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I had to close down certain facets of my blog (due to financial constraints) and the Best Baker Club sadly was one. However all the information that you would have received is right here in one neat place! CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE BEST BAKER CLUB INFO!


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  1. Love your tips and videos. I have finally mastered the parchment cones and they are really great for chocolate. One other thing, will you be doing a croquembouche any time in the future. I usually do one at Christmas but without a form I have a problem keeping them straight. I am sure you would have the perfect answer to that. The forms are outrageously expensive. Thanks

  2. Im delighted with your videos and recipes! I’ve noticed that (almost) EVERY recipe asks for parchment paper to be used. I’ve never used it. Do I HAVE to?? I’ve made 3 of your cakes and loved them all!

  3. Can I freeze the Irish Cream cheese cake? I will be attending a function where I will not have access to a refrigerator. Will this cake be alright for say 2 hours? Please respond. Love your website and recipes.

  4. I would like to sign up for the Best Baker’s Club but have been unable to find the sign up link on your website. I click on the link provided but it doesn’t take me there. Can you help? 🙂

  5. i can’t find your sign up sheet. But your website looks fabulous.. you came along way baby since Crumb Boss and that stupid person you worked with……- gone baby gone.

    Boston Kathy

  6. Hi Gretchen! I’ve always been your follower and you have inspired me in opening a cake business. And I’m now confused either to get a fan oven or not? For my new baking kitchen. I’ve heard mixed reviews some say fan oven bakes uneven cakes some say it bakes perfect cakes.
    Please please guide me for the best brand to use and which one to get? Fan or regular electric oven?

    1. Hey there, I think it is personal preference, and I have had both (electric only in convection) and it was great however i didn’t find myself using it that often. So I guess I would say if you have the choice, get the convection feature, since you can always turn it off, and that way you have it when you want it

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