How to Make a Cronut ~ Copy Cat Version


Who hasn’t heard of the Cronut?

I’m a couple years late to join the craze, but great things come to those who wait!

I first had to show you How to Make Croissants from scratch before moving on to this fabulous little gem.

The Copy-Cat version of the authentic Dominique Ansel’s NY Style Cronut.

Boston Creme Style, rolled in cinnamon sugar, filled with my pastry cream recipe and dipped in chocolate ganache.

You are going to FLIP when you try these!

I did forget to make the hole in the middle, so these are definitely Gretchen’s Bakery style for sure!!

How to Make a Cronut ~ Copy Cat Version
First prepare the Croissant Dough in advance 1 day ahead
Serves: 12 Cronuts
  1. Follow along in the video tutorial


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  1. Hi Gretchen,
    Dominique Ansel says that the Cronut is a mix of two kinds of dough and the process of making it is the big secret.
    There is also another amazing item from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in San Francisco called the “Cruffin” that people would sell their firstborn children and disown their mother for, it is that amazing. Both of these pastry innovators say that as much as it is the recipe, it is the process that is the big secret.
    And as much as I’d love to eat a Cronut, there is NO way I’m getting up at 4 or 5 in the morning to travel to NY to stand on a forever line just to experience the fleeting joy of a Cronut.
    I am hoping that in heaven there are towering stacks of Cronuts and Cruffins.

  2. Watched your Croissant video and was amazed at the amount of time it takes to make these lovely layers of goodness, excited to add this to my baking repertoire. I can’t thank you enough for all the knowledge that you share with all of us and that amazing detailed croissant video you did was just that AMAZING. BEST $2.99 I EVER SPENT!!!! Thanks again for your great recipes!!!

  3. Hi Gretchen I made your wonderful croissant dough and theyou turned out wonderful but when I tried to fry cronuts the layers just fried apart can you tell me what I did wrong

    1. YAY! Success with the croissant! I am thrilled to hear this!! Great job!! Hmm, as for the cronut that happened to me just with a layer or two, (and since it was my first time with the cronut- I considered it to be normal) But if all the layers split apart? Hmm, no bueno. Again since I dont have too much experience with the cronut- Id be guessing really with my answer. I would say first was the grease hot enough? and were they proofed enough before frying?

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