing this, I have a list a mile long of bogus pages that are doing the exact same thing. It is a very lucrative business for the pirates and for facebook too, don’t be fooled. Facebook could stop this, but they wont.
      *So, Ill be watermarking all my videos from now on….*sigh* more work for me, but it’s worth it if this is the wave of the future

  10. Go gretchen!!! You completely shut him/her down and your arguments were great! What an absolutely horrible thing that has happened. You are so talented and work so hard and deserve all the recognition you work for!

  11. Go Getum Gretchen. Glad to see you Beat them into submission, Whipped them into shape, Baked their buns, and Cooked their cockles. Why should they get way with Buttering their own bread and Lining their own tinny cheap wallets. You gave them a right Creaming.
    Hope you have an awesome Christmas and NewYear. Make sure you get some quality RnR so that we can see lots of you next year. Much love and appreciation for all your wonderful work. xox Bobbie

  12. You did so well in your responses! I know it must have been hard writing back wanting to grab them by the neck and give them the stupid thief slap. The issue is these people think they did no wrong, thinking they did you a favor!!! Grrrr that makes me angry. We the Gretchenators are loyal and will support you. Please do not let these idiots get to you more than they have! Goooo Gretchen!

  13. Wow. That was really obnoxious. I hate how they were playing the fool and acing so innocent. If I were in your position, I would have been piping furious. You did so well in your responses though. GO GRETCHEN!!!!!!

  14. Gretchen, until today I had no knowledge of freebooting as you have explained it. I happened upon ancestry.com and just for fun I popped in my maiden name Rutter. What came up was the term in Dutch means freebooter or footpad. (pirate, marauder, thief etc.) So when I came to your site to post a thank you I was shocked to see your post on freebooters. I feel just sick for you. I’ve been following you a long time already and you deserve all the credit you can get. So many, many good people in the web world getting completely ripped off. You have my sympathy. I for one am not a pirate, no similarity to my roots.

    I did come to your site today to thank you for the spritz cookie recipes. I have not made them in years and I even had no cookie press or heavy duty piping bags, (I do not celebrate the holidays) but I wanted to make them anyway, so I put them in balls and flattened them with a glass and baked them. Wonderful, light and soft texture. Of course rolling the balls they were very soft as I expected but so yummy. I used the 3rd recipe in your line-up. The only thing I would different with the recipe is to only use vanilla. That is more like my childhood recipe.

    A few other things…in watching your earlier videos about your buttercream and other recipes I truly realized the importance of sifting and whipping to incorporate enough air into the recipes. This has so helped all my baking and treats come out so much better this past year. Thank you so much for all you do.

    Charlene E

  15. Hi Gretchen,

    I read through your post and the 1st reply. (Of course I didn’t visit their website.)
    I agree this issue is plagiarism and I will support any decisions that you’ll make to protect your own intellectual property.
    I also think this 3rd website owe you an official and direct appology to clarify the mistake they made, and not to make any excuses or contradictory statements, since admitting one’s mistake would be the first step to ask for forgiveness. And they need to REFERENCE EVERYONE involved when they are trying to use creations from others in the future.
    If they declined to make appology and still act like they are innocent, then I guess you can still use law to protect your rights and interests.

  16. Gretchen,

    You rock! Not only in the kitchen, but elsewhere too! Good for you standing up for yourself. We, ‘The Gretchen-ators’ stand with you!

    What you do cannot be duplicated, and we are grateful!

  17. Hi Gretchen,Sorry to hear this happened to you. There are scumbags everywhere these days. My dad always said a tiger never changes his spots.He will keep going till he’s stopped. I love your Jerzy Fire!!!I have been to your bakery on my way to the Short Hills Mall your stuff was worth the stop. I’m glad you share your recipes . I just bought a cube of sweettex it’s awsome! !! Thank you for sharing that bakers secret. I went to your Facebook page and tried to like it but it kept telling me something went wrong.

  18. Gretchen,

    You are such wonderful person and your recipes are awesome! I share them with my Facebook family in hopes that it would increase your fan base. I so hate what this other person has done to you. They knew exactly what they were doing because they removed all pictures of your and your name. They also know how it has harmed you. Someone like that not only needs to be permanently kicked off Facebook but they also need the book thrown at them. I do not know how much monetary gain you would get from 3 million views, but they owe that amount to you! Is there a way to link this information into a Facebook post? If so, all your followers should list this person as a thief and link to this site. What would you like for us to do Gretchen?

    1. Thankyou!! Trust me there is a HUGE group who is really pi$$ed off right now! Some are taking legal action too, its getting crazy!
      As you may have read FB LOVES these pages since they make tons of money of them, so it is a sort of symbiotic parasitic relationship they have, they really do not want them off FB at all, so they drag their feet and hide behind legal protection for themselves & the freebooters meanwhile we the creators have to jump through hoops to get content taken down!
      Basically if you see a stolen video it is best to notify the originator(if you know who it is) , since only the creator can file claim to FB.
      Then go to the page and comment that this is stolen material- however that will most likely just get you banned from the page, BUT it creates awareness!! Thanks for your help & support! it means alot! (If this continues to the extent it is going, alot of youtubers will be harmed irreparably since we spend alot of money to do these videos just for them to be stolen! its insane!)

  19. Hi Gretchen,
    You are awesome and you did the right thing. Be sure your fans love your work and appreciate every effort of yours. Have been with you since crumb boss days. Me n hubby likes to try some of your creations together and you won’t believe how much that time fills my house with love laughter and memories. And the yummy foods. Your recipes are always perfect and you deserves to be credited for that. Good luck

  20. So sorry Gretchen I just read about the horrible thing that has happened to you. If there is anything a loyal fan can do just ask. I love your recipes and all your how to’s. I have been baking for a long time but I still have learned so much from you. You are awesome.

  21. What a bunch of miscreants! I LOVE your blog… been a member/follower for years, now, and was so sad when you went dark for a while… I am glad you went after them… if we can sign a petition… anything … just let us know… this kind of behavior (theft!) should be punished!

  22. I feel sorry for what have happened to you Gretchen. Out there, unfortunately there are a lot scammers and dishonest people trying to claim other people work as them. I have been following you for a while know since you used to make the videos in your bakery and I know how hardworking you are and all the great effort you have made to be where you are now, trying to provide to your fans/followers the best of your knowledge every day. That’s why it is unacceptable those unscrupulous people intend to take advantage of your long hours of effort and dedication through your entire career. Please take the appropriate steps to report those piece of s…, you can count on your loyal followers as we have been counting on our loyal teacher through these years…. Good luck with everything.

  23. I’m so sorry to hear about this Gretchen, you clearly work very hard on all your videos and blogposts and for some individual or company to think it’s ok to just steal it is unfathomable. The watermarks on your work are a good idea and I hope this is something you never have to deal with again. I guess some people think that working off their own back is too hard so they take credit for others hard work! Thanks for all your videos, they’re awesome and I’m glad these people haven’t stopped you from making them 🙂

  24. WOW Grethen! I hae missed my fiery red head friend while I fight this cancer, being a redhead when I had hair! This sucks and good for you for going after Facebook1 I pinned ths article to my Pinterest page in Love to bake. I have a tiny, much neglected recipe site of old southern and family recipes I created to leave as a legacy for my family.

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